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Paris' Life to Get Real Simple

5/7/2007 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton's life in prison will be rougher than her emery board when she begins her sentence on June 5. How rough, you ask?
Paris Hilton composited with socks and panties
-- Hilton will only be allowed one five-minute shower a day ... with plain soap. The horror!

-- Two pairs of socks and panties (if she needs them).

-- Part of her day will be spent washing her underwear in the shower, since the detention center contains no laundry facilities, and her housekeeper will not be in the maid's quarters.

-- Her breakfast will be a boiled egg and not much else. Very British.

-- Lunch is typically a baloney sandwich ... not quite Polo Lounge fare.

-- Paris's visitors will be received through a glass partition ... which she might want to continue doing even after serving her time!

-- Her contact with the outside world will be via pay phone, instead of a BlackBerry and the paparazzi.

-- She is not allowed makeup, highlights or hair extensions, which may inspire the heiress to fight for changes to the cruel, cruel penal code.


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And how's she going to deal with her naturally curly hair? This is going to be a laugh and a half! :D

2696 days ago


I would pay almost anything to see that cocaine snorting whore wash her undies. I would love to see her humiliated for the piece of trash she is. And for those who defend her, a question.
Why do you like her?
She is not a good person, she's a snob, she thinks she is better than anyone else just cause she has money. What she dosen't know is that money does not buy values. So think again paris fans. Do you have a good reason to like her or are you just as superficial and empty as she is???

2696 days ago


Paris will save time washing panties. Since we all seen pictures, that proves she does'nt wear them. The shims will get a kick out of that. I am sure that news of her partying has hit the prison. Maybe she will meet some ex-employees that worked at the Hilton Hotels. And they can show her , how to make a bed.

2696 days ago


I'll tell you one thing. The judge's decision sure did wipe that ( I don't give a $%@# about you or anything ) smile right off that pathetic face.

I really hope she does the 45 days but I have a feeling she won't

2696 days ago



Here's a letter I sent to juge Sauer. Click my link to give me your opinion on it.

Judge Sauer,

Thank you for not backing down from the Hiltons and imposing the 45-day sentence on her. This BS star treatment had to stop. Now the only way to make it complete is to make sure she serves the full amount. No appeals, overturning and early releases due to overcrowding. We don't want another Michelle Rodriguez situation where she didn't even serve a full day. Please do everthing in your power to uphold the sentence. Good job!

2696 days ago

too early    

I too sent a letter to Judge Sauer, thanking him and urging him to uphold the complete sentence.

The thing is, people who show disregard and disrespect for the law seem entirely oblivious to the fact that these same laws provide the safe environment within which they enjoy their hedonistic lifestyle. Would Paris enjoy running around Hollywood if she couldn't step out onto the street for fear of being mowed down by a drunk driver? I think not!

2696 days ago

Yippee skippee    

And the news gets better and better. Isn't Justice wonderful??? Let's see if it really happens, if it doesn't everyone should raise all kinds of hell. It's this simple are not above the law--you might think you are--but you are NOT.

2696 days ago

Lee Peterson    

Everyone wins on this decision, including possibly Hilton. We do not have to suffer her silly press showing just how white trashy with money she can be. She could actually have a reality check and realize that the rules and boundaries of society even are to be observed by her.
Her parents (loosely used term, sperm and egg donor is more appropriate) might actually realize that in spite of being and being married to a lucky sperm club member, that there are prices to pay for bad behavior no matter how many hotels have your moniker on them.
And....most importantly....perhaps the few who are shallow enough to be her "fan" might think twice as far as their positioning of her as a "role model". HATS OFF TO THE JUDGE.

2696 days ago


Justice was served! Thank goodness Paris pays for her crimes!

2696 days ago


Paris Hilton has repeatedly shown blanton disrespect for the law. "Fortunately" for her she went before a judge that did not care about her last name or parentage but honoring his oath of office and the law. Paris needs to learn that there are consequences to her actions. Better she learns now than when she commits a crime with a more serious result like vehicular manslaughter, possibly landing her life in prison.

2696 days ago


Paris Hilton is a human being just like the rest of us. She is fallible just like the rest of us. And just like the rest of the public she must choose or not, to be accountable for her choices, good, bad or indifferent. It's clear that she is not "owning" her choice to violating the terms of her probation and the consequences that come with selectively ignoring the probation terms she was given. If she is indeed remorseful for her choices concerning violating her probation, then she would not only have apologized but she would understand, respect and EXPECT to face the consequences of her own actions. If she has been singled out by law enforcement as she claims then she needs to report these "issues" to the appropriate people and allow those "issues" to be handled swiftly and justly. I am not negating that facing any jail time would be a very scary, anxiety ridden prospect for ANYONE, however as the saying goes..."the law is the law." And I personally find no injustice done in this case. Hopefully she will "pay attention" from now on and learn a very valuable lesson during her jail sentence, using that time to prioritize her life in a more positive, productive way.

2696 days ago


This is the best news ever despite the fact that she will be segregated (too bad). Will she learn anything or become a better person from this experience? Not a chance. She is borderline retarded. I predict this to be only the first in a series of jail terms for this idiotic waste of human life.

2696 days ago


Come on, don't tae the piss on someoe going on jail!Ok she shouldn't have drive but it's not nice to be asking how much we will pay to see her on jail!Stay polit, because Paris isn't!We said this experience should make her grewing up, so show the good exemple, don't start to be as nasty and stupid than her!Bec nobody wants to go on jail, do you want?

2696 days ago


Why should this girl be excluded from the same California driving laws that every other person has to follow? She is Twenty-something years old. If she didn't know she had a suspended license from drunk driving, then she has no business driving in the first place.
Her parents needs to get a hold of her and get her under control. I don't care how old she is. She is the perfect example of "money can't buy you everything". It sure didn't buy her class or common sense.

2696 days ago

lisa z    

HaHaHaHaHaHaHeeHee!! She should've been jailed for the CD she made. Poor thing, can't even look at herself cause there's no mirrors allowed in jail. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa. She'll be able to see herself again on the tube, being led to jail!, I'll bet she'd just be worried about how she looks.

2696 days ago
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