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Brit's Off-Road Diaper Duty

5/14/2007 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears produced a media event ... while changing her son's dirty diaper.

Cameras snapped the Britster over the weekend in Malibu making a roadside stop in her Mercedes to change her son's dirty diaper. Brit's bodyguard and cousin Allie did their best to keep Spears and the baby hidden from the pack of photogs who quickly swarmed the car after she pulled over, covering the windshield with a jacket and sweatshirt.

Next time Brit may want to try a rest stop for all her baby-changing needs.


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David Paul    

I wish she would put those dirty diapers on ebay. I would like one.
David @ newstalk1270 . com
Cartersville, GA

2720 days ago


The girl is trash. And will always be trash. Please just go away. Nobody cares!

2720 days ago

get a grip    

That is so wrong!!! I am not a Brit fan but for god sakes she can't even change her babies diaper w/ out the scum of the earth taking pic of them.

Take all the pic's you want of her but the kids are off limit!!!! They are going to end up killing her and those babies the way they hunt her down.

2720 days ago

tuna marie    

where do you expect her to change it? i would rather change it in a nice car than a dirty public restroom. geez, this woman can't win no matter what she does.

2720 days ago


Give the girl a break! This is ridiculous. She PULLED OVER to change the diaper!!! She didn't do it while driving or shaving or anything. A lot of mothers do this. Relax. You are way overboard on this one - and no, there is not always a rest stop close by. And even if she did you would have a negative remark and 10,000 photos about that one too. Catch her doing something bad, like walking down the street minding her own business. Wouldn't be the first time you did that!

2720 days ago


Leave her alone! She's got to change the babie's diaper. Ummm least she changes her kid's diapers...unlike the welfare trash out there that will let their kids run around with their diapers full of crap. She may not be the best person in the world, but give me a break...a crappy has to be changed.

2720 days ago


OMG - cut the girl a break! Her son needed his diaper changed. You have a problem with the location - grow the hell up.

I don't appreciate being the one to defend Brit, but come on....

2720 days ago


No wonder she fell off the deep end she can't even do normal human stuff. Every single person out there who has commented in a negative way toward Brit, Lindsey, Paris, etc. Are no different than them. Young people party, mothers change their kids diapers (I would hope), and a lot of young people have a lot of relationships before they find the right one. These girls aren't to blame its the media, blowing everything out of proportion. I'd like to follow the Pap around with a camera and catch them wiping their ass and post it every where. Get them eating, picking their nose, just have a camera in their face stalking them every where they go. It should be against the law.

2720 days ago


Whatever! It isn't irritating that she changed her son's diaper in the car (who hasn't?), but did she think of maybe pulling over into a friggin' parking lot away from the street where he's safer for crying out loud! Noooo, it was such an "emergency" that she has to pull over right on the shoulder of a busy road with driving rubberneckers who could potentially slam into her car while her baby is OUT OF HIS CAR SEAT. All because she's such an attention whore...gimme a break.

*rolling eyes*

2720 days ago


So what if she changed her son's diaper in her car? I know lots of parents (myself included) who have done that! When you're out and about and the kid has a dirty diaper, do you have to go around looking for the closest McDonald's restroom to change a diaper?

Obviously, you're not a parent!

By the way, trying to take pictures/video of Brit changing a poopy diaper is just gross. What's next? Trying to film famous people sitting on the toilet?

2720 days ago

A normal mom    

LMAO, makes me remember once when I was leaving pizza hut, carrying my yummy pizza. I saw this woman in the car across from me pitch a diaper just loaded with baby diarrhea out the door of her car onto the pavement. It landed open for all to see..... really ruined my appetite. Least she could have done was wait until she knew no one was watching.

That said, I don't blame Brit for making a diaper-duty stop. Sometimes you have to.

2720 days ago


david@newSTALK-er...lose interest in paris?!
the paparrazzi must be stopped...they are waaayyyy too invasive.

2720 days ago

You guys are idiots!    

Good God! As the Mom of two adult males, ...this is just ridiculous. I changed my sons where ever/when ever they needed changing. Whether that's a public rest room, or on a receiving blanket in the trunk of my car. Would you rather let the kid sit in a dirty diaper and then deal with diaper rash...c' stupid...

2720 days ago

Just my opinion    

When a diaper stinks it STINKS! I've pulled over to change a stinking diaper and there is nothing wrong with doing that.

If she would have left the diaper on him, he could have gotten a rash. Then all the Brit-haters would jump over her and call her a bad mother. This girl can't win.

2720 days ago


Wait to get to a rest area! Have you guysat TMZ been in a car with a crappy diaper before? I'm thinking not. Why don't you guys all take a road trip, have someone crap their pants, then see how long YOU wait to do something about it!

2720 days ago
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