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Pitt's a Proud Papa in Prague

5/11/2007 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt dropped off son Maddox at a school in Prague yesterday morning. We're guessing it went down something like this:

Teacher: "What did you bring for Show and Tell today, Maddox?"

Maddox: "Brad Pitt."

Teacher: "You get an A++!"


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Who really cares???They are only going to be there a few weeks and then it's on to
somewhere else. I will say Brad looks he is a good mother and father. Oh, there
are about four nannies too. Angelina won't ever marry the fool. He sure isn't macho
any more.

2720 days ago


Brad, you're so freakin' cute. Bet you're a great dad. Not that cute has anything to do with it

2720 days ago


What the hell did Jennifer ever see in that dork.?? Now AJ, I can see why she was attracted to him, after all she is nothing but a loon who adopts kids as color accessories. And hasn't he taken that retard hat off yet.

and no, I'm not jealous, just embarrased by them. I hope people in foreign lands don't judge all of us by them.

2720 days ago


different week, different school. what a stable and nuturing lifestyle!

2720 days ago

Pearly Whites    

They remind me of a certain star who had to have the "latest" hot car. She bought the Prius, you know, to "save the environment" from waste, etc., except that she had to have THREE. Blue, black and red.

Angelina and Brad have the "latest" models in three different colors. PLENTY of "colorful" children waiting in the U.S. to belong to a family, Brangelina. Adopting at home doesn't get nearly as much publicity and certainly NO peace prize.

2720 days ago


Just want to clear something up for poster #14 -- Angelina is NOT an ambassador appointed by the government, not even close. She is a "goodwill" ambassador, which essentially means a pretty face to spend the UN's (not the US, although we do give them a big chunk of their budget) money to run around and bring issues publicity.

That being said, she is still an egomaniac bitch, and yes, Brad Pitt needs to grow his balls back. Those kids need stability or they'll end up putting Paris Hilton and Sean Stewart's bad attitudes to shame.

2720 days ago

Sick and tired of Team Aniston losers    

So tell me, all you assholes who are bashing Brad and Angelina -- what have any of you done to help a child in need of a family lately? Huh? I thought not.

Until you do, shut the f**k up.

2720 days ago


Oh, shut up KC. Brad is just a good man, sorry you're still searching for that man. Brad is a stand up man and I admire him. That's what makes a man. One who takes care of their family and responsiblities. I think it's very attractive for a man to take interest in his family and help out with raising the kids. It seems a lot of women on here are married to jerks. Don't hate Angelina, she's very sorry you couldn't nab a man quite like Brad! It doesn't hurt that he's good looking as hell with the family man stuff that he does. He parents did a very good job in raising such a good man.

2720 days ago


BTW KC, Paris Hilton's parent's, etc. were people who had a family that grew up in one place where her husband worked all the time and Kathy Hilton stayed home with her children. Try again!

2720 days ago


Totally agree #13 (Children Need Stability and Love)

How can it be such a good thing for these kids if no one is ever home? And home changes monthly. Those kids jet off to other countrys, in school here, there, meeting new siblings in between popcorn and movie night. I'd be too dam tired to be their kid. Why can't they buy a little town in Idaho and settle down.

2720 days ago


to > Juli #7

I could not have said it better. Wonderful post.
Do you think we may now see part of the reason American adoption is out of the picture?

2720 days ago


To > Post 35.

What have we done to help a child in need? We help a child in need every time we buy something in this country ie Taxes. We help a child in need by paying our taxes. we help at every turn when we are able in this country. This is the reason Ang has stated children in other countries need her more! Weather you agree with her or not, that was her statement. Could we use more help in this country? hell yes. Children still go hungry and live without health benefits here too.As absurd as that is. Because most of us do not have the money to jet around picking out children does not mean we care or do less for them.We just do it at home and with no press.

2720 days ago


Oh my god!!Big deal:))But why his son is going to the school in Prague??Don't you have in U.S good schools or what??

2720 days ago


I just want to remind everybody not to live in the past. The past meaning when Angie was 19. She will be 32 years old in June. She is Brad's partner, a U.N. goodwill ambassador, an Oscar winner and a mother of 4 beautiful kids. Will it kill you if Brad and Angie are happy? Will it freak you out that it has been two years since Brad signed his divorce papers? The past is gone and Brad had moved on big time. Let go of it. He is in love with the mother of his children. Set him free. If you are not a fan, then find someone else to idolize instead of saying hurtful words to him and his new life. He does not owe you anything. He is with Angie now, not with Juliet Lewis, not with Gwen P. not with Jennifer Aniston. LIVE WITH IT. MOVE ON.

2719 days ago


good thing Pitt and Miller look alike. That baby was "early" and she was with both. Google Millers comments. He said Pitt would not be happy with their relationship. Oh well. Hope they are happy together, they are two of a kind.

2719 days ago
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