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New HBO Drama -- Head Honcho Takes Leave of Absence

5/8/2007 6:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris AlbrechtHBO Chairman and CEO Chris Albrecht has taken a voluntary leave of absence, in the wake of his arrest for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend outside of the MGM Grand Casino over the weekend.

According to Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons, Albrecht has been granted the leave -- at his request -- while the police incident is sorted out.

In a memo to the HBO staff, posted on Gawker, Albrecht said he was "deeply sorry" for the Vegas incident. He said it was "a wake-up call to me of a weakness I thought I had overcome long ago." Albecht went on to write that he had been a sober member of AA for 13 years, but two years ago he thought he could handle drinking. "Clearly, I was wrong."

Albrecht said he will go back to AA and make things right.


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regretting I used to call her a slut    

I just wonder what she said that made him act like that. She should bear some of the responsibility for what she has caused with his job.

2722 days ago

CVS Whore    

And that's why we have to suffer through this last season of the Sopranos.

2722 days ago

He's Boring now    

I['m writing Time Warner. No man at that level of responsibility to what the public sees should be in a position with a history of violence towards women as well as already an admitted abuser of alcohol who chose to quit with his AA recovery.

Its disgraceful actually and there are finer men with the same credentials as you, without the headcase issues you are carrying around to be the top man at HBO.

Time Warner, do like the rest of Corporate America is doing, get rid of people at the Top who dont know their manners when it comes to treatment of other human beings.

You dont need the publicity in the event some of your Programming starts getting interpreted as condoning abuse of Women. If you ask me thats what Tony Soprano is all about and I'll never view that show without thinking of your CEO as a woman abuser and condoner of it.

2722 days ago

He's Boring now    

So this dellrod was a Jim Lampley supporter? No wonder, a couple of abusers sticking together, guess it takes one to know one. Just too bad the boss supported this other dellrod woman abuser. Good Grief what is going on at HBO?

To the poster saying Time Warner should do something about this, I'm with you. Now that the lid has been blown off of these little Star's secrets its time someone steps in at the Boardroom level.

They both are now representative of it being Ok to take a shot at a woman just because things arent going your way.

I'd like about 5 minutes in a closed room with both of them and teach them something their Fathers apparently did not when it comes to the treatment of a woman. Better yet, let Time Warner decide what to do with this shmuck while he's on his "leave of abscence".

2722 days ago


At least now Lampley will have someone to carpool with to his Domestic Violence Sensitivity training. Maybe they can be community service buddies too! :)

2722 days ago

Nick B California    

Chris, My prayers and thoughts are with you during this tough time. Work the Steps, go to meetings, call your sponsor. You know how the program works. You are a good man.
Your real friends are there for you.

2722 days ago


This guy is an embarassment to Time Warner. Sure, he turned around HBO and made a lot of money for himself and the company, but he is not above the law, and in fact, needs to go to jail. Fire him ASAP. Of course, being of the Hollywood lifestyle, you know his next move is to drive himself in his SL convertible and check into rehab in Malibu for $70k a month. Maybe we'll get lucky, and he'll get a visit from Tony Soprano.

2722 days ago

He's Boring now    

Whats the matter you mad cause Mayweahter won the Fight? So you go dooking it out with a woman outside of MGM? Man, you are both a sore loser and abuser as well as one who isnt aware of his surrondings. If you couldnt contain your anger in public, I wonder how mad you get in private?

You are scarey sir, and they dont treat that at AA...they only surpress it until you blow need more than what AA can offer for that problem, its called going back to childhood and re learning how you treat women and other people throughout life...oh but I guess that is what has made you a success in business, the mistreatment and disregard for your surrondings as you plowed through and bowled over others on the way to the Top.

Hows all that working for you so far?

Dump his ass Time Warner

2722 days ago

Robert Lombard    

C hoosing
H onesty
A llows
N ew
G rowth
E veryday

Mr. Albrecht's has proven the above to be true with his recent statement.

#1. STOP bashing this gentlemen as HE will dig deep into his dark side if he continues on the path of recovery.

#2. YES I do not agree with violence towards women and if Mr. Albrecht is serious about dealing with the root of his problems and addiction then HE will discover different paths aiding him with his recovery.

#3. Not defending but anyone who is in a position of power has to deal with various levels of stress feeding that stress with Alcohol and other substances will NOT remove that stress but only feed the demons within ones self. I FOR ONE with 17 years plus sobriety have not been proud of my behavior at times towards people , places and things. But I THANK GOD everyday I have a program for better living to turn too. And I hope Mr. Albrecht can once again find that spirtual path of recovery.

I say....let Mr. Albrecht take his leave of absence and find that path and hopefully HBO will give him that time to do so. NO knee jerk judgements or decisions should be made at this time.

All the recovering addicts and drunks who read or post should totally understand what I am trying to express.

Robert Lombard

2722 days ago

He's Boring now    

Hey Lombard, AA can help him with his drinking, at least helping him practice one day at time with that issue...the woman beating thing is entirely different, even without the booze that may bring it Out, something still lurks within that needs to be gotten to. AA cant do that part. Serious Psychiatry can.

He's a chump for backing Lampley during his "woman beating" episode and I fear HBO programming is now tainted with this Leaders view of Women.

Go to your meetings, than head directly to a major Shrinks office so you can get at the root of why its OK to hit a woman when you are angry. Most of us learned not to do that when we were children, he apparently did not.

2722 days ago

Marshall Jefferson    

Punks jump up to get beatdown

2722 days ago

He's Boring now    

Nice try Robert Lombard. No wonder he's a supporter of this HBO CEO, he has a vested interest in kissing his ass so the stars he manages get on HBO, and some of the Adult titles he lists leave quite an imagination for abuse of Women. Check his own site out for yourself, he's the guy who posted it.

Hooray for your own sobriety sir, but dont enable a person just so you can get ahead in the business world. Abuse towards women and the depiction of it in any form is so not mainstream these days.

I know you and the HBO CEO and Jim Lampley can produce a women gone wild in boxing kind of thing, maybe that would work for all 3 of you.

2722 days ago


I'm only surprised because I thought he was gay.


2721 days ago
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