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Anna Nicole Smith's Will Officially Filed

5/14/2007 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithTMZ has obtained the official copy of Anna Nicole Smith's will, filed moments ago by Howard K. Stern.

The petition to probate Anna's will was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. It is the same will that was discussed during the contentious Florida court hearings. The will doesn't name Larry Birkhead as a beneficiary, but the petition to probate lists him as a party with an interest in Anna's estate.

TMZ got in touch with Ron Rale, one of the named executors, who confirmed that Birkhead has filed a petition to become the guardian of Dannielynn's estate. Of course, you recall, a DNA test confirmed that Birkhead is Dannielynn's daddy. Rale added, "Contrary to any speculation, there is no way in the world that there is any petition to name Larry as a beneficiary of the estate in his individual capacity."

Rale also noted that in the petition, Stern waived any right to compensation as executor.

In the will, Anna is listed to have had personal property valued at $10,000 and real property valued at $1.8 million when she died; however, she still had a $1.1 million mortgage.


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Yeah, accidents happen.
Doncha just hate it when your purse falls off the kitchen table and a gun discharges into your kid's face.Just one of "those things".
Posted at 5:50PM on Jun 26th 2007 by ahem

You are a moron, pure and simple, and as dumb as a rock.
One of these days you will get yours, and when you do I hope you remember
your disgusting and hateful remarks toward a grieving mother who has lost two dear ones. It could happen to you, dummy, and I hope you get the same compassion you have dealt out in your cruel and ignorant remarks. I agree with another writer that it is clear the disgusting person you are in your life, and you are not someone decent people would want to even recognize.

2673 days ago

Virgie is fat    

where is your real name? pot to kettle, come in please

Thanks...TMZ blog again. I was hoping it was another website. I knew it had to be about that movie 'Loose Change'.

2697 days ago

ann is my name    

You are right at least she or he is honest LOL and am glad you agree that there ae no paid bloggers per say ItIT jus gets my goat when both sides keep calling each other paid bloggers as if no one has a mind of their own

Posted at 9:14PM on Jun 1st 2007 by trouble
that always get my goat too lol

2697 days ago

Holly S    

Faye, Did I make up my mind about what????????? I am having a blonde moment LOL so refreshen my memory.

2673 days ago

get a new hobby    


You are a sweetie. I think you need to join in the chat. It's safe. Google the sponsor of the chat and look at their website. You'll see that it's safe and you'll meet many friends there.

Give it a try.

Captain Einstein! Thumbs up to your post to Texas!

2697 days ago


Norman Gilliat,

Are you Howard's brother?poisted at 10:04AM on Jun 1st 2007 by Suzanne
No !!!!Suzanne are you virgie Arthur?

2697 days ago

get a new hobby    


Nice to hear that the bird is making progress!

Good job!

2697 days ago


Bet a buck-is not one single question tomorrow that is going to relate to anything other than! I am ass kisser Larry and I give good moronic answers. He will be ring around the rosey like he always does!

2673 days ago


Thanks my friends-I am a novice-but I always ask my husband or my son.When I asked my son he did not do the circular motion motion said-mom there are Spamers out there. Had no idea what that was -people like spam here! I got to baby-sit my sons dogs-a Chihuhua and a Pit Bull they grew up as puppies-and two little kids.

2697 days ago

Westerly RI    

I don't believe your bird story.

2697 days ago

laughing so hard    

Patty, what did you think of the new site where Larry sued Opri. I read the file.

To the other story, Anyone looking at that can tell Suzanne didn't write that, it didn't take a rocket scientist to see that. What did that have to do with anything??

We don't own this site, anyone is allowed to post anything with any name. Don't take that personally Suzanne, as much as we disagree, I can always tell which letters you sign your name too.

Can we discuss how much better Howard is looking than Larry lately. I never liked Opri for how loud she was, but I sure hope she doesn't lose her career. I really wish I sent a check to the Dannielynn fund so I could have it to help the case. I can't believe she cashed all of them and forged Larry's name. This doesn't look good for her. Imagine how much money she stole from people out of poor Dannielynn's fund. I always wanted Howard to keep the baby so I never sent anything. Did anyone here send a check? If you did, how does it feel, knowing Deb Opri stole them?

Suzanne, come out and play with us, I actually miss you if you are not on to keep me and Patty in line. Now come back out because we know it wasn't you. I can't get mean on here if you are not going to fight me, it wouldn't be any fun. Plus I missed all the hubba hubba and I don't feel like going back to this morning and read. If you don't come out, I will call Virgie some bad fat names to provoke you out.

2697 days ago


I am glad some reached out to me yesterday, because I was frazzled and all the info provided was very helpful. I still despise Virgie though and I will never believe Anna or Daniel were murdered.

Have a fantastic weekend and GO CAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 9:18PM on Jun 1st 2007 by Patty~Team Howard & Larry

I ask you on the other site how the bird was doing. I'm glad its okay. Sounds like your taking good care of him. Did you read the filing and what did you think? A lot more to this story than I thought.

2697 days ago


Faye, you had a Cockatoo. They are beautiful birds, and very loving and sweet, but need a LOT of attention. I know a good breeder in Florida who ships birds safely. They are expensive, but worth it. African Greys are
wonderful and intelligent birds, and so are Quaker Parrots, who are funny and entertaining. Of course, birds are fragile, and there are many precautions you must take, no Teflon cookware (which is bad for us, too), no candles, no sprays, toxic cleaners, no fake fragrance. Lots of
work and attention.

I hope Patty's Blue Jay is doing well. He's a little survivor! I hope the blue jay baby is ok also and Faye those types of birds tend to live very long lives if taken care of so if you do get oe mae surethere is some younger than you who will take on the responsibilty if the bird should outlive you,which may well happen if you are 62. It is very hard for birds to change owners many have problems with adjusting

2697 days ago

get a new hobby    


Your name suits you. Not everyone is as jaded as you.

2697 days ago

Patty~Team Howard & Larry    


I am happy for you, just shows your inability to read facts.

This is a sorry attempt to start another fight, what would you like to know? Ask away...

2697 days ago
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