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Paris -- Cops "Pull Me Over to Hit on Me"

5/7/2007 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonParis Hilton is making the sensational claim that the police pull her over with the express purpose of hitting on her, not citing her.

In an interview given before she was sentenced to 45 days in jail last Friday, Paris tells Harper's Bazaar (via the New York Post) that policemen routinely stop her and ask, "What's your phone number? Want to go out to dinner?" Hilton says she finds the alleged accosting "annoying."

"I think I get in trouble because of who I am," says Paris. We couldn't have put it better, Paris.


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Is she so stuck on herself that she thinks everyone wants to do her. She deserves to go to jail because of her criminal history not because everyone is after her because she's so HOT! It is obvious that jail time will not teach her a lesson. She thinks she is above the law. I'm just glad she went in front of a judge that couldn't be bought in that state like the rest of them. She is such a joke - I wish she would just go away already.

2692 days ago


Oh Paleeeze...get over yourself. You get in trouble because your a raging idiot. Stop drinking and driving! Damn U!

2692 days ago

peytons mom    

OMG this girl will say anything to make herself look good-SHE BROKE THE LAW! What in the hell is she going to do when she kills someone -blame it on her dog-give me a break she should be in the slammer for more than 45 days-she should take that as a gift!

2692 days ago


That skank will not serve her jailtime.....they'll find some "loophole" and she'll only be in the pokey for a few hours....its sad to say, but its true. They're trying to make an example out of her, but she's got money...when you have money...the laws don't affect you.

2692 days ago


Here we go, another boring reality TV series in the making!

2692 days ago


Get over yourself Paris!

I doubt that an average guy (policeman) would even think he heas one chance at you.

I believe you are making these accusations up, so that you can file some type of charges for false arrest.

You are going to do your time like everyone else, stop whining.

2692 days ago

Marty Columbus OHIO    




2692 days ago

Miss Mary    

She's not even pretty! Why would they waste theirtime?

2692 days ago


Oh Boy someone has a big head! I don't see what's the big to-do about Paris Hilton anyway. She is NOT pretty at all. "Cops pull me over to hit on me"? Give me a Frickin' break ! Maybe they're looking into an early retirement so they can sit pretty on her money. I heard the LAPD doesn't pay much.

2692 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Paris is the most conceited witch on the planet!

2692 days ago


Paris, have you taken a look at yourself lately? Plastica fantastica.

Like one of the other posters said, if the cops are pulling you over to ask you out, it's definitely because they know you're an easy lay.

Threaten her with a ticket and she'll put out.

2692 days ago


The worst thing about this is that we have to read Paris Hilton updates for the next three months.

I'm bored already. She's so not worth it.

2692 days ago


Ugly, stupid, and stuck on herself. Why in the world is she famous?

2692 days ago

Son of California Dreamer rides again...    

I just don't believe that for a minute. One cop may have jokingly asked her for her phone number and she's going to use it against all of them now. I commend the judge who sentenced her. Her going to jail may be the most "human" thing that's ever happened to her. She's really a victim of her own upbringing of which she had no control. A jail sentence may make a woman of her.

2692 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

I mean seriously - as if there weren't more attractive, famous and talented people in Hollywood to ask out? If police were going to do that sort of thing they have their pick of famous, attractive women - yet you've never heard it happening to anybody else.

And who sees whose in the car as it wizzes by? I'm sure they don't know it's her until she's already been pulled over. If anything, she gets pulled over for legitimately breaking the law but because she flirts with the cops and she seems pretty slutty they think they can get laid.

I guess that's Paris' problem - she doesn't think she does anything wrong, she only gets in trouble so much 'cause she's pretty. I don't know who told her that lie about her being attractive.

I hope she's made to serve the entire 45 days.

2692 days ago
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