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Ty Pennington Charged with DUI

5/8/2007 7:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ty Pennington"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" star Ty Pennington has just been charged with two misdemeanor DUI counts stemming from his arrest Saturday morning.

Sources tell TMZ Pennington had a .14 blood alcohol level when he was stopped at 12:35 AM in Los Angeles. The legal limit in California is .08.

LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo filed the case.


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I am a victim of a drunk driver.Twice.I was ran over by one back in the 80's when I was a teenager.Today,I am disabled.I have been since that drunk ran over me.
2 years after I was ran over,my cousin was hit by a drunk driver.He lived 2 hours.
It is NEVER okay to drink and drive.It is NEVER okay to drive under the influence of any drugs.
He didn't "make a mistake",he knowingly had a few drinks,he knowingly put the keys in the ignition,and he knowingly drove off.
Back when I was ran over,the law wasn't tough on drunk drivers at all.The guy was still holding his beer when they were talking to him.He was never charged.
There were three men in the truck that hit t cousin.All of them were drunk.All of them said they weren't driving.None of them were charged.
I feel I have every right and reason to do the "wah wah" crap.
I don't drink period.So there will never be a chance to get caught.I can say with all honesty that I have never drank alcohol and drove.
I've also been married for 23 years so I really have no reason to be driving in the middle of the night.
Your comment about"big fat asses sitting at the computer all day/night" made me wonder about the size of your ass since you posted that at almost midnight.

2723 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Take a cab. If you want to let loose, Don't drink and drive.
Cab fare is far cheaper than lawyers and losing a reputation.

2722 days ago

Kathy #1 fan from Knoxville, Tennessee    

We all make mistakes. Let's give Ty a break. Thank God he did not injury himself or someone else. I applaude the fact that he admits to making a mistake and will accept the consequences. He is a wonderful man with a heart of gold. He does alot for others and lots of things that we do not even know about.

Ty, keep your chin up. You did the crime so you must pay the fine. I will always be your number one fan.

2722 days ago

Son of California Dreamer rides agaain...    

Awwwww how sad, poor guy. Hey, Ty if you are reading this I have a great idea you can use for a defense. I read your interview where you said you take Ritalin (methamphetamines) for Attention Deficit Disorder. Awwwwww, how sad. Anyway, maybe you could tell the judge you were only boozing to try and take the edge off the speed. What do you think?

2722 days ago

Son of California Dreamer rides agaain...    

Ty if your lawyer likes my idea and plans to use it, could I could get a new fridge and dishwasher?

2722 days ago


The way he SCREAM! all the time on his program, and jump around like a mexican jumping bean on his program. DAM can't he talk like a human for (god sake.) what a waste on T.V. and to thing we pay for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How did stay still for the ticket?
He need to double up on his med!! Not DRUGS! And who care about him and Paris!!!
It a waste of time and B.S. WE have straving children, people out of work,the world going to hell with Bush and these two ass hole don't help.
Hollywood new name is DRUGS.California!!!!!!

2722 days ago


He's been a very naughty boy. I'd cuff him and put him over my knee anyday...

2722 days ago

Rikky Lake    

In Virginia, the FIRST time you are arrested for DUI, it's mandatory seven(7) days in jail. That sucks to admit in the next job interview, eh Ty?

2722 days ago


Shouldn't drive drunk, Sweetheart. I bet you won't again though. Take a cab. Still love you. You are so much fun!

2722 days ago


Move that Bus... you are blocking the liquor store.

2722 days ago

Son of California Dreamer rides agaain...    

Does anyone else think he is totally wired on the EM show?

2722 days ago

Dan Coleman    

Who cares if Pennington was arrested? I wanna know when he is coming out of the closet? Any guy in his 40's and NEVER married should have a good time in jail!

2722 days ago


To whoever said he was a jerk, when they filmed an episode close to me he was very kind to everyone that was outside watching. Wow number 44, two times being hit by a drunk driver, I wonder what the odds of that are. I am so sorry to hear about that and I agree he shouldn't have been driving. For me personally I see nothing wrong with calling the old 18004MYTAXI. I don't make the money celebrities do being a stay at home mom but if I go out and have just 1 glass of wine I will take a cab home. I would rather loose a few dollars then put someones life in jeopardy.

2722 days ago


OK.....How many people speed and kill someone? how many people run red lights and kill some one? I understand that he knew he had a few drinks and got behind the wheel, but people that speed know that they are taking a risk as well. If Ty had been in the news for being a Robert Downey Jr. I would understand the " off with his head", "never let him work in this town again? mentality, but he is basically a laid back, hang out with"his Girl" and a few close friends kinda guy. This was a bad mistake, but a Mistake none the less. So, I hope that Disney,Sears and Bayer will see Ty for who he really is a great guy that just because of who he is makes the world a better place. Blast me if y ou'd like, then admit I'm right.........

2722 days ago

EM/TS Nut    

KCMo loves you TY!
#48 Right On!
#50 I'd cuff him and spack him too, but don't know if it would be the same purpose
at what you are intending!!
#57 Right On!

All of you complaining how terrible he is must keep watching the show just to see.
He's great at capturing an audience isn't he! You must also be jealous because he
has talent and you don't!!!

Atleast he was a "Man" and admitted to his mistake. I'm sure that's more than most
of you can admit. So what if he is gay--what difference does it make to you unless
you would like to join him!!!

I'm sure that 98% of the complaining has never gone out to dinner or a sports bar
and had 3 or 4 drinks and drove home thinking you were OK to do so!!

Love you TY and you will get through this with a lot of support from "True Fans"!

2721 days ago
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