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Paris -- I'm Not Above the Law

5/9/2007 4:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has issued the following statement through attorney Richard Hutton:

"After reading the media's coverage of my court hearing, I feel the need to correct what I believe are misperceptions about me. I absolutely realize how serious driving under the influence is. I could not live with myself if anyone was injured or killed while I was driving while impaired. Clearly, no one should -- no matter how slightly.

I am ready to face the consequences of violating probation.

No one is above the law. I surely am not. I do not expect to be treated better than anyone else who violated probation. However, my hope is that I will not be treated worse."


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Just love seeing people on here and other sites saying how unfair this is. I think this extremely fair, considering , according to California law she could have been sent to jail for up to a full year. Also seeing people say that she is a great role model for young girls......Yeah if you want them growing up and being put in adult videos, and drinking and driving!

2722 days ago

Raymond P.    

Paris I have some friends that would tell you to look up the law on driver license's because the last I heard from my friends was that the only people that are required to have a drivers license are people for hire like me I have a CDL to drive tractor trilers (semi's) so I would be for hire are you? I dought it! Sorry about my spelling I am not good with words only with cars and machines..........

2722 days ago


If she's so willing to take responsability then why the appeal??? Im so sick of her whineing..she's very lucky this is the only thing shes been busted for...God knows shes done worse

2721 days ago


Wow...! The Majority of the comments here are soo Cold and Callous it makes Paris appear Nun-like and as pure as the driven snow! Sure, she broke probation, Sure, she gotta do 45 days like us Normal people ... I think it will be Good for her, and maybe she'll grow up some! It seemed to help old Martha Stewart come down to Earth..

I've done a little Country Jail time over the years myself due to a Gold digging Ex Wife who nailed me for a Rediculous amount of Child Support ... Thank Goodness that crap is over, But I can say doing time can be easy or hard, depending on the mental outlook. Do NOT Count the Hours or Days, Look forward to the simple things like Breakfast, Dinner and Supper.. Order Commissary stuff, like jolly ranchers, crackers, and goodies, read books and Sleep ya ass off as long as ya can. The time will fly past before you know it!

2718 days ago


Give me a break. You're not "above" the law? PLEASE. If anyone else had gotten caught driving on a suspended license under the influence, they would be serving a lot more time than what you got. It angers me how some rich airhead such as Paris Hilton can get away with ANYTHING because she has money. She drove under the influence because she knew she could get away with it.

2717 days ago


Oh please! Give Paris a break people! She dosent think she's above the law, if she did don't you think she would have payed her way out of a jail sentence! I'm sure deep down she is a respecable, wholesome and down to earth person. People just looooooove to poop on Paris. If she is such a horrible, selfish person, don't read stories about her! She's famous for a reason, and this lattest debacle is just another reason we can't get enough. Just take her for what she is, an entertainer!

2717 days ago
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