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Candy to Paris -- Spoiled Brat, Grow Up!

5/13/2007 9:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Candy Spelling (Tori's mom) sent TMZ an open letter to Paris Hilton. Yes, it really is Candy!

Dear Paris,

As someone who has known you for most of your life, I pay special attention to your press coverage. (Apparently, I'm not alone, based on the responses every word about you creates on and elsewhere.)

Paris, I'm very worried about you. The last week has not only been an obvious roller-coaster for you emotionally, but your strategy went from blaming employees and stating silly excuses like, "I don't read," to your new lawyer's tactic to have you sound mature and take some responsibility. In between, the paparazzi continue to follow you shopping and taking self-defense classes (to protect yourself in jail?), and some over-zealous friends staged embarrassing protests (three people?), and wasted taxpayer funds with a petition to pardon you.

People who are rich and famous are not treated like "regular" people, even though you claim to now be just like everyone else. In most situations, your privileged life works to your benefit. You have opportunities, access and resources like few others; and frankly, you can get away with more bad behavior and excuses than most people could even imagine. However, as the real possibility of jail approaches -- whether it's 21 days or 45 or whatever the latest report is -- it's time to get real. It's time to find "a Paris" somewhere between "heiress" and a character on "The Simple Life." I know she's there, and I know she can be a good citizen and maturely face consequences other people would have to face under the same circumstances.

I am sorry you have been sentenced to jail. I can't think of too much that would be worse. But since you let this happen, use the next couple of weeks preparing not only by publicly learning to fight (not a good message to fellow inmates), but by looking around, realizing that you are not as truly entitled as your money implies. You are a young woman who can add more to her community than establishing new definitions for infamy.

Paris at her best: click to launch galleryBest,

Candy Spelling


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Jamie Lynn    

Yeah, thanks another pack of ramen noodles for dinner.

2699 days ago


If the letter is really from Candy its well intended...I think though that Paris is a product of her Mother...its her Mother that should be locked up with her also...they both need a dose of humility !!!! and find out how the real world saying "she didn't know she could not drive" is just proving the old statement that "dumb blonds" apply...not very good for the smart ones out there.....and I know I am one...Good luck Paris and I hope you come out a better and humble person...

2699 days ago


Look; as a former cop turned paramedic, I say lock her up just like all the others i've seen who have done the same thing. Good letter Candy.

2699 days ago


I think Paris Hilton is very an Olive Oyl meets Popeye's Fist sort of way. And this is her best quality.

2699 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Sending it to Paris thru TMZ is total CRAP. It makes the whole thing about Candy Spelling not Paris Hilton. Just some old bag wanting to get in the press and,sure as hell, TMZ fell for it. If that woman really cared about Paris perhaps she should have called her or sent Paris the letter instead of acting like she is so perfect. But no.,another loser using Paris's problems for her own selfish agenda. I don't like Paris and think she should do the time but, please TMZ, Tori Spelling's mom???? Her advice is about as credible as a virgin telling a prostitute how to have sex! Yeah, its an Exclusive alright because no other media source is going to publish such meaningless garbage.

2699 days ago


Candy I don't know if that message is real or not but as I have message for Paris, this message is for you to.

The Bible said, God demonstrated his love towards us that while we were yet still sinners, Christ died for our sins.
-----Romans 5:8.

Can I ask you a question? Do you think you are a good person? Do you know the Ten Commandments? Do you think you've kept the 10 Commandments? To see how much we have sinned against the Law of God, we will go through some of them—Do you love God and worship Him only? Have you ever told a lie? Have you ever stolen something? Have you ever lusted after another person? Have you ever hated someone? If you answered "Yes" to these questions, you admit that you are a idolater, lying, thieving, adulterer at heart, and you have to face God on Judgment Day! If you have used His name in vain, then you are guilty of "blasphemy" -- you've substituted God's holy Name for a curse word. Perhaps you've hated someone, then the Bible says that you are a murderer. You have violated God's holy Law, and on Judgment Day, you will be found guilty and end up in Hell. If you don't believe in hell, well the bible said there's hell and it's a horrible place to be. Hell is everyday torment 24 hours a day where there's weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

1. Thou shall have no other gods before ME.
2. Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image.
3. Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
4. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
5. Honor thy Father and Mother.
6. Thou shall not kill.
7. Thou shall not commit adultery.
8. Thou shall not steal.
9. Thou shall not bear false witness.
10.Thou shall not covet.

If you say you’re still young and nothing is going to happen to you. You will live and enjoy life. Ok, even if you enjoy life and live up to 120 years that's the age God gave to mankind according to the Bible, you will still face God in judgment, The bible said, in Hebrews 9:27, "It is appointed unto man once to die the judgment. God will judge everyone according to what he or she has done while on earth, whether good or bad.

The bible said those who committed idolatry, adultery, murder, hatred, blasphemy, lies, jealousy, witchcraft, envy, drunkenness, orgies and the like will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.
---Galatians 5:19-21

Suppose your neighbor was found guilty of defrauding your other neighbor. Let's say the judge told him to pay back all the money he defrauded your neighbor plus fines and penalties, say about $100,000. But your guilty neighbor said, but judge that's not fair I only defrauded him $20,000 why will I pay $100,000, I don't have that money and the $20,000 I've taken from him is gone, and this is my first offense, I am a good person, I help people, I did this and did that for the good of my community. I stop defrauding people anymore. Then the judge said, unless you pay the fine and penalty of $100,000, you will go to jail.

Then all of a sudden someone came and paid $100,000 so he can go free. What will he do? He will be thankful and jump up and down that someone has mercy on him and paid for the fines and penalties, he cannot afford to pay. That's what God did to mankind, to you and me 2000 years ago. All our sins were laid down on him so that you and I can be forgiven of our sins and be restored back to God. Jesus Christ is the atoning sacrifice for our sins.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosever believed in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.--John 3:16. The bible said, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father but by him.-John 14:6.

Right now Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart and saying to you, Here I am and stand at the door of your heart and knock, if you hear my voice and open the door, and I’ll eat with you and you with Me.---Revelation 3:20.

Would you like to accept him as Lord and Savior of your life? You need to turn from your sins, repent and put your trust in Jesus Christ.

Please follow this prayer. and mean it from your heart

Lord Jesus, I believe that you are the Son of God; I believe you died on the cross and rose again from the dead after 3 days and are now with God the Father. Forgive me of all the sins I've done, said and thought. I confess You as my Lord with my mouth and believe that God raise you from the dead so that I will be saved. -(Romans 10:9). Come into my heart and life and be my Lord and Savior from this day forward. In Jesus name, I pray, amen.

If you pray this prayer from your heart, you are now the child of God and your name is written i

2699 days ago


candi the next dear abby.she likes to give her 2 cents.she must be really bord since arron died.go be a grandma

2699 days ago

Cowgal Cutie    

Kudos for you Candy for saying it like it is!

I'm just as guilty as the next person...I'm writing this post...but why are any of us giving this little "faux" blonde bimbo the time of day? My message to Ms Paris screwed up, do the time...get over it. It's doubtful that you'll learn any kind of lesson from any of this...I keep forgetting-you're special. The sad thing dollars are being spent on you....get a real life the time and shut up about it. LOOOOOOOOOOSER.

2699 days ago


Good job, Candy Spelling. You speak with good common sense. I can see why your own daughter turned out so great! If Paris had a mother like you, she wouldn't have gotten into so much trouble. Hey, enjoy the new grandbaby. Someone with such a good head on her shoulders is bound to be a terrific grandmother.

2699 days ago


Excellent commentary and advice from Candy Spelling!

2699 days ago


I saw a tape of Paris at a club where she called someone a "Public School Bitch".
I went to school with Kathy Richards Hilton and it was a public school!!!!
By the way, Paris should invest in dance classes.

2699 days ago


Candy has made a thoughtful gesture by writing an open letter to Paris at the risk of having bitter and ignorant people openly attack her in a public forum. Now thats class, and obviously she doesn't care about the bitter and ignorant opinions about her life. Frankly, if I were rich and had a life of privilege I really wouldn't care either. But, my conscience couldn't allow me to not do or say anything if I saw someone ruining their life.

I'm not sure why people are attacking her family. I would imagine that wealth and money doesn't make a family function better. It sounds just about as dysfunctional as my family were, and we were dirt poor wearing rags to school and at times having no food in the house. But we survived, and I think we've done okay just as so many other families eventually learn to become. Those who end up messed up end up coming online and banter on like bitter and ignorant idiots.

Parent's and caring people are great to have around. I sure wish my parents were still alive!

2699 days ago

What do you look like?    

Why would Candy Spelling post her letter here instead of sending it to Paris privately?

Don't buy it.

2699 days ago


Congratulations that you are now a child of God and may God bless you and make his face shine upon you.

Posted at 1:18PM on May 13th 2007 by hileng

Save the sermon for church. You are putting everyone off religion by your pompous rants which take up half a page. Don't ram your religion down our throughts...we can make our own choices and don't need yours!

2699 days ago

Mark-Alan Lynch    

That this vapid, vacuous, vile "Heiress," AKA Brainless charity case, could even consider the idea that she should be treated differently than "Regular" people illustrates, unequivocally, her vast stupidity. How many people sign documents without understanding the contents of said document? No one with a brain!!! So Pariah, I mean Paris, pack your Gucci handbag and get a new "Do" so the gals at the jailhouse have something to aspire to. Right, birdbrain? Oh, and after your denigration at a party a while back because some partygoer is poor I guess you'll need to consider the fact that you are about as worthy as a door mat. You're JUST another person Pariah. End of story.

2699 days ago
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