Frucall for the Frugal

5/13/2007 4:01 AM PDT
Don't you hate it when you're at your favorite retailer, nowhere near a computer, and you have no idea if the price you're paying for the latest "Gilmore Girls" DVD is the best price possible? You could run home and check the price online, but with gas prices what they are -- there'd go your savings. Enter Frucall.

Frucall will rescue us from price gouging (just not from gas)! With your cell phone, you can call, text or browse Frucall's free price checking service. Just key-in the bar code number from the product you're interested in, and Frucall will give you online prices and product ratings right on your phone! You can then make your purchase (or not) by knowing the best price available. The best part about Frucall -- it's free!

Now you can do your own dialing for dollars!