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Hasselhoff Blocked from Seeing His Kids

5/7/2007 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has suspended David Hasselhoff's right to visit his children in the wake of the videotape showing the actor drunk on his living room floor.
Opri and The Hoff
Hasselhoff is allowed to have telephone contact only.

On May 21, the judge will hold a hearing on the videotape and how it will affect Hasselhoff's long-term visitation rights.

The judge also ordered that Hasselhoff, his ex-wife Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff and their kids meet with a psychologist prior to the May 21st hearing. The psychologist has the power to adjust the judge's order after meeting with the fractured family.

Strangely, the judge never admitted the videotape into evidence but said it didn't matter because he's a "normal human being" who reads, among other things, TMZ.

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I wonder if Pamela Bach can be held accountable as an accessory to child abuse? I mean, she did stay married to this man, who she now accuses of abusing her and these girls, for years - subjecting the girls to all kinds of alleged abuse. Surely she is as responsible, if not more so, than David.

2726 days ago


OH NO not Debra Opri again!!!! She got booted by Larry Birkhead and out of the spotlight so she has latched on to another celeb case. Watch out Pamela might not be able to afford her bill!!!!! David made a mistake get it out of the public eye and let them work it out in private for the good of the children.

2726 days ago

Pat Healy    

When is the government and society going to butt out of private lives.He didn't molest her he just got drunk B>F>D>

2726 days ago


Gold diggen Opri needs to spend some time in jail without visitation rights!

2726 days ago


If I was the Hoff I would not want to be around any of my kids that would leak a tape like that. Cut your losses Hoff they are not worth the fight.

2726 days ago

Ratta !    

Just saw the mom on Larry King. She has a lot of nerve airing their dirty laundry publicly like this. She looked to me like she has serious drug issues herself, though in denial. I think his lawyers hinted at something. She definitly wasn't on coke. My guess would be pills and lots of them. Her eyes were 25% open and her speech was slow. Her past photos were not like this at all. She looked bright eyed and perky. Did she get lots of botox in her eye lids to a point where her eyes don't open? There was also the very slow speech. I am surprised that the judge didn't immediately spot this. Also, I thought drinking was legal in the US. Did he break any law?

2726 days ago

Joanie Foley    

Leave David ALONE! He's been a good father and husband and supported them finanally and emotionally. Debra Opri is a BIG mouth who doesn't do anything. I would look at the mother too and her "spirituality" she keeps talking about. She did talk slow and slur her words and she could barely keep her eyes open. She's just jealous because she's been BEGGING him to come back and he doesn't love her any more!! Slow down on the botox!! I hope you lose. All that money you want for 1 month of hair and nails is RIDICULOUS!!! Good Luck David!!!! I am a BIG fan of yours. Joanie

2726 days ago

Vivian Chapman    

okay the man has a drinking problem..tons of fathers have drinking problems ..he was not one bit rude the the daughter who was just terrible for taping her father eating like that ..she was a rotton kid for that....then for it to be leaked...he wasn't nasty he was sad and lonely..instead of putting her arms around him and helping him she was being very nasty...he doesn't need kids like that...the children are not 12 for god sake..they more than likely have taken a drink your father with all his worts and all..go to Alanon..get him help ..but to see him on the floor and to say he is lonely .BROKE my heart..and I don't even know who this guy is..Shame daughter..shame!!!!

2726 days ago

concerned dad    

The people who think that visitation should continue clearly have their own agenda and could care less about those children's well being. Drunken parents, stoned parents are dangerous parents....... Until he cleans up his act he is a loser, and everyone backing him is an enabler. Grow up and take responsibilty or get out of the picture. His kids dont need drunken garbage, they need a father.

2726 days ago


David just needs more rehab like ALL the other drunk stars & poloticians. Poloticians are probably worse but just don't get the publicity. Look at Ted Kennedy he even killed a woman while drunk driving and got off. He has been drunk his entire life and still keeps getting re-elected. If David looses his visitation rights over this then there are a lot of others like Britney who should be treated the same way. I mean he at least did not shave his head.

2726 days ago


Not sure I believe his wife,there is something about her that gives me the impression that she is all hot air and making up stuff to win support.

2726 days ago


I would hope that no one's making "stand-up jokes or talkshow bits" about this....
This is not funny at all.

Let's leave them alone to deal with it in private (or semi-private...).

Good luck to everyone involved.

2726 days ago

show me the $$    

Funny how this has been going on for some time, and as soon as Opri is on the case, the guy is totally humiliated on a video shown to the world. As soon as I heard she was representing the wife, I knew David was about to get slammed. I didn't think it would be so soon.

I don't condone alcoholism. I divorced a man myself for the same reason. But if every man who got drunk deserved to be shut out from his kids, this country would be run by nothing but single mothers. These celebrity wives didn't mind spending hubby's money living the good life. Now they want to kick the guys under the curb and have it all.

2726 days ago


This is crazy! for gods sake the guy drinks and loses his kids? If they took kids away from every drunk parent, there would be alot of parentless kids, and may I add, these arnt kids, these are darn near grown women, one of his daughters is almost 18 and the other is almost 17 so who is his soon to be ex-wife foolin? It appears to me from watching her one Larry King she is fake! and is most likely trying to get back at David, I mean come on if these girls thought they were in any danger with thier dad, all they need to do is hop in thier BMW,s and drive off, Pamela stop trying to destroy Davids life, and lets remember no one took the kids away when they were kids, away from you when you were drinking!

2726 days ago


From what I understand, David was a recovering alcoholic afraid he might fall off the wagon and asked his kids to tape him if he ever did. I assumed he thought if he saw how bad he really was it would help him to stay on track.

Everyone is so judgmental these days. Look at yourself first. JC

2725 days ago
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