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The Game Over? Rapper in Police Custody

5/12/2007 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

the gameTMZ has learned that rapper The Game is in police custody, after LAPD officers executed a search of his L.A. area home in connection with an incident that took place in February.

According to police sources, officers are currently transporting him to a station, where he will be booked on charges of making criminal threats. We're told he's being extremely cooperative.

The Game, a multi-platinum selling rap star, was formerly a part of 50 Cent's G Unit group.

Story developing...


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miss j    

It's funny how all the hatas care because that's all they do.

2659 days ago

how sad    

Everytime a story is about someone black, I can already predict what the posts
are going to be about...most white posters calling black people degrading
names. Did anyone listen to what Russell Simmons has been saying about
rap artists...that they rap about their experiences. You can have an opionion
without using racial slurs.

I don't know who this guy is and I'm not a fan of rappers or rap music, but there's
just no need for some of you to be so hateful.

2659 days ago


I work in a high school. I'm so sick of seeing kids walk around with what looks like a 40 lb bag of potatoes in their pants. And trust me: the sloppy careless clothing reflects much more than a lack of fashion sense. These kids are as unmotivated as their waistbands.

2659 days ago


I cannot believe all the racist asshole/bitches on here. Your the one who should be locked ruin this world. It is easy to hide behind a screen name. SHADY!!!

2659 days ago

concerned citizen    

Listen people. If Parents would take the time and responsibilty to teach their children right from wrong, we wouldn't have to worry about kids imitating negative behavior. It wouldn't matter what they see or hear. They would know better. Remember, a child's first lesson begins at home.

2659 days ago


How long will it be before a 9mm clip is emptied into this dirtbag animal?

2659 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

Game looks GAYme.

2659 days ago

Vivian Chapman    

Dear 31... If this is true..then you should make sure your race starts to act in the moral for males.[.birth control..a real priority..] and while your at it get your noses fixed and your lips made smaller..then we will talk

2659 days ago


How come you guys don't make such a big deal when there are people like... Lindsay Lohan ( caught on tape) doing coke?...I never see black people going on those post boards and start making racist remarks...

2659 days ago

Vivian Chapman    

Al and Jesse I need your help on this one somewhere in the bible it says that people of different races ...should not lay together...what..chapter and verse is that...???

2659 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

People are disturbed by rap lyrics and the overtly sexual visuals that accompany them. It is insulting to a good many individuals to have this kind of stuff hoisted in front of them and be told it's "art". It's not art. It is crude, base noise-making. The fact this crap is associated with black youth is just a fact. Too bad. Someone has to be held accountable. The racist comments (and they certainly are) are a reflection of the deep frustration people feel toward this vile,"gangsta" nonsense. Again too bad.

2659 days ago

do something about it    

Only white people do good. They dont sell drugs but they sure know how to invade taxes, cause coporate scandels and send countries to war. Everytime I see a white boy with tight jeans too small shirt and greasy hair I think boy there goes the next hitler, bush, or enron ceo.

2659 days ago

Mary T.    

I know I got ONE man, why can't I find it??????????

2659 days ago


To all making racist comments, remember that this is the internet, your I.P. info is displayed. Your home information is obtained from that I.P. info, before you go and make comments than can offend many people white, black and hispanic... please understand that you may very have someone pop up at your door for makin suck racist comments. ITS THE INTERNET !

This is why every other place in the world hates America, they just deal with us.... Lets grow up & change things, you are too old to be acting like this. I love you! & God loves you too.

2659 days ago


The dude looks stupid - shrinky-dinky, man. LOL..... Guess he cain't cut it in clothes that actually fit and look good at the same time. Who dresses him? Ray Charles? LOL...

2659 days ago
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