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Hilton's Shrink: Paris is a Wreck

5/15/2007 12:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonParis Hilton's delicate state of mind is keeping her out of the courtroom ... for now.

According to a declaration filed by Dr. Charles Sophy, a psychiatrist who has seen Paris "off and on" over the last six months, Hilton is "not capable of any meaningful participation" in a civil trial brought against her by diamond heiress Zeta Graff. In a $10 million lawsuit filed in 2005, Graff claims that Hilton spread "vicious lies" about her that were printed in the New York Post.

Paris' shrink claims that Hilton is "emotionally distraught and traumatized" from the May 4 hearing where she was sentenced to 45 days in jail for breaking probation in her DUI bust, and asked a judge to allow her sufficient time to recover. Paris HiltonIn the document, the head-doc goes on to explain that Hilton "Cannot effectively respond to examination as a witness or provide any significant input into her defense." In fact, Sophy claims that forcing Paris to participate on May 21 would "exacerbate her current mental condition." The horror!

As a result, the judge has postponed the trial date until August 22.

Calls to Hilton's rep were not immediately returned.


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Give me a brreak!! This rich b---- did not appear to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown at the MTV Awards Ceremony the same night she checked into the slammer! I believe that her family paid this shrink some heavy dinero to say Paris is on the verge of a breakdown so she could get out and come home. It pisses me off tremendously that her name and money can get her out after 3 days. If it happened to me or any other regular person, they would send us to the jail M.D., get a prescription for calming us down, and tell us to continue our sentence. Now she has to stay at home for 40 days in her posh surroundings, her pooch, comfortable bed, and hired help all around her . This girl needs a real reality check and being at home is not going to cut it.

2674 days ago


I have never seen so many jealous people in one place. As far as Paris Hilton, She's the only Rich person I have ever seen try to reach out to the lower class of people. I know a lot of people think her show was making fun of lower class which includes middle class and anyone who comes close to being rich. Most rich people wouldn't give you the time of day. Let alone try to see what kind of life the other half was living. Come on guys it wasn't like she needed the money.. As far as her getting out of jail early well more power to her. Like you wouldn't do it if you had the chance. She never hurt anyone but herself.
You People Need To Get Over It!!!

2674 days ago


do they seriously think that people are supposed to be happy and full of smiles when thrown in jail?! OF COURSE people are going to be crying and in "emotional" distress, the way Paris reacted to her first few days in prision is expected behavior that i'm sure every other inmate went threw when they were first locked up. why does she get to be "sentenced" to mansion arrest b/c she shed a few tears?... there is no such thing as justice in america

2674 days ago


Are you serious? Poor Paris for being put in the public eye! Do we not remember the videotape that just happened to drop right before her retard show came on the air? This girl has repeatedly made attempts to make sure that she is in the public eye. Do you realize that clubs offer her $$ to show up at their club and she has a CHOICE. She could say no to the money and stay at home with her privacy. I can't believe there are people out there that feel sorry for her. She is the one that violated her own probation rules which she got by drinking and driving. I bet you would feel differently about her if she had killed someone while she was out driving around drunk!

2674 days ago

connie b    

I agree with Lori leave Pari alone if I could get out the pokie early i would , But why didn't she elect house arrest from the begining? Duh Paris I love you and you did 5 day that's more than I could do. Peace and Blessing to you and STOP DRINKING you see were it lands you I'm sure this is a LESSON LEARNED

Peace and Blessing

2674 days ago


Nothing wrong with Paris that couldn't be fixed by sobering up!

2674 days ago


How much do you think the Hiltons paid to get their nuahgty girl out of jail? Or the shrink? The best thing that could happen to Paris is to leave her in Jail for all 45 days and hope she WAKES UP...A BIT CLEANED UP. wHAT KIND OF A MESSAGE DOES THIS GIVE...IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH MONEY YOU CAN PAY YOUR WAY OUT OF JAIL?


2674 days ago


OH BOO HOO! Boor baby Paris. @@ Do the crime, do the time, spoiled snot. Yea, she's on house a MANSION, with most likely a theatre room, pool, and every other luxury in life. All her friends can come see her. Gee, what a punishment. @@

2674 days ago


To Lori - Post #441

No harm to anyone except herself? What bubble do you live in? What about our laws regarding equality? What about fairness? What about making a mockery of our legal system?

Wonder what you will say if she drives drunk again and plows over one of your relatives?

2674 days ago


You go Paris, what ever makes you happy, what ever you can get away with just do it, but please get a dessignative driver. You could hurt other people not mentioning your self. Life is a party until you get too old or too sick to live it so be careful not hurt or misued nyone because those kind of things come back to haunt you.

2674 days ago

Sad, Sad, Sad    

How sad - the unjustice of the "justice system". Just wait - that ankle bracelet will be gone soon (if not already). Don't you know what a mental strain that would put no the "brain". But then again, that should not be a consideration, when there is none to strain.

2674 days ago


This unfortunate female is many,many times more common than the
lowest whore walking the backstreets to live. Our judicial system has
no guts and can be bought anytime at a price. For the many trashy
exibitions I feel that Pais Hilton should be institutionally placed for a
number of years in the general, or psychologically disturbed group.
She is a liability to be out in the public. Her influence on some young
ladies will destry their future.The above is my opinion and in 83 years
I have never seen anything as shameful as thsi judicial act. John

2674 days ago


To the legal system of Ca. you have really set a good example for other young adults.
What 1st time inmate doesn't cry, complain about their cells, don't eat their food until they are staving. Are we to let the imates out because they are traumatized, that's part of being in jail.. If Paris had a true medical problem we would have heard about it before now and she wouldn't have been sent to jail. If her medical problem is so bad she needs to be sent to mental hospital to get the treatment she needs. Paris and all her druggie friends are having a big laugh at the legal system. Now Hollywood has a new night spot CHAZ HILTON

2674 days ago

paris hilton hater    

its ashame how if a ordinary person gets in trouble we sit in jail and do our time no matter how upsetting it may be to us we just get moved to the quack ward of the jail its not fair that just bcuz shes who she is that she gets a slap on the wrist and shes out the door what is she gonna learn in luxury and shes allowed to have people over and nothing was said about her drinking or nothing so u midas well say shes free bcuz shes still gonna be on camera getting publicity and parting in the house celebs get taught nothing she should have to do her time in jail the whole time give her somw prozac or something shell be fine the problem is she didnt want to take a chance of getting her ass whipped becuz shes so rude to everyone that in there she cant run so u gave the spoiled lil bitch what she wanted she said she would be out and dan if she aint back on the street u make her head bigger then what it was already she made her bed she should have to lie in it for the whole time that she deserves oh well thank u for letting me voice my opiniongrow up lil girl ur not in kansas anymore face the facts ur a drunk that gets away with everything and thats not right

2674 days ago


I feel the way Paris is being treated is ridiculous. How many of these people that are so quick to judge have gotten behind the wheel of their own cars and drove under the influnence. I feel sorry for all of you who feel a need to bash Paris. We think because they are celebrities that they do not make mistakes or they do not have feelings. She comes from a wealthy family who happens to be in the spotlight. My thoughts are hopefully when one of you gets caught making a misake you receive the kind of unfair punishment she received. Maybe then you will feel like a victim as she did. Before you look down upon someone else's decsions make sure you hands are clean. May you all learn to not be so hateful and jealous of others. It is such a shame and you should all be embarrassed by your words about someone you do not even know.

2674 days ago
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