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The Game -- Still Pimpin' in Police Custody

5/12/2007 6:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Game makes police custody actually look like a fun time.

TMZ has obtained exclusive footage of the platinum-selling rapper moments after he was placed in a holding tank at an L.A. County police station. In the video, The Game can be seen showing off his wad of more than $3,000 cash (because that's how he rolls) -- which was temporarily confiscated and counted by police.

The money was returned when The Game posted $50,000 bail this morning. As TMZ first reported, The Game was arrested late Friday night after LAPD officers executed a search of his L.A. area home in connection with an incident that took place in February.


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Ricky Rockhardo    


2690 days ago


2690 days ago

Boo Boo    

I cannot believe how TMZ gets video like this. They must be paying someone off. Look at this pathetic behavior from the game. Flashing gang signs to the camera holding money. How ghettoly pathetic. They should hold him just to find out what the gang signs are and who he's "rollin" with. I cannot fathom why people would buy his crap music. From far away I swear he looks like OJ or rodney king

2690 days ago


Gangsta filth could not even make good sewage. How I'd love to see that scuzzball sliced into pieces, then have the pieces arrested. Why is it permitted to live??

2690 days ago


Racist ass pricks. Go to school! Get out of your trailer park! You just jealous because he has money and you don't so you resort to name-calling and ignorant remarks. How sad and pathetic you are. You probably look in the mirror and hate yourself everyday because you have been wearing the same torn-up jeans since your were 17 and can't afford a decent t-shirt. You probably can't even afford to go to the dentist to get all of your crooked, yellow teeth fixed, huh, you meth-addicted ass-holes? Do something else with your life besides hating on black folks.

2690 days ago


How about a video of this ghetto filth bent over a sink with an LAPD nightstick up his butt

2690 days ago

Yes I TYped IT    

Your comments: I am so sick of these fools making us Black people look bad . A freaking
disgrace on the human race. Lock his dumb, little weewee a$$ up. He's
just another dumb peace of trash. He makes REAL artist look bad. HE IS BLACK TRASH . Yes I TYPED IT , and I AM BLACK!!!! What's your point?

2690 days ago


OMG, $3000 in cash! Wow, I am so impressed. I wish I was as cool as you are Game. You are so cool, and I am sure that $3k will come in handy at the prison commisary. Or maybe you could pay someone off in prison so that you don't get bent over like the little bitch you really are.

2690 days ago


Just another pathetic "gangsta wannabe" douche.

2690 days ago

Mary T.    

Did you find your pee pee? Buy you a new one with the 3 grand. You're pathetic.

2690 days ago

Lenn K.    

#16, make your point without being a dumbass. Just saying something racist shows your lack of intelligence. The people are black and that's true but don't be an asswipe I'm sure your mother, if you've got one thinks you're stupid!!!

2690 days ago


I don't hate The Game. I hate his Dad for abandoning him. The Game is The Game because he didn't have a Daddy. So don't hate they player, hate the absentee father. Sad thing is, The Game has probably fathered kids he will never meet too. And they too will be gang-sign-flashing ignorant pencil dix hamming it up for the LA County cameras. Maybe the Game deserves to be rich and carefree. Maybe it totally SUCKS to be The Game. Ever thought about that?

2690 days ago

who cares?    

iz done my best to rayz him

2690 days ago


My My My...........the pot calling the Kettle Black. If Our Dumb Ass white people would stop buying that RAP CRAP..............they would have to go to School and make a living like most of us do........

2690 days ago

I know    

This is what happens when these artist get on the police's "s&*% lists this is not the first time he has gotten in trouble with the law. He's now on the list with Busta and Snoop.

You must learn to blend in and function in society, or society with consiously or subconsiously fight you every step of the way.

2690 days ago
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