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Paris -- Cops "Pull Me Over to Hit on Me"

5/7/2007 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonParis Hilton is making the sensational claim that the police pull her over with the express purpose of hitting on her, not citing her.

In an interview given before she was sentenced to 45 days in jail last Friday, Paris tells Harper's Bazaar (via the New York Post) that policemen routinely stop her and ask, "What's your phone number? Want to go out to dinner?" Hilton says she finds the alleged accosting "annoying."

"I think I get in trouble because of who I am," says Paris. We couldn't have put it better, Paris.


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Good grief, Paris, shut up already. Every time you open up your mouth you prove you are guilty by the obvious lies you are telling. Now the Police Officers are hitting on you? if that is the truth, why didn't you have one of your many paid ass wipers file formal complaints to stop this? Why didn't your rotting whore mother go a police station and bitch slap a few deputies? Or are you blathering on like this because you just did a couple of grams with LoBlow and you're still high?

2691 days ago


I have no doubt that she thought (and probably still thinks) she could buy her way out of this. She thinks that she can get out of things because of who she is when that is convenient, and now she says that she CAN'T get out of this because NOW that is convenient. Unfortunately, this will probably make her MORE popular and garner her MORE sympathy and the 45 days won't change her. Still, I'm SOOOO happy that she's got to do time. The waiting and wondering from now until she actually goes will be the worst. Cool !!!

2691 days ago


She gets stoped all the time by the ugly police.

2691 days ago


"I think I get in trouble because I'm as dumb as a box of rocks."

2691 days ago


Um...She looks like a man in that photo.

2691 days ago


Who is she kidding?? Paris is so self-absorded. All the make up, hair extensions, and designer clothes could not make this girl beautiful. Grow up and take responsibility for your actions, Paris! The judge did the right thing in this situation. Who knows if this experience will teach her anything; she obviously thinks this is everyone’s fault but her own. Her parents should have taken parenting classes… this girl is a monster.

2691 days ago


nicole richie...hmmm...yes she deserves kudos for admitting her should have followed her example...they both should have followed the rules in the first place...and paris, of course men are going to hit on you(even cops) everyone figures they've got a shot at you,and thats another one that you can hang on yourself.

2691 days ago


I think they should film the wild and crazy antics of Paris while she is in the slammer.
Hey maybe Nicole Ritchie could be her cell mate and they would have the makings of a funny show where 2 rich girls are going to get threw a month in jail with no parents, no cell phone, no chauffer...hmmm...what should they call that show.

wouldn't it be funny to watch Paris and Nicole go to jail, cause some freaky havoc and get beat down by the inmates...

2691 days ago


So why aren't the police in LA or etc hitting on and arresting far better looking stars?.....becauses its bs LOL

2691 days ago


I hope Paris takes her T-shirt to jail with her: the one that says, "I'm Paris Hilton, I can do anything I want!" I'm sure her guards will love that.

2691 days ago


She's the No. 1 LA Blonde for May.

2691 days ago


OH Good Lord!!! I have heard it all now. Now it is the motives of the cops! She is crazy! Stop this nonsense! Just lock her up. We owe a big "thank you", to the police that had the guts to follow through!!!! They spend their lives out on the highways protecting us. How dare this bitch make these comments!!!

2691 days ago


I guess it's always somebody else huh? Judging from the way Paris's mother acted in a courtroom I can see where she gets it. Guess what girls, you people are not above the law. 45 days would be the normal punishment for a DUI related probation violation idiots

2691 days ago


Maybe you get pulled over by the police all the time is because you drive reckless & on probation????? DUH
Are you really that dumb Paris?
YEP, hahahaha

2691 days ago


A victim, common looks, zero talent, easy lay, an addict, a spoiled self-absored bimbo, let's see what else? Oh yea, a liar, a drunkard, and a criminal.... LOCK THE BIMBO UP.

2691 days ago
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