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Paris to Still Run with the Bulls?

5/12/2007 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonParis Hilton was supposed to kickoff a cross-country road race today, but sources tell TMZ she'll likely be a no-show.

Ms. Hilton is scheduled to participate in BullRun 2007, a race from Montreal to Key West, but a rep for the race now confirms to TMZ that jail-bound blonde will be chauffeured to and from destinations on the route, with the convicted socialite hosting a party at the Versace mansion in Miami.

Elliot Mintz cryptically tells TMZ that Paris "will be in L.A. this weekend," not Canada, so unless Hilton possesses the powers of Hiro Nakamura, it's safe to say the heiress won't be at the starting line.


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Did I miss what charity Paris is doing all this limo/jet Bull run for? :)

2729 days ago

DR. Steve    

I feel that Paris is learning a lesson overall, she is not above the law. If it was anyone normal they could have had a much harsher sentence, a lot people have a great amount of trouble when they are arrested and their cars are siezed, making bail fast isn't the norm for most of us. However does anyone else think it is funny that they didn't even mention the fact that she does not have the right to drive PERIOD, much less having the right to participate in a ROAD RACE!?!!???? Also, isn't there a matter of her not being able to leave the state until AFTER she has done her time in Jail, or did I miss something?

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2729 days ago

how sad    

I'm sick of her.

2729 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

So, the whole point of this rally is to race from Canada to Miami. They get the poster child of infantile behavior, pair-ASS dull-ton, to be their spokesperson; they pay her a big appearance fee to drive in the race. What do they get for their money? Why, they have to drive her from location to location, if she shows up at all. What a joke. Attention Corporate Sponsors: You might want to rethink aligning yourself with pair-ASS dullton for a while. She costs a lot of money, and doesn't meet her contractural obligations; it sure ain't worth it...

2729 days ago

how sad    

Can someone please tell me why the media keeps saying that Paris is going
to be more famous when she gets out of jail?

Who is going to like her more? As it is 96% of the world hates her.
Has she ever done anything good or worthwhile?

2729 days ago


I am happy shes not participating. If she does, I do hope its true that she will have someone drive her the whole way, because even if she switches during the race and it gets caught on camera shes screwed more ways then one. Come on Paris, screw up! I want to see you behind bars for longer then 45 days. Also would love to see your Spyker get impounded.

2729 days ago

hello, it    

Why is anything this girl does news? What positive thing has she ever done? Her parents should be ashamed!

2729 days ago


I would love it if Paris broke out of jail. She is all about publicity, and that would be HUGE! Free Paris!

2729 days ago


Canadian customs won't allow convicted DUI's to cross the border. If they find it when they check you're turned away.

2729 days ago


Paris Hilton is a loser. She has disgraced her entire family. She's quite the bitch, as am I, but I am not above the law. They would have thrown my ass in the slammer for
j-walking! I do believe we all make errors in judgement at times, but she seems to thrive on making them. She has it ALL!!! and does not even appreciate what God has blessed her with, therefore it should all be taken away. I also believe that is God's intention. And that sculpture. Are they kidding! The artist is only trying to cash in. It is extremely distasteful and does not portray what he says it does. Come on public. Take a good look. Anyone out there who supports Paris is also a complete ignoramous. I have not a bit of pity for her. She may be a "Hilton" but I have more class in my pinky than she has in her entire anorextic body.

2729 days ago


You're absolutely right, TL, about Cananda denying entry to convicted DUIs. But paris has not been convicted of DUI-even though she more than met the criteria. The court allowed her to plead guilty to a MUCH lesser charge of reckless driving. The average person would not have gotten that chance. And the reckless driving punishment was only not to drive and to attend the alcohol ed. course. paris TURNED DOWN the chance to do community service. All of this is why I find it so hard to understand why anyone could feel sorry for her! She got every break along the way, and then would not do one single thing that the court ordered. Also, the average person would have been ordered to report to jail by later that day. A judge said that on Larry King Live last night. But she gets a month to find high paid lawyers to help her weasel out of it. She is a real criminal, she does deserve more than 45 days in jail, and 96% of taxpayers agree it is money well spent.

2729 days ago


I would love it if paris broke out of jail, too, MommaDonna. She is too stupid to hide out for long, they would find her easily and she would go to a REAL PRISON for a couple of years. Yeah, I hope she does break out. People are saying that she will be more famous because there wil be so much media coverage of her when she gets out. Even more than there is now if that is possible! NBC news reports last night that mother of media whore katy hilton is shopping around for interviews and book deals for when paris gets out! What a bunch of assholes!

2729 days ago

Billy Ray Bobby Joe    

The beauty of Paris going to jail is that she will finally realize what real life is all about when there is no one to pamper her. The only problem I see is that she will most likely get caught with drugs.

2729 days ago


Paris is a waste. She's not pretty at all and she has
nothing to contribute to society. She's a rich, spolied brat
who does nothing but party and shop. Nice "work" if you can get it.

2729 days ago


Paris? 'Kicking off' a DRIVING event? AHAHAHAHAHAHAA! ROLMFAO --

2729 days ago
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