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Sizemore Busted for Crystal Meth -- AGAIN!

5/8/2007 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Black Hawk Down" star Tom Sizemore is back behind bars today after cops say the actor had been using crystal meth outside of a hotel in Bakersfield, Calif.

Sizemore, who is currently on probation for another drug rap in 2004, was taken into custody early Tuesday morning after an associate allegedly tried to fight an employee outside the Four Points Sheraton hotel. The associate, Jason Salcido, was also arrested. Cops say Salcido was carrying a "narcotic smoking pipe" at the time of the bust.

A search of the 2004 Ford Mustang that Sizemore was sitting in during the arrest allegedly yielded two bags of meth and pipes.

According to police sources, Sizemore was booked at the Kern County Jail on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine, being under the influence of a controlled substance and possession of controlled substance paraphernalia.

Bail has been set at $14,000.


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Meth is such an overwhelmingly addictive can be nearly impossible to free yourself from...and incomprehensible to someone who's never experienced its insidious treachery. Its the devil if there ever was one. My heart goes out to Tom and anyone else stuggling to free themselves from its powerful grip.

2672 days ago


Posted at 3:41PM on May 8th 2007 by Fred Blofeld WROTE:

11. Poor Tom. Everyone agrees the guy's a fabulous actor, but he's also a hopeless addict. He's not a danger to anyone except himself. He's a sick man and this is a very sad story. He deserves to be in inpatient drug treatment, not jail. Yeah, I know he's been in treatment before, but I don't see how jailing this poor sick sap will make anyone's life (including Tom's) any bets?

Are you willing to offer that to the millions of drug addicts who are in prison right now because drug addiction has led them down the wrong path? Why should this guy be anny differnet?

2695 days ago


Keep in mind, no matter what his (or anyone else's) problem is, he is still a human being. Every path we take (as an individual) is meant to be taken, even if ours is different than someone elses.

2669 days ago


First, #3 and #13 sound like idiots and white trash to me. You are obviously too ignorant to realize this could be you one day. Tom obviously didn't believe this would be him either or surely he wouldn't have ever tried this crap! #5 - RDJ had a huge support system in the "industry" and out. I for one am thrilled he had this or we would still be reading about his problems. The "hope" RDJ exhibited wasn't his own ALL the time, it was the hope of others that kept him hanging in there as well. #11 I am with you all the way. It's very sad that this drug has such a hold on him, but is anyone really surprised that he can't get off this crap?!!. What he needs is rehab, not prison time. Rehab in a rehabilitation facility under medical supervision, counseling, bringing in family and remaining friends to help work through this. People forget that any one of us could be in his shoes if we ever have one weak moment...or not. It's an illegal drug for him, but what about all the others who simply got hooked on pain meds after they were prescribed in a legit circumstance? He will NEVER get the help he needs sitting behind bars where drugs are sometimes more readily available there instead of the streets. Where is the compassion in so many of the people posting? Tom is killing himself and lining the pockets of others. Surely, TOM doesn't want this life, but the drug is very strong. The distributors of the drugs need prison time while the addicts need rehab. Without rehab the nation will continue to suffer the consequences of a drug infested nation.

2707 days ago


The saddest thing is these dumbasses... (rich celebritries) ACTUALLY think they are invincible.. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you that if you pick up the glass cigarette.. you're pretty much screwed... Sizemore.. is washup... a has been and becoming redundant...

2644 days ago

Mark K    

So sad. I think that he had 'em all fooled including myself (re: reality series) Was he initially being sincere and then when no one was watching did he 'give-in' or was he just playing games with those trying to help his sorry soul? This is just one crazy junkie waiting for the sky to fall in. You're sad brother!

2701 days ago


This guy's a great actor, to bad he can't get his act together, it will probably end bad for him if he keeps this up.

2723 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

Who in the hell is he?

2723 days ago


This dude is a piece of $hit!

2723 days ago


He is going to KILL himself!!!! What a sad, tragic, story.

2723 days ago


Thank you for doing that Ms. Apis.
As far as this Sizemore idiot goes, he needs to be locked up, and grow up!

2723 days ago


He wasn't found behind a wheel, so I suppose we should be grateful.

2723 days ago


Actually, Tom Sizemore IS an incredible actor. However, he is so drug addicted I think he is a lost cause. I mean, Robert Downey, Jr., always seemed to have some sense of hope about him, but Sizemore is scarey hopeless. Sizemore's been to rehab, prison, had his own reality series about trying to get clean, and now this. If he lives much longer I'll be surprised.

2723 days ago


I do not understand why anyone would EVER try any drug for the first time, knowing it's highly addictive. Do they honestly think they will NOT get hooked? Why don't people THINK before doing any drug, while their mind is clear? Can't have sympathy for any of 'em. They made the choice, now they pay the price!

2723 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

What a wasted life.

2723 days ago
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