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The Bee Cees?

5/10/2007 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After watching Barry Gibb's performance on last night's episode of "American Idol," TMZ has finally uncovered the missing link ... between disco and auto insurance.
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What a legend this man is ,all the brothers GIBB will forever be my favorite band,I was in tears watching him perform on Idol. I have 2 CDs of their greated hits and they are all I listen to when I get in my car, I will forever be sad all the brothers GIBB are not all together again on stage. Andy Gibb was one of my heart throbs when I was a teen, wish he was still living,I can still hear his song in my head (For so long). Barry deserves better ,some celebs you just cant help make fun of ,but not Barry Gibb.

2658 days ago


Lighten up people! This site isn't great American literature. If it was, it would not have half as many hits thats for sure (hey, save it, just how we Americans are!). I don't have a problem with his lip or looks. What I had a problem with was those ill fitting false teeth!!! Distracting and he sounded like Liza Minelli!

2658 days ago


Geico guy is close but BG really looks like Seymour from Hot Fudge:

2658 days ago


That's just plain WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! Since when has your site become Perez Hilton's?!?!? I'm mean...really??!?!

2658 days ago


Please stick to the "entertainment persons", you know - the no or little talent retards that are so fascinating to observe. The Gibb brothers are artists. Their Saturday Night Fever sound track is still some of my favorite pop music. Have some respect. Now the cavemen - those are retards. Don't you have a zoo picture you could put next to Mr. Geico?

2658 days ago

Laure H    

How can you even compare the Geico guy to Barry Gibb,The geico guy is just plain UGLY and stupid whereas Barry Gibb still looks GOOD and still has the voice and the talent that he had 40 yrs. ago when he started. Now I ask you what talent does the geico guy have, it must be looking ugly and stupid. Don't even compare these 2, Barry is a HELL of a lot better looking and he looks noyhing like that piece of s--t. Whoever wrote that needs to get there head out of there ass.I thought Harvey Levin had some brains and common sense , boy was I wrong. THE BEE GEES are and always will be the best singing group ever. Nobody can even begin to compare. TMZ you owe us an apologyfor ragging on Barry.

2658 days ago


While I love a good joke as much as the next gal, I would still like to say Barry Gibb is an amazing talent who has endured more then his share of "tradegy". He is still a beautiful soul.
Love him now as much as I did circe 1977. He is awesome.

2658 days ago


I'll bet that Geico Guy is pissed.

2658 days ago


If you take funny as funny, then this is funny. have a laugh. thanks tmz I needed that..

2658 days ago


You guys are assholes!!

Barry Gibb is a musical legend. He's a nice guy, a family all around good guy!! No...he's not 25 anymore!! I think he looks and sounds great!!

You people need to get a friggin' life!!!!!

2658 days ago


I always loved the BeeGees and I do empathize with the grief he has had but I did think this was hilarious! I think especially the mouth and the way Barry trimmed his 'stache is what makes him look like him .

2658 days ago


that is so mean. isnt anything sacred these days?

2658 days ago

Barry's Billie    

As much as I personally dislike the comparison, I think Barry would just laugh it off and go on.....He is such a great guy......

2658 days ago


I said the same thing, but I think you need to throw a picture of the Cowardly Lion up next to it. He's a great performer, and I love their music, but come on, he could afford better botox and dentures.

2658 days ago


Add Spencer from The Hills to this caveman family

2658 days ago
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