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Kendra and The Girls Downstairs

5/7/2007 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Observe -- it's a Playmate out in the wild!

It's rare that we see one of Hef's bevy of beauties alone ... not with two other blondes by her side. But alas, there was Kendra Wilkinson, taking in the sun in Miami this weekend sans Bridget and Holly.

Even a Playmate needs a vacation.


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I can't believe she was smart enough to know where the beach was.

2729 days ago


People, relax. She's 21 years old. She has every right not to form complete thoughts and go out ont the town. She's a good looking girl, at least she's down to earth and not delusional like Holly (can't really marry him while he's still got Kimberly living next door- sons from a previous marriage trump bimbo girlfriend). Y'all are just haters- she used her assets, met Hef (who called her), and is now living the life in the playboy mansion. Give the girl a break. As much as I love Bridget, a master's degree in Communications is not rocket science. At least Kendra FINISHED massage therapy school instead of dropping out.
As for her body, she's tight, muscular and takes care of it. She could probably beat most of us in a sports competition. Her laugh is interesting, but SOMEONE out there probably doesn't like you or your laugh either. Give her a break, she's just a kid.

2729 days ago


Kendra is real and down ot earth but also very rude with little class...

Hef .. he is a dog ...really a DOG.

Enjoy your vacation Kendra !

ps use sunscreen

2729 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

#31 - perhaps you have a low opinion of 21 yr old people. But most are not as stupid as she is, being 21 does not give her an excuse to be dumb as the day is long. And Bridget actually already has a masters and was working on a SECOND one. So she at least completed one masters degree. Which also means she had to graduate college (completed) and then go into a masters degree program (completed). So what - now Kendra is set to rub stinky people's body's down and do manual labor - oooh what aspirations. Yeah - that girl isa "winner".

2729 days ago

Pearly Whites    

Hugh Hefner is a pimp and the "girls" are whores. They are not to be emulated in any way. Having sex with 80 year old Hugh Hefner when you are 18, 19, 20, 21 is just adulterous filth and Hefner belongs in jail. He uses women and when they get a little "old" he tosses them out. What a charming man. He has a harem (and a "wife" next door) and the whores have a little money and maybe a new car. Any decent people reading TMZ today?

2729 days ago

regretting I used to call her a slut    

There seems to be alot of unsecure women out there today. A little jealous of real beauty. Continue to look yourself in the mirror while dinner is cooking for your 5 kids and your minimum wage husband if you still have one, comes home while you make comments about Kendra. She is a babe and probably everything you want to be but know you never will come close to being anything like what she is. Then you look at your pathetically ugly kids and say - how beautiful and lucky you are knowing full well the best they can become is a low class hooker at the local truck stop.

2729 days ago


TOTAL airhead! But so are Bridget and Holly! Bridget acts like a 5 year old in a woman's body. Holly's out for Hef's money!

2729 days ago


The lifestyle of a clueless whore IS paris Hilton. How can anyone ever compare Kendra to her. Paris is a stuck up rich little snobby slut who parties all the time and has no care or concern for anyone else. She has slept with EVERYONE and has no respect for herself. At least Kendra is real and does not Whore it up like Paris. And oh yeah Kendra would never use the N word or put people down like little miss slut Paris!

2729 days ago


You are awesome, I love you girl. You have a great spirit your always happy and positive. Too bad theirs so many haters in this world. You go Girl Next Door...=0)

2729 days ago


I used to think David Paul was slightly brain damaged (drooling over paris hilton so much), now I've come to the conclusion that no one could possibly say paris hilton is prettier than Kendra and not be intentionally stupid. Kendra may not come off as the brightest (okay so she doesn't come off as the brightest at all) but Paris is a complete moron (again, by choice). Also, I'd much rather have a body like kendra's than a body like paris. Just picked up season 2 of TGND... Should go finish watching it :)

2729 days ago


I love Kendra.

2729 days ago


I'd be pointing my fingers up and going "woo hoo" if i got away from holly too

2729 days ago

oside local    

Some of the comments are lame.....stop being Haters. Kendra is a nice girl with a great attitude. Keep doing what your doing Kendra!

2729 days ago


she's cute till she opens her mouth....could she be any dummer

2729 days ago


You are ONLY a Playmate once you get a Centerfold. Kendra is NOT a Playmate, she is a Playboy model and one of Hef's girlfriends. Just because you pose for Playboy, get a cover and your own pictorial, does not make you a Playmate. There is only one Playmate per month (or in the case of twins (2) or the Dahm triplets (3), and one Playmate per year becomes PMOY - Playmate of the Year.

2729 days ago
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