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Paris -- Blame It on the Messenger?

5/9/2007 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Paris Hilton has seen a new lawyer in a desperate attempt to save her ass.

Hilton has already retained famed criminal defense lawyer Howard Weitzman. Yesterday, she met with celeb DUI lawyer Richard Hutton. TMZ spotted Hilton bawling as she drove away Hutton's office Tuesday afternoon, with mom Kathy driving -- and consoling -- her daughter.

Hilton is in a true pickle and it seems she's throwing a Hail Mary by going to Hutton, hoping she can convince the courts she shouldn't serve 45 days in the pokey. This could be the most expensive DUI case ever.


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Her mother is stupid. She raised a kid who needs obscene amounts of attention. I laugh at you!

2720 days ago


*wipes forehead*

thank god she's going to jail! Paris has not been doing a damn good thing lately. Her actions are super retarded and uncalled for. The girl was driving with a suspended license and also driving drunk!

She deserves to go to jail she could have KILLED someone that night!! Her sister Nicky is much better off without her and is probably embarassed to be her sibling.

2719 days ago


What this girl needs is a REAL JOB!!!! Not her "TV Show" where she "Pretends" to work, but a real job. Say, she can be a maid in a hotel, say Super 8. Work 6am to 5pm. For about a year. That should get her pampered ass moving. Pay her a salary,let her live on that. Take away her credit cards, her car. She can ride the bus. Let her get a taste of real life.

2719 days ago

Laughing at Ignorance    

Ok to Kathy's personal friend...

Paris Hilton is NOT royalty... Royalty does not behave in the manner that she does. She is a disgrace to celebrities because she is completely untalented. She can't even make a good sex tape and that is hard to screw up.

I never post on things like this, but as a 23 year old female who has a ton of friends who LOVE Paris Hilton and think she's hott, funny, talented, etc. I think it's ridiculous. Those of you posting that people don't go to jail for suspension- YES THEY DO.. And they don't get a month to prepare for jail either, they go immediately- when they are pulled over, they are hauled off to jail. Maybe if Paris would've just been hauled off immediately, we could laugh a little harder at her stupidity and all these people protesting the sentence in the first place wouldn't have to waste their time.

So to those who think Paris is ROYALTY, I've never laughed so hard at a simple phrase. She has no class, no talent, no brain, she is inarticulate, she does no charity work, she thinks drinking and driving is funny and won't take the consequences seriously, she doesn't know how to admit when she's wrong, these are all things she should probably work on before anyone could possibly begin to consider her royalty!

2719 days ago


Now she cries? Where was her remorse before? Paris is a brat who, like her party pals, think they don't have to follow society's rules. What makes it worse, is that her mother and father condoned this behavior! I blame them as Paris obviously got the message rules don't count from someone. Based on her mother's behavior in court, it's not hard to figure out where that came from...

2718 days ago


One question... why does she get a month to get her affairs in order when she already has made it clear that she has "people" that do everything for her? Hopefully her passport has been taken away from her because i think she's a possible flight risk

2718 days ago


In response to:
"512. What if she's innocent? What if she really thought she could drive? What if the people who were in control advised her incorrectly? Wouldn't you all look so foolish and jealous and judgmental and cruel? We love to build them up and tear them down, don't we? It's the ugliest of all our character defects; envy and jealousy. People, please, stay with the facts!!!

Posted at 2:11PM on May 10th 2007 by geraldine lloyd"

All the "what if's" in the world won't make up for the fact that she's a raging, racist, overprivileged fool....What if pigs could fly? That's about as possible as your "what if's" for Ms. Hilton. What if pigs COULD fly..wouldn't that be cool.

2718 days ago


I agree she needs to go to jail, but it is not a nice thing to say that you would like to see something happen to her. IMO

2718 days ago

Your guilty, Doc!    

I'm deathly afraid to meet a drunk driver on the roads, day or night.
Knowing this spoiled rich Moron, Paris, is drinking and driving, when
its against the law makes me scream. She gets arrested, now she doesn't want
to do time? Big Deal, This is real life, and Paris should do the time, just like
any one of us here. You can fine her, but putting her in Jail should make it seem
like Justice. Her Parents should be ashamed to say they have Paris for a daughter.
But I noticed her Mom is a bigger ass than her daughter...

2718 days ago


If anyone had been picked up for driving after revocation not once, but twice around here she would already be in jail and it would be for longer than 45 days.

Poor Paris, 26 and she still thinks she is above the law and that wearing trampy clothes will get her all she wants in this life. My kids behaved better at 10 years old, than she has ever exhibited.

She should have to pick up trash along the highway , without the paparazzi.

2718 days ago


Wow. Suprise, suprise. As soon as someone has something bad happen to them, the world (aka everyone writing nasty comments & "haha's" about Paris on TMZ) have to make themselves feel better about themselves. I wonder how many of you designate yourselves to be the Designated Driver when you're out with your friends? Or how many of you help friends who are abusing drugs or alcohol? You people know nothing. Leave the girl alone. It's not like she went out slaughtering people and running them over. So much energy spent on this topic and topics such as this are why September 11th happened.

2717 days ago



2716 days ago


I think her ass needs to go to jail its the only way she will ever learn her lesson, because her name is paris hilton thats the only reason shes not jail ans i dont think it fair and if it was any one else they would already be in jail by now

2715 days ago
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