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Cameron Coos: "We're the Popular Kids!"

5/9/2007 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comCameron Diaz says that all the world's like high school -- and that celebs are the "popular kids" that everyone is just dying to know about. Good to know that Cam doesn't have a shrek of humility.

On the "Today" show this morning, Meredith Vieira just had to go there, asking Diaz what it was like to be on the same red carpet for the "Shrek the Third" premiere -- and share a kiss (on the cheek) with ex-beau and co-star Justin Timberlake. "We're friends, so we're OK," said Diaz. "All you want is that the person you care about to be happy ... It's like high school. We're like the popular kids. Everybody wants to know what happens to us."

...Until you reveal yourself to be just a little bit full of yourself.


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Dawn Day    

Get over yourself Cam.

2633 days ago

Laurie R    

is she serious? truly?? first off, this woman has been reported as 34 in the press for at least the last five years! i'm curious as to what her real age is.....and if she is serious, this MUST be the reason why JT dumped her. she still thinks of life in high school terms......and something tells me cameron left school a looooooong time ago. *sigh* guess she's just setting the stage for Sophia Coppola to typecast her again in her next film.

2633 days ago


She's absolutely right, whether you guys like it or not. If that weren't true, why are there all the gossip sites out there? Why do those sites have so many readers? Why is People magazine so popular? Get over yourselves, kids... the truth may hurt, but it's still the truth.

2633 days ago


She is really unattractive. Yuck.

2633 days ago


Oh Plueeeezee!!! Cameron Ditz needs to get over herself. As if she's above everybody else because she's a dumb celeb!!!

Just go away Ms. Dizty Diaz........Trust me...not everybody is dying to hang with the 'Popular Kids' like yourself. Sickening!!!

2633 days ago


Googled her date of birth to be:

Date of Birth: August 30, 1972

2633 days ago


WTF!!!! Cameron is stuck-up and stuck on herself? I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

2633 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

TMZ - Love your site, but this one "you" put too much of a spin. If you watch the video......she wasn't being too full of herself.

Watch the video before posting. It really wasn't anything deserving of an article and definately not for someone to down her.

2633 days ago

Marshall Jefferson    

Hmmm... Get over yourself chickee because I am not dying to know about you moron. Oh goodness we share the same birthday.

2633 days ago


She is really hard to take seriously , she is one of the reasons stars today lack the glamour of stars from the 50's , 60's and even the 70's, I mean did you see her at the Academy awards this year as a presenter , she couldn't even stand up straight or walk out there with a little elegance, proof you can put a dress on a pig , but it's still a PIG !!

2633 days ago

mickey lou    

I think I'm going to be sick! Just another conceited hollywood BIMBO!

2633 days ago


#10 my thoughts exactly.

watch the video people!

Wow, the media really knows how to spin things. She was not being "full of herself" at all.

I love cameron! She seems like one of the most down to earth people. Beautiful inside and out!

2633 days ago


You think youre a "popular kid"? Popular kids know when to buy some anti-perspirant! Your armpits where a fountain of disgust at the Shrek Premier!

By the way Cammy-darling, if you are one of the "popular kids", who are the folks dying in Iraq/Afganistan/Sudan? Who are the homeless and the poverty-stricken? Who are your fans? Who are the crew on your set? The world is just like "highschool". Grow a brain Cameron! Youre self-conceited!

2633 days ago

My Two Cents    

She has a really large mouth. It takes up her whole face.

2633 days ago

tuna marie    

don't look at her face on hdtv, you will run away scared. her acne scars are huge.

2633 days ago
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