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Smoking Is Hazardous to Your Rating

5/11/2007 3:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The MPAA, which dishes out the ratings for movies, said that they've had enough of smoking, which now joins sex and violence as a celluloid ratings bumper.
Butt out!
Dan Glickman, Chief Finger Wagger for the ratings board told the NY Post, "Now, all smoking will be a consideration in the ratings process," and that "pervasive" or "glamorize" smoking might snag an R-rating for flicks. Put that out!

Whatcha smoking gallery: Click to launch photosAnti-smoking activists have long sought an automatic R for pix that feature puffing, but regulators stopped short of the instant R, and will consider films individually, as they always do.


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I hate smokers, but rating a film R for smoking is stupid. Typically overzealous, politically correct censorship.

2724 days ago


I don't smoke, and I don't like it but trying to slap an R rating on a movie for smoking is pretty stupid. (My husband smokes and he does it outside and has never smoked in our house) Eventually its going to end up where we have G rated movies (once every 5 years or so) and R rated movies, nothing in between.

I was watching Shrek 2 with my son this morning and there's "fighting" and donkey kicks shrek in the crotch... Someday that's going to end up being R rated because SOMEONE is offended. Dumb.

2724 days ago


I recently quit smoking and never paid attention to smoking in a movie and still don't i thought i was suppose to pay attention to the plot and the actors? If I'm paying attention to the smoking it's gotta be a bad movie

2724 days ago


I'm a smoker. I hate smoking, but I'm killing myself slowly because I started as a teenager and now ten years later can't give it up. Movies didn't make me smoke. Poor parental guidance caused me to light up and become an addict. Start putting the responsibility of not smoking on parents and stop censorship.

The government isn't protecting us, they're controlling us.

2724 days ago


MPAA = Mommies, Punks, & Arrogant Assholes

Anybody ever wonder why the majority of people's veiwpoints contradict what the MPAA wants for movies? Why is this group of fundamental-rapture-christian, anti-everything-pro-choice, over-bearing-parental-types allowed to control what is and is not introduced into our culture through movies?

2724 days ago


KEEP BIG BROTHER THE HELL OUT OF THIS! I do not recall a movie where smoking was ever politically correct idiots need to stop stop stop. In case you missed that STOP!

2724 days ago

My Two Cents    

STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!!!! Movies DON'T make you want to smoke. If that is the case maybe they should also ban any movies or TV shows that desplay people drinking alcohol, sunbathing, or anything else that is not good for your health.

2724 days ago


Does this mean that when 101 Dalmations is re-released it will be rated R?
It will go from a G to an R?

Let's do a poll. How many Disney (G-rated) flicks have characters that smoke?

Here's a thought, how bout the parents sit their children down (this part will blow your mind) and do a little parenting. TALK TO YOUR KIDS!!! I know it's a crazy concept, but instead of sticking your kid infront of the TV or throwing them in a theater for the afternoon, spend some time with them. Talk to them, tell them smoking is bad. You'd be amazed how your kids will react when you talk to them.

It's the same problem with the school system. It's not the teachers or the movies that are the problem. It's the parents.


2724 days ago


With all the things going on that they should focus on, this is just a ridiculous waste of time

2724 days ago


Bit sanctimonious that, Zakk.

I'm not convinced you are on to a winning strategy either. A friend once told me she couldn't understand how her boyfriend could diagnose a patient with lung cancer then go out for a smoke. Well, I'd say he is willing to take a known risk.

If you pep talk your kids but they are still willing to take the risk, what are you going to do then? If they leave home and start smoking will you blame yourself, is it your failure? Will they listen up if you tell them again?

They might not. I've seen hardcore smokers smoke through government shock ads, smoke after a close relative has died of smoking-induced cancer, and {this really shocked me} smoke in the garden of a children's cancer hospital. The individual in question was quite surprised when I asked him to stub it out.

2724 days ago


kind of stupid to in California Marin County out laws public smoking, but they still allow cigarettes to be sold and they still take the taxes for it...double standards here dont you think if a city bans smoking they should also ban the stores from selling cigarettes, I am not a smoker, but this seems to be a one sided thing...cities banning smoking but allowing stores to sell them and tax them. JUST STOP SELLING THEM IF YOU WANT PEOPLE BANNED FROM SMOKING, IT SEEMS LIKE COMMUNISIM HERE!

2724 days ago


If you are to ban smoking in movies, then ban drug use in movies, ban drinking in movies, ban sex in movies, ban nudity in movies. Drinking does kill (either your live or youdrive and kill someone) but do they ban that no.

2724 days ago


I despise smoking and hate it in restaurants, public places, period, But I agree this R rating is stupid assed. If someone wants to kill themselves with tobacco and isnt bright enough to quit, let an adult do it. But not in public placesss here the rest of us can die from second hand smoke, THere are lots of characters in movies and in real life, ect who smoke. Giving ratings like this is ignorant.

2724 days ago


I hate smoking, its gross, I've never smoked and never will but I don't agree with the rating thing, its pretty stupid. I like #6's definition of the MPAA.

2724 days ago

D bassist with Noctaluca    

hahahahah!! This is absolutely pathetic. What will they 'rate' next in movies? I have some suggestions:

A) drinking soda with 'high-fructose' corn syrup
B) buying/wearing clothes made in sweatshops
C) driving gas-guzzlers (suv's, muscle cars, etc)
D) using cell-phones while driving

what kind of society are we developing here?
In the 1993 movie 'Demolition Man' there are cameras and microphones everywhere. You get issued citations for smoking, kissing, cursing, etc in public.

Also, people are smarter than this, and MOST smokers understand that their lifestyle determines their death-style. People have the choice to goto non-smoking establishments, and in their own house they can decide if it is smoke-free.

I'm not particularly impassioned about the MPAA's ratings. Just the freedom and liberty aspect. You really should be to!

2723 days ago
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