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Jerry Falwell 1933 - 2007

5/15/2007 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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married with children    

Will do, if I'm still here. For now, I'm just reading over some of the posts that are here.

2701 days ago

married with children    

I have been reading so many things here that mention faith. Some wonder if Jerry Falwell was truly a man of faith. We can only take him at his word, and the word of his testimony.
Heb 11:1
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
2 Cor. 5:7; For we walk by faith, not by sight:

2701 days ago


Of course he was a man a faith. Doesn't mean it's a good thing.
I'm sure he had faith that all those he called sinners and secularists were going to hell.
He liked to remind people of that all the time. The citizens of New Yrok deserved 9/11 according to him. He truly believed that... his faith told him so. That he apologzied for saying ti doesn't mean he stopped believing that.

Having faith does not make you a good person. Far from it.

I never said mankind was evil pandora. Men and woman are not polar opposites.
Do you really believe you can escape death pandora?

2701 days ago


I bought the Tao of Pooh for a friend. I haven't had a chance to read it yet. I want to though.

2701 days ago


pandora....the self-proclaimed goddess of love an all that's non-violent and peaceful, spouting off some of the most absurd and hateful verbal attacks against any of the people she accuses (so hatefully) of doing the very same thing, yet still trying to separate herself from the pack.

Is that an accurate description of a hypocrite?

Fight fire with fire but pretend it's daisies, and you have one psychotic lunatic on your hands, and that describes you perfectly pandora. We have yet to see you actually practice what you preach. Your life is not full of loving and caring endeavors, in fact it's quite the opposite. You spend an absorbent amount of time preaching your hate and animosity for all that you disagree with. Hell... you're writing novels on it.

Do you think that's healthy? Is it really productive and conducive to your overall happiness in this new religion you've made for yourself? You seem to have as many targets in this religion as what Falwell had in his, that he felt needed changed and brought to the light in order for there to be a happy co-existence for us ALL. Same rhetoric...different religion and yours is no better than most.

Not only a hypocrite but a looney one as well.

Now you're letting your overwhelming sense of paranoia, lead you to believe only ONE disagrees with you, and doing so under the guise of many?

There are twice as many PLEASANT individuals here, that seem to understand the message you're preaching here (ED, SEEKS PEACE, Della to name a few) and could do so with less hypocrisy and double talk than yourself. You don't apparently have the ability to practice your own lessons.

You would call me corrupt.....for what you claim to be a condoning of abuse towards women? Let me clarify and see if you can follow. I don't condone abuse towards women, but I UNDERSTAND abuse towards pandora. Just the same as I don't condone extramarital affairs or infidelity, but I would UNDERSTAND pandoras having it, because of her abusive husband.

Just like you don't condone violence, but understand it when it's used to protect yourself, and I do mean YOURSELF (self love) and not much more than that.

I don't condone the killing of unborn babies, but would understand if a woman wanted to do so, because of an act of incest or rape. Horrible situation no doubt, and I would have GREAT pause in implementing some STRICT law against even having this option.

I don't condone killing people, but I understand why vicious criminals and murderers are executed. I believe it IS a deterrent, but you can't measure what doesn't exist, if it's been "deterred". If just one semi-rational, self-loving individual refrains from committing an act of murder or violence against another, for fear of such punishment, then it's done it's job, as that ONE individual spared, might be me or a loved one.

Did you ever think to commit a violent act against your abusive husband, in self defense? If so, what stopped you.....your personal moral principle or the legal repercussions from it?

National security? I would hate the thought of having you in charge of this little responsibility. We've got violent Islamic dictator nut jobs desiring nuclear weapons and you're trying to prevent the efforts in trying to prevent them from getting them. Is it because of where YOU rest in the world, or part of the U.S. that you don't feel the threat as much?

Yeah, just what I thought. You're all about "SELF love" and to hell with everybody else. You paint a real nice portrait of the perfect world or society, it's just too bad your painting it in our blood.

2701 days ago


Steve, generalizations are unfortunate - and many stereotypes were formed from very real experiences. I have met women that were more masculine than some men. there are exceptions to every generalization. When you look at electrical equipment the receptacle of the appliance plug is the female and the plug is the male.

The male enters the female with his current self-concept and the female recieves him and translates his self-concept through her emotional body. if a man is indoctrinated to believe that death is inevitable then there is a energetic polarization that is happening in his own body that is designed to collapse the energetic field eventually. The woman has no choice but to begin to express the imbalance that naturally springs from this paradigm.

Since death is a normal accepted means of spiritual transformation that everyone believes in (whether they attribute religious sophistry to it or not), the woman tends to think her emotions of imbalance are wrong. Denying the emotional warning system about imbalance and the violence that biologically occurs as a result of polarization causes the woman to become neurotic. The battle of the sexes is an endless tirade of blame and shame.

I know I can live as long as I desire life. The Will to Live is a tremendous force of nature did you check out the Microzymian Principle yet?

2701 days ago


You'll just happen to not want to live any longer between ages 75 and 85 right?

You never really answered my question. Can you escape death?

2701 days ago


Steve, I really couldn't predict whether or not I will cheat death, or how ever you put it. I understand energetics on a spiritual level and have spoken my prayers for life on a daily basis as I undo the black magic of death consciousness mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I do not believe in the precepts of MIND OVER MATTER - I think that is a very sad approach because it denies the magnetic role of the emotional pole and even demonizes emotional imbalance as the source of stress that mind must gaurd against. This is happening enmasse regardless of religious views, and it is subverting our birthright!

In many ways I have stopped my aging process because I understand pH and have maintained an active lifestyle -until recently when I injured my shoulder. I am not the poster child for panGasm, I am the bearer of good news. The good news is in understanding the elements that comprise our biological self and how they are dependant upon and responsive to our energetic self (the human light body).

Ancient Chinese Tantrica's were recorded as being able to live past 300 years because of their sexual practices as Tantrica priestesses. My study of their techniques have led me to recognize that they were more vampiric than reciprocal, which is why the men they were 'helping' only lived a normal lifespan.

The heart is the organ that unites Heaven and Earth in our body - it is the seat of the soul, not the brain. "The Heart's Code" by Paul Pearsall PROVES THIS ABOUT THE HEART. He is one of my hero's.

2701 days ago


GOOBLedygook is what has you by the short hairs Lenny - I used to hate men, now I understand the invisible war that women have been holding present for eons! As a result of simultaneously being a mother and a daughter I have been sandwiched inbetween the two endlessly warring factions of the female polarity. I now know that men are REACTING to this silent and invisible war from an instinctive sub-conscious realm that has them stuck in the battle between the Light (god) and the DARKNESS (demon bitch) = the endless BATTLE OF THE SEXES that has perverted the beauty of being a sexual spirit in a body on earth to the scenes of pornography that we cannot any longer deny.

people keep saying: "oh what is the world coming to?" - When the truth is, the world has successfully kept the truth in the darkness of shame in the past millenia. Now with the advent of the internet, we can shine the light upon the truth of the Human Condition and identify the problem instead of continuing to deny it as we accept war as inevitable and death a solution to life.

2701 days ago


Are you saying that pornography is wrong Pandora? Or at least that you don't like it?

2701 days ago


I think child porn should be illegal and practitioners prosecuted

sex between consenting adults is none of my business

the use of pornography is an indication that a person has given up on the possibility of having great sex in the presence of heartfelt intimacy. I am identifying the heartlessness that the current sexual ethic creates. I do not blame people for going for this type of stimulation, but I do believe it is an abherration of great one on one intimacy that is held in a place of sacred trust.

Orgasm as prayer creates light and life if the people are not planning death as the only future possibility. orgasm in the presence of death is like bludgeoning one self to death with joy.

2701 days ago


I think that pornography is damaging when viewed by certain sick individuals who then, because they are unable to interact sexualy with adults on an adult basis, take their frustrations out on children. Whether it is considered a freedom or not, I think it is one we should all come to agree to do without for the sake of those little ones who suffer most from it. They're worth it in every way.

2701 days ago


Ed, I don't believe in censorship - except for hate speech that tells people to attack others and child pornography/violence. I think we should address the core issues of perversion. In my not so humble opinion, the sexual ethic that humanity operates with is the issue that needs to be addressed.

When religion or sophistry demonizes sexuality through the use of guilt - it causes an unfortunate domino effect that we are witnessing the results of. We, as a species, need a new way of perceiving what it means to be a sexual spirit.

I have to go now, it's been great to check in here after the dust and feathers have cleared. I'll check in later. Thanks for including me in the boys club - and I apologize for the lengthiness of my posts. I have been frustrated with the slow process of getting a book to market. And, I want to begin dissemminating panGasm sooner than later - it was a flook that I ended up here railing against the christian right. I'm growing up little by little and am happy to know the diversity of people here. It's a good group. aloha.

2701 days ago


I know you're gone but you'll probably read this later so I'll proceed.

I don't want censorship either because we both know that it takes someone to decide what should be censored and that is the slippery slope. Therefore the only thing people can do is speak out against it because of the negative effect it has on the most vulnerable part of society-----children. Much of the protesting comes from the religious sector for this reason, and also because we believe it changes something that is very special into something very cheap. No inducing of guilt is intended. Sexuality is not demonized by religion, at least not by that which I adhere to, it is the self gratifying sex that is manifested on paper or screen, for no other purpose than to make the producers rich, that we object to. In other words, just like in war, children are being severely damaged or even killed in the name of making a buck. Censorship is the battle cry of those who don't care about the damage they cause as long as there is money to be made.

2701 days ago


pandora...whatever gets you through I guess. You've had a rough life, and had a terrible way to go in dealing with your choice of lovers. You're not alone in this, but i think you have a unique way of dealing and coping with it.

You rant about some hypnotic trance or state of spiritual identity with yourself and your energy from within, and it's soothing properties or qualities, and while that's fine, if like I said above...gets you through the pain, then carry on.

Your theories on most everything else though, that's in regards to men in general, religion in general and the assumed agenda of the two like a transcript of a loonie.

2701 days ago
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