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Kelly to Clive:

Shove It!

5/8/2007 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly Clarkson vs. Clive Davis"Idol" champ Kelly Clarkson has used her music muscle against her record label head, Clive Davis -- and won!

Well-connected record company sources tell TMZ that Clive likes to exercise "creative control" over artist recordings and wasn't happy at all with Kelly's latest album, "My December." There are unconfirmed reports Clive wanted to shelve the entire album. TMZ has confirmed that the 75-year-old music mogul asked for "significant" changes and wanted to put the brakes on the CD. But Clarkson wasn't having any of it -- especially since she wrote/co-wrote all the tracks on the record.

Sources tell us that Clarkson stood up to him and flat out refused to give in, and in the end she got her way.

One source told TMZ there is "deep tension" between Clarkson and Davis, adding, "She's definitely upset, but she's not a stupid girl."
"My December" drops July 24. Kelly performed one of the album's tracks on "Today" this morning.


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The first song is not necessarily the best on the album - but the best marketable to fit the mainstream format. For instance, take Christina Aguilera's album Stripped - she released "Dirrty" to make a point but it was not the best song musically, and then released "Beautiful" second. Songs like "Walk Away" and "I'm Ok" were not released even though they were some of the best, because they were deemed too heavy and possibly private - if you've listened to the CD you know what I mean.

I'll comment again later because I haven't listened to all the songs and I'm going to right now.

2667 days ago


But I will say that while the selling ability of an album is important, I can't imagine promoting an album full of songs I disliked for one-two years...and later on if that sinks in as her image it might be even more difficult for her to transition to a more mature sound.

Yes Clive gives her the advance money but also he takes a big chunk of her earnings, and if he would have lost money on this endeavor he would've just refused to endorse Kelly right? But he still endorses her because she's one of his main artists and if a label's main artists leave then the label is pretty much screwed. So it's a double-way dependency.

Also...I don't see what Kelly's being fat has to do with her creative choices..

2667 days ago

Sara P    

I just love Kelly, and even more now. I hate how music is just a business nowadays, so I definetly give my thumps up for someone that sings what they want to sing, no matter what risks they are taking.

Kelly Clarkson is a true artist, like few, who doesn't sell herself to earn more, and sings her own songs and her own feelings

About the fat part, seriosly, she's a singer, not a model, what's even there to debate? Even if she had a few extra pounds (which she doesn't), it's still way better then all the so called pretty ladies that starve themselves

2691 days ago

Y Walk    

Clive Davis has a history of bad judgements, 30 years ago he asked if Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman knew anything about Rock n Roll and passed on bat out of Hell, which went on to be one of the greatest selling records of all times. I rest my case

2707 days ago


Little Ms. Kelly should stop trying to be the "Boss" and remember that the ONLY reason she is famous at all is due to AI. AI has made some real mistakes- the people voted off are more talented and famous than Kelly- and it does not matter if they were as big in size as Frenchie ( who went on to Broadway , not Off Broadway ) , or a winner who understands how she got to be the star that she is , Carrie Underwood always thanks AI for her start. They have been showing the first season of AI in reruns and she is a chubby little hick who had no stage presence , and was only slightly more intellengent than Kellie Pickler( who also thanks AI for her tern at stardom).

Clive Davis is a superstar maker ( ie: Whitney , Mariah , and on and on....). If I were 20 years younger I would listen to every thing that man told me and work hard hand be happy as a pig in s*it to have the chance.

Anyway Kelly might have to find out the hard way that that you dont bite the hands that feed you, the music biz is a fickel thing , even Whitney has to kiss some ass to get back in the game and Kelly is NO Whitney in talent or looks. So I hope she thinks before she speaks from now on.

Im just sayin'............

Peace and Love : )

2707 days ago


kelly is a good rocker gal....but on "never again" her voice sounds strained, and she is screaming..........i mean really screaming. not good for me!!!!!

2706 days ago


I love Never Again and I love Kelly Clarkson. I am glad she is sticking up for what she thinks is right. Weather it is best or not we wll have to wait until the album comes out. As far as her song writing skills she won an award for writhing Because Of You. Her weight is something I think no one should worry about her voice, personality, and being a good role modle is all we care about.

2701 days ago


the albums brilliant people are choosing to dislike it because of clive davis whos 75 and will be dead in a few years ha typical america go on someone elses opininon and not your own
shes a brilliant writer/singer plus shes hot so ithink its time to get over this cive crap and move on

2675 days ago


Ummmm. Obviously YOU care, otherwise you wouldn't have taken the time to post a comment.

I LOVE Kelly Clarkson. As an artist she should be allowed a certain amount of creative freedom. If her album doesn't achieve the success of her previous 2, then she can learn and grow from the experience.

I'm not going to pass judgment until I hear the entire CD.

2723 days ago

Dark Knight    

Yeah, how exactly do we know if Clive was right until we hear the album? Actually we won't know if he was right or not until we see how it sells, because in the end that's what truly matters.

2723 days ago

Proud Marine Mom    

I care; I love her music and I Can't wait to get her new CD.

2723 days ago


Why did Kelly get so heavy. She was in such good shape and now she looks like she let herself go. Sad....

2723 days ago


Just another example of the suits wanting to control artists.
She's won a bunch of grammies hasn't she?
She should be alowed artistic license to do whatever she wants.
As if that dude knows about what is good or not. What a loser!
He wanted to shelve her whole album?

2723 days ago


I like Kelly, and I really want to like this album; but, I do not care for "Never Again". The first single from an album is usually the best song because they want to hook you so that you'll go buy the album. If "Never Again" is the best, then she should've listened to Clive Davis.

2723 days ago


Kelly has admitted she struggles with her weight. I don't care what weight she is. If she's a little plump or skinny -- I think she's HOT HOT HOT. And talented.

2723 days ago
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