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Dirty Dita


5/14/2007 12:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Does Dita Von Teese only bathe at sponsored events?

Dita Von Teese
No complaints, of course, but the world sees Dita splashing around more than we see her dry! The former Mrs. Marilyn Manson busted out her favorite pair of pasties -- yes, those are pasties! -- in Toronto over for the weekend for the 2007 Fashion Cares event, and splashed around in a giant champagne glass bubble bath. Scrub your back, hon?

Only Dita can pull off wearing nothing to a fashion event!


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Smirking comes across as a bully... I like Dita Von Teese, I think she is absolutly beautiful! You go Girl!

2716 days ago


Marilyn Manson is awesome.

2716 days ago


Call her beautiful or whore, I assume Dita is smart enough to have decided for herself that writhing around in a giant champagne glass whilst scantily clad is her career of choice.

I don't see why she should she opt to be an accountant to suit someone else's agenda.

2716 days ago


Yay for Bob! Great post!

2716 days ago


She's GORGEOUS!!! she reminds me of the beauties back in the 40s and 50s when there was nothing wrong being beautiful now people hate on the girl bc she is doing something exotic and entertaining people pay alot of money to see her at those shows n Vegas and France why not what you guys never been to a Broadway show they have shows out there therethat looks as if there having sex on stage or have characters who are nude!! go bitch about them other than that more power to her shes having fun she an entertainer shes doing what she loves so right on i hope one day i can go see one of them

2716 days ago

Coco Chanel    

Dita is just beautiful. I love to look at her - she is like a work of art.

BTW: Burlesque is an artform - she is celebrating her body, not exploiting it.

I love to see a confident woman who is not afraid of her own sensuality.

Make sure you read this month's Bazaar - there is a wonderful article on her in it.

2716 days ago


Actually this picture ruins my good impression of her because her breasts are so obviously fake. NOT AT ALL like glamorous women of the 30's and 40's. She was gorgeous as she was, what's with the silicone?

NO, I'm not a 300 lb unemployed woman who's husband goes to strip clubs. I'm 350 lbs. - just kidding. But I am sick of fake everything in Hollywood. Natural is so much better

2716 days ago

Howard is not the devil incarnate...    

To those commenting on the so-called 300 pound housewives, I don't think anyone feels strong enough emotionally about her to hate her--they just don't respect Dita very much. That's the real way of the world--those who sell sex (in any form) just aren't respected because they take the easy way out. It's obvious, but it needs to be said...

2716 days ago


ART? thats what they call men's magazines. Need I say more?

2716 days ago


She is so TOTALLY a transsexual. How could anyone not see it?!!!

2716 days ago


Attention Annie re 'Smirking comes across as a bully'

LMAO at you! I'm a 'bully' because I call them as I see them, and because I'm not politically correct! YOU are a silly little nobody.

Oooo what's that whining noise? Could it be little ol' Annie having a crying fit? ROTFL!!!


2716 days ago


No, Smirking, you are not a bully. Just someone with nothing better to do than to keep watching a blog to respond to someone else's comments about you. Keep checking as the day goes on....btw, I do have better things to do so I will not be back to see your response.

2716 days ago

somebody's mama    

Ugh! More people decrying Dita as a whore because they don't like what she does. Please, stop making ugly comments about women who a comfortable with their sexually, and, *gasp* enjoy it. (And we wonder why we have "mean girls".) Strip clubs and the like are not always about sex. It can be a bonding experience, like a bachlor party, or art, like what she's doing. Seriously, haven't you people ever heard of Mae West? Burlesque performances were attended by both men and women back in their heyday. (Is Granny more progressive then you?)

Besides, it's not like any of you really know this girl, what she does with her body is between her and God, not you judge*mental* people.

2716 days ago


To #3, Smirking, Exvose me, but there is just as much nudity and sex in Europe as there is in America, THere are many countries where prostitution is legal in the entire country, does does that make all of Europe trashj/ I think not. THere is only one county in the USA where it is legal, And nude does not mean someone is a whore. If this is how you think you must go around with a sock over your body and face.

2716 days ago


Love or hate her, shes a classy, intelligent lady who does BURLESQUE not whoring. She went from a nobody to a internationally known glamorus gal, and makes her living bringing a little bit of glittery fantasy into some of our incredibly dull lives. (I dont speak for all of course)

She only strips in her shows, and she is never fully nude. She doesnt get out of cars with no panties and flash her crotch for the paparatzzi, she doesnt constantly get busted for DUIs, she doesnt stumble out of nightclubs lookin like a $2 whore at 3 in the morning. She was in a steady relationship for 8 years (yes to Manson, but it is what it is) which is WAY longer than alot of trashy celeb relationships. She is always well put together and polite.

Shes 34. I will NEVER Look like that when Im 34. I adore her and love what she does. Shes entertaining, interesting, and has brought back alot of burlesque history.

There is nothing wrong with being fun and sexy in my opinion. And ladies, we CAN be fun and sexy and not bein "Whorin".

Just my buck o' 5.

2715 days ago
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