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Kelly to Clive:

Shove It!

5/8/2007 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly Clarkson vs. Clive Davis"Idol" champ Kelly Clarkson has used her music muscle against her record label head, Clive Davis -- and won!

Well-connected record company sources tell TMZ that Clive likes to exercise "creative control" over artist recordings and wasn't happy at all with Kelly's latest album, "My December." There are unconfirmed reports Clive wanted to shelve the entire album. TMZ has confirmed that the 75-year-old music mogul asked for "significant" changes and wanted to put the brakes on the CD. But Clarkson wasn't having any of it -- especially since she wrote/co-wrote all the tracks on the record.

Sources tell us that Clarkson stood up to him and flat out refused to give in, and in the end she got her way.

One source told TMZ there is "deep tension" between Clarkson and Davis, adding, "She's definitely upset, but she's not a stupid girl."
"My December" drops July 24. Kelly performed one of the album's tracks on "Today" this morning.


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I saw her on the "Today" show this morning. The song she sang was good. I liked it.

The name of her album is "Never Again".

I also thought she looked just fine.

2727 days ago


Clive has been in the buisness for how long? Im pretty sure he knows what he's talking about. If that album flops Kelly better prepare to start flippin burgers. Never bite the hand that feeds you!!

2727 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

Like her not, any time execs get involved in the creative processes of the artists, being music or movies, they are usually wrong. Actually a lot of these execs are barely one full step up from monkeys intellect! So, good for her. Hopefully it doesn't backfire and her album is a success.

2727 days ago

Edit much?    

I agree with Jenni. Yeah, she's hot! And very talented. I love Kelly - she's my favorite American Idol gal and I enjoy her music very much. Can't wait to hear the whole album.

2727 days ago


Kelly won her Grammy's with music overseen by the label. So, "blame the suits" BS is just that. Clive isn't the demi-God that alot of people give him credit for - but he's not an idiot either. Want to see and artist fail - give one that has no real musical talent but singing the reigns and watch how far they fall. Either way, I wish both sides the best. Singers are not necessarily the best at putting together an album that "fans" and an audience would want to buy.

2727 days ago


This is a review on a store in New York that I wanted everyone to know about b/c it was such a horror of an expierence.


I have had the complete displeasure of walking into this store. I will say this, maybe it was a bad day for the staff and owners but i was shocked at how everyone was treated. I can only suppose this was the owner or maybe a manager, she was a total monster she behaved like a overbearing demeaning demanding and belittling boss. On top of that I also overheard her screaming at someone, something you never hear in a properly run store. That said even if this was an off day the likely hood that i will return is slim. I did check out the store and while some stuff was nice others was garment center crap retaged and overpriced. Don't be fooled into entering any of these three stores you never know if there is a monster lurking in the basement.

The three stores Purdy Girl Upper West Side and two in the West Village/NYU

2727 days ago


p.s. the song is garbage

2727 days ago


Yeah, I don't think if her album doesn't sell well she'll be forced to start flipping burgers. There's not even any logic to that remark. If this album doesn't sell well she'll try harder with the next one.

2727 days ago


Kelly is ok. Clive needs to spend every waking hour working on Whitney.

2727 days ago


Poo, poor, Blair. Jealousy is a bitch, isn't it?

2727 days ago


what's there to be jealous of? I think Clive Davis has enough experience in the buisness to know a good album when he hears one. The lil porker should have some respect for the person who gave her a chance in the 1st place. I heard the song and I think it sucks. Hopefully the rest of the album doesnt sound as crappy. I say it again "stanz" : clive davis was on point. DONT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS U KELLY!!

2727 days ago


This is hilarious. Number 1 Kelly Clarkson is not an artist. Lets be clear on that. She is from wanna be pop singer show American Idol. Ciive Davis is a legend, and he knows talent, music, and knows what is quality work. I have heard her new album is lousy. If it does sell well,it will only be due to loyal fans.. Wake up Kelly thats what music contracts are for. Seriously she should be thankful she has a career. Shame on you for being a child and not respecting one of the most influencial music exec heads of all times.

2727 days ago


she can have creative freedom when she foots the bill to record and promote the album by herself. you take clive's advance $, and you have to take clive's advice.

"never again" is not a great song. she's not the superstar she thinks she is.

2727 days ago


Kelly Clarkson won on a Reality show. She has made a great album. I can't tell you how I would turn my radio up for since you been gone. With that said if Clive Davis wanted her to make a few changes, then she should have. Why because that's his job...He is a producer and she is a singer. If you manage a Store, why would a clerk make all the decisions? Sometimes we have to give credit to people who know the business. Her 1st album was great, did she write all the songs for that one. I think Ms. Clarkson may be a little Jennifer Hudsonish now.

Fame can make people change who they were from the beginning. I will have to see when the album comes out. My money is on Clive Davis. Let’s see... Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston need I go on.

2727 days ago


She did something Clay Aiken ahould have done. Clay came out and said that Clive mandated him to put out his last album with mostly covers. He ended up selling a total of 500,00 CD's of his album, A Thousand different ways, while it was a decent number, it was a far cry from his previous CD which sold. 2.7 million. There has to be some give and take between the label and the artist, but in Kelly's case, she felt like it would have been a step backward to put out a CD of pop-flavored songs again.

She had a vision of just the kind of album she wanted to put out this time, and I for one am glad she stuck to her guns. I'm so ready for some different sounds from her instead of things like the sappy "Girlfriend" types of songs that are coming out of my speakers.

2727 days ago
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