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Master P's G-Rated Rap

5/15/2007 3:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Master PRapper Master P is taking a stand and pledging to clean up the image and lyrics of hip-hop music by forming a record label "with 100% clean lyrics." What the heck?!

In the wake of Don Imus' on-air racist debacle, everyone from Rev. Al Sharpton to Russell Simmons and even Oprah have called the rap industry to task for its offensive lyrics. In other words, check yo self, before you wreck yo self! Master P and his son Romeo are breaking from the pack and starting Take A Stand Records. The label will feature only those artists who have pledged to be role models, with proceeds going toward scholarship funds for underprivileged kids. Rap with a conscience, yo!

Although Master P admits he was once part of the problem and profited from explicit rap lyrics, he is now ready "to be part of the solution." While he doesn't expect "the entire industry to change overnight," Master P says, "There's too much negativity out there -- enough with the stereotypes. Hip-hop is a movement, and it is time for it to move forward." Word.

Take A Stand's first socially responsible release is due in the fall, and will be a collaboration between P and Romeo called "Hip Hop History."


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Bravo! Finally someone in the rap industry steps up!

2682 days ago


Him and his no talent kid need to both sit their ass's down. rap and hip hop is dead.

2682 days ago


Wow...another black man who wants to take credit for something that many whites have been trying to end for many years now. And those whites were silenced and labeled racists. Seems they were right about the black community all along. How sad!

2682 days ago


RE:, No Master P hasn't rapped in a minute, probably because he is worth half a billion dollars. I do applaud his effort. It has to start somewhere. The beats are usually hot, it the lyrics that could use some work.

2682 days ago

Sue the Crap out of Her!!!!!!!    

About time!! Congratulations for someone finally making the effort to clean up the nasty sewer line being sold today under the guise of "music"
Wonder how many of the so called "Artists" of today would fair if they actually had to cut a record and REALLY SING the lyrics?...... rather than "talk it" or "Scream it" Willing to bet 3/4 of them could not carry a tune in the shower much less in front of fans if they did'nt have all the back up noise to cover thier out of tune voices. Using foul language is just another way to cover up the fact they have no real talent and all they have to offer is the sewer mouth lyrics.

2681 days ago

Sue the Crap out of Her!!!!!!!    

I applaud Mr. P for the effort. I also agree things have to change since all our young people today get blasted with filth filled lyrics berating women, and all the young women actually see on these rap videos is young women dressed and looking like "WHORES"
Really something every parent aspires to having thier daughter to grow up to be.
Why can't we bring REAL TALENT back..... where are the Nat King Coles, Johnny Mathis,
Marvin Gayes, Lou Rawls & Sammy Davis Jr's of the black communities today ???? These men had TALENT and beautiful voices. Something to make you proud. They did'nt have to grab thier crotches,
use foul language or have girls emulating sex acts behind them to gain audience, they had talent and did not need the sleaze.

2681 days ago


About time... I love the beat and feel of Hip Hop and Rap, but sometimes the lyrics are overwhelming. I hope something really springs from his efforts.

2681 days ago


Right on!!!!!!!!

2681 days ago


In response to what Bettyanne said, the raunchy rap lyrics and booty shaking women in those videos aren't harming black womens self-esteem. That is what the media would like the public to believe. If this was true, then black women wouldn't be excelling above black men in academics and careers. The brilliant women at Spelman College are just some of the many black women in the U.S. that are taking a stand against trashy rap music.

2681 days ago


I am so glad for your stand Master P

2681 days ago


Dahoss you're an idiot. Master P isn't taking credit for what white people have been trying to do for years. There are many black people that have been trying to clean up rap music for years. Ever hear of C. Delores Tucker? By the way hip-hop isn't the same as rap. I don't know when some idiots like you are going to finally understand the difference. Oh that's right the media has you duped. They never show true hip-hop music artists. They're too positive.

2681 days ago



And only a dog returns to it's vomit.

2681 days ago


Now that is cool!!!!!!

2681 days ago


i just gained a ton of respect for him. that is a really socially responsible thing to do.

2681 days ago


White man says rap is bad and master p runs around trying to please him. Look, this is America and you have a right not to listen to rap. Thats easy. Just turn the knob or change the channel. Just like I love action flicks and mob movies. I love gangsta rap too. I don't need no "take a stand records".

2681 days ago
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