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Hilton's Shrink: Paris is a Wreck

5/15/2007 12:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonParis Hilton's delicate state of mind is keeping her out of the courtroom ... for now.

According to a declaration filed by Dr. Charles Sophy, a psychiatrist who has seen Paris "off and on" over the last six months, Hilton is "not capable of any meaningful participation" in a civil trial brought against her by diamond heiress Zeta Graff. In a $10 million lawsuit filed in 2005, Graff claims that Hilton spread "vicious lies" about her that were printed in the New York Post.

Paris' shrink claims that Hilton is "emotionally distraught and traumatized" from the May 4 hearing where she was sentenced to 45 days in jail for breaking probation in her DUI bust, and asked a judge to allow her sufficient time to recover. Paris HiltonIn the document, the head-doc goes on to explain that Hilton "Cannot effectively respond to examination as a witness or provide any significant input into her defense." In fact, Sophy claims that forcing Paris to participate on May 21 would "exacerbate her current mental condition." The horror!

As a result, the judge has postponed the trial date until August 22.

Calls to Hilton's rep were not immediately returned.


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Celebrity justice again prevails! Just look at the look alike t-shirts she is wearing with Brittney on their drunken pantiless night out.(shown on AOL today) It says, "I am Paris Hilton and I can do anything I want." That is just what she does and gets away with it.. Who wouldn't be stressed out in jail? Her so called "medical problem" is psycological----she is fragile---boo hoo! Put her in the slammer where she belongs. Let Joe public have multiple offenses and violate probation and see what happens---go directly to jail and do not pass go! She was not allowed to drive--that privilege was taken away, yet she felt she was above the law and drove anyway. She is wealthy and if she had any common sense she would have a chauffeur drive. But again she is above the law. Putting her on house arrest after multiple offenses is a slap in the face to every law abiding citizen! It affirms that if you have a name and are wealthy---you can do anything you want and get away with it!

2639 days ago


Could Paris and OJ be related? I'm starting to see a strong resemblence... break the law... deny accountability... shirk responsibility... keep your face in the spotlight! These two are vying for the title of "Lowest Low-life on Earth". If not related, they should hook up... they deserve each other.

2639 days ago


Paris is a little bitch. She looks like a man and I hope she ends up dead the next time she drinks and drives.

2639 days ago


Chewi, the psychiatrist in question, who does not even know Ms. Hilton well, long or consistently enough to make such assessments anyway, reported to the court. Therefore, his statements are a matter of public record which TMZ is lawfully entitled to make available to the world. No breach of confidentiality involved---only a total lack of professional integrity on Dr. Sophy's part. The actions of the remaining cast of characters speak for themselves.

2639 days ago


She sure wasn't distraught or traumatized the night she turned herself in to go to jail...she was out preening and posing for the cameras at the MTV Awards show. And in three whole days, she came so completely unglued that she had to be sent home, against the judge's express order to serve no alternate detention? Well, maybe she did. After all, she's such a princess. I'll bet she got a rash from the cheap sheets on her jailhouse cot. Either that, or someone put a pea under her mattress.

2639 days ago


My guess is that she's addicted to opiates (percodan, vicodin, et al), and can't get any in jail.

2638 days ago


If this all too much for poor little Paris to handle as an adult, they should take her back to court, let the paparazzi in and give her a good sound spanking so everyone could enjoy seeing her pay the piper. Then when she's finished, do both of her parents for their unwillingness/inability to have parented her when they should have.

2638 days ago


I cannot believe the hatred, envy and malice directed at this vulnerable, metnally fragile young woman. Once, once, she was pulled over and was dui. Once, only, she was pulled over with no headlights and breaking her probation by driving with a suspended licence. A second time she was pulled over. That's it. No established pattern of "drunk driving". No injury to any person or to any property. Do you really believe if it had been a nobody factory worker with an old Ford that the sentence would have been 45/23 days in the slammer? Come on! Then on the advice of his own medical team, the sheriff decides to transfer Hilton to her own home, but still in custody with the ankle bracelett, the City Attorned gets all "head gorilla, chest-pounding excited and yells to the judge to charge the sheriff himself with contempt of court! The judge hauls Hilton in cuffs (ridiculous) and, because the sheriff is not there, takes it out on Hilton!

She does have Attention Deficit Dissorder and the panic and fear of suddenly being in that little cage of a cell, all alone, for 23 hours a day, almost drove her to a real nervous breakdown, probably some form of true hysteria. It is said she could not even use the panic button in the cell, even though it had been shown to her and explained. She was not getting her prescription medication, according to the sheriff. What's more, and he has the statistics to back it, the sheriff says non-violent, misdemeanor offenders, like Hilton, never, ever serve even 10% of their time in jail, and he has a recent list of 500 releases, many guilty of far more serious offences than Hilton, to prove it. Bottom line, she has been hammered and singled out for extra punishment to advance the political career or Rocky Delegado, and is getting extra punishment, not less, not because of what she did but because of who she is.

2633 days ago

me who loves paris    

Ok...this is for "Paris is Burning"

You are one ghetto bitch! Go back to the rat infested projects you came from and stop being such a damn hater! Don't be mad that you can't be like Paris and have everything you want! Too bad your mom's welfare check couldn't give u a better life....dumb ho.

2654 days ago


If I were Paris Hilton's parents I would be so embarrassed at the fact that I have a 25 year old selfish, spoiled "child" who thinks she is so much better than the rest of the world. I can at least say I have friends who are true friends, not friends because they might get their picture in the paper with Paris too. She is so shallow and quite frankly very immature for a 25 year old. She acts like a 15 year old. Daddy get me out of trouble again will you please...........................

2653 days ago


Paris is an ugly, fake, stuck-up rich bitch. She deserves to spend time in jail--if you want to call it that--yeah she gets her own private cell and caviar oh and don't forget the booze! She needs to grow up. Nobody cares about you--you're stupid!(and ugly). You are the one that got busted so you need to pay just like everyone else does. What makes you so special? Not a damn thing! Money doesn't buy everything now does it? Ha! Ha! Ha!

2653 days ago


How does it feel to be treated like an average human being? Money now a days is not paying your way out of every law you think you can break. I think the judge in the matter did a excellant job by not letting your money talk. YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!! This is what happen to us 'SImply Life' human who work and maintain.

2651 days ago


Paris's "shrink" has no business discussing his client's mental state with anyone, and even if he does, that information should not be made public. It's easy to hate Paris, isn't it? Make jokes about her, ad nauseam. I am not saying that she isn't a trouble young woman, but it's really sad that now she must have her shrink's "observations" shared with the world. What a waste of time this entire thing is. Instead of having her serve 45 days in prison, why not have her take $45,000 and do 45 days of social work, helping needy children, the homeless, etc. Putting her in jail is a total, absolute waste.

2650 days ago


I saw some mom on tv,smiling proudly as her little daughter told the reporter Paris was her hero. What the heck is wrong with Mom?

2649 days ago

jProud American Author    

Oh come on. She has no problem partying or writing Arnie to save her? She plays hard and feels there are no consequences to her actions? Just because she is a Hilton she can get away with anything and then CRY "Poor ME" when the going gets tough? This young woman sadly needs help. It's a shame when there are so many people poor, disabled, hungry, homeless and hurting and THEY survive better than this DIVA! She needs to do her time and know that she is NOT special when it comes to the law.


2664 days ago
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