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Kelly to Clive:

Shove It!

5/8/2007 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly Clarkson vs. Clive Davis"Idol" champ Kelly Clarkson has used her music muscle against her record label head, Clive Davis -- and won!

Well-connected record company sources tell TMZ that Clive likes to exercise "creative control" over artist recordings and wasn't happy at all with Kelly's latest album, "My December." There are unconfirmed reports Clive wanted to shelve the entire album. TMZ has confirmed that the 75-year-old music mogul asked for "significant" changes and wanted to put the brakes on the CD. But Clarkson wasn't having any of it -- especially since she wrote/co-wrote all the tracks on the record.

Sources tell us that Clarkson stood up to him and flat out refused to give in, and in the end she got her way.

One source told TMZ there is "deep tension" between Clarkson and Davis, adding, "She's definitely upset, but she's not a stupid girl."
"My December" drops July 24. Kelly performed one of the album's tracks on "Today" this morning.


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Screw all Record Execs. All they care about is making money and putting out songs that mindless sheep will flock too, which is why all music sounds the same nowadays and is unoriginal. We need more artists fighting for their artistic freedom.

2733 days ago


kelly clarkson is amazing and always will be! every album is different and i'm sure it will continue to be! maybe her 4th album will be country?! but the new heavy rock kelly is awesome and i can imagine that her concerts will be too! she has such a powerful voice therefore can sing any type of music an pulls it off each time! her new singe Never Again roxs i love it, its full of emotion and i'm shaw David Hodges the guy who its about will be very embarrassed!! can't believe the people who voted yes!!!!!!!!!! why?!

2733 days ago


Couldn't hear anything she sang on Letterman last night. The band drowned her out!

Didn't sound like anything extraordinary anyway.

Read Clive Davis' book years ago. He is amazing!

2733 days ago



Overrated? LOL! Dont' think so. She's been one of the top selling female artists for several years, a recent Grammy winner and recently won Songwriter of the Year with her song "Because of You" - chosen by, guess who - other songwriters.

2733 days ago


I can't wait for Kelly's CD. I'm buying tickets for her tour pre-sale tomorrow. I've heard about 5 of her songs from My December so far and I love them!!! I can't wait for the CD!!!

2733 days ago


how could anyone hate kelly. In the sea of hollywood fake broads and stupid bitches, kelly seems to be the only one REAL. Also, this girl seems to impress a lot of legends in the music industry. Steven Tyler (aerosmith ) attended her concerts, David Grohl of the Foo Fighters love her, Alice Cooper loves her, Aretha Franklin loves her, as well as Reba Mcentire. How many of the mainstream music artists of today are loved by legends such as those? Hmmm not much.

Not to mention this girl can SANG..just listen to her sing jazz in tony bennet's birthday

2732 days ago


I applaud Kelly Clarkson for standing up to Clive Davis. This is the music SHE wants to make! She doesn't want a flood of 15 producers and 31 songwriters crowding up her album! And I love her new song Never Again--very aggressive and angry in the approach. I think she's trying to dismantle the Idol game plan of debut albums from Idol winners being slammed by critics. I'll take the songs that Kelly wrote instead of a bunch of total strangers writing from her. If Clive and the suits of the record label didn't like the album, so what! Artists have to change and grow artistically and they're not letting Kelly strive for it.

2732 days ago


i love kelly but, she should have listened to mr. davis..........but she will learn a lot when this album is not as successful as the previous

2732 days ago


I have such a low opinion of Kelly Clarkson and Chris Dogherty(sp?). It makes me sick that they were from nothing, and would never be anywhere if it were not for American Idol. It shows a lack of class, when they to SINCERELY acknowledege the gratitude that they SHOULD feel. I haves started a boycott, and I can not stand that A.I. continues to play Chris, after how he dissed the show.

In closing, I saw Kelly on an ABC morning show, and she looked like some washed up rockstar with no place to go. It was painful. Karma is a bitch!!

2730 days ago

KK're right...karma is a bitch. And...for that nasty comment of yours...karma will get you. Kelly has been extremely successful due to karma. Kelly admittedly has made plenty of money...she wants to make her music...and sales are not a huge issue to her as they are to the suits. Some artists are just that...artists. She will NEVER have to flip burgers...she's already set for life. Kelly is not washed up...looks fantastic...does not look like a waif...and is not flashing her crotch for the world to see. What kind of role models do you want out there for young women in our society...drunks and drug addicts...or strong young women who stand up for what they believe no matter what the outcome?! Karma IS watch your's gonna bite you hard!!!

2729 days ago


I applaud Kelly Clarkson for standing her ground! Clive Davis's judgement as of late has been off. Have you guys seen the songs he pics out for the final 3 every year? Total crap!
She is a very talented and beautiful girl, and Never Again is an amazing song. I can't wait to hear more from the album. And for those of you out there who say she is fat, just shut it. It is people like you who make people like me self-conscious and like I shouldn't go out in public if I'm not a size 2. Yeah, Kelly Clarkson is SOOOO fat, and Rosie O'Donnell is quiet and shy about sharing her opinions with the world.

2729 days ago



2729 days ago



2729 days ago


Kelly's doing just fine. While Clive's reputation is well known, I would hate to be the artist who never has at least at little bit to say about what he sings. On an album with (say) 12 songs, there are always two are three that become the favorites. Otherwise, lots of people are hitting the "repeat" button. I don't care if she writes or doesn't write. If she couldn't sing, I wouldn't buy the album. Kelly can sing, so I would say it should be a collaborative effort, with some give and take on both sides. That said, Clive Davis should not be underestimated, so I wouldn't write him off just yet! Maybe he needs to chill just a bit, though. Noone knows better than the singer what his voice is capable of.

2723 days ago


i love u song kelly rocks never again is the best songs and all of the them are great

2722 days ago
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