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Britney -- Back in the Danger Zone?

5/16/2007 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ caught up with the freshly rehabbed Britney Spears twice inside Hollywood nightclubs in the past week. Is it potentially "toxic" for the recovering train wreck to be hanging out in the L.A. club scene?
Britney Spears walks into Teddy's nightclub
This past Thursday Ms. Spears hit up hotspot Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel and took over two large booths in the back of the club. A group of massive bodyguards held up large black curtains to obstruct the view of anyone trying to sneak a peek at Brit and her posse as they partied the night away.

Then just last night, Britney showed up at Les Deux in Hollywood -- and didn't leave until 2:00 AM. Sources tell TMZ that Britney again had a mountain range of security guards lining her VIP booth, set to confiscate cameras from anyone who tried to photograph the partying pop mom.

A rep for Spears told us "So what?!? It's not a crime."


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Marshall Jefferson    

The true crime is the wig and hat combos that she wears around town. Perhaps she was ordering club sodas while out at the clubs.

2716 days ago


Leave her alone. What's she's doing is NOT a crime. And she doesn't need DCS to step in and take her kids away. What's she's doing is not child abuse. Remember when Jude Law's child swallowed the Ecstacy that was left on the floor of their home after a party? Something like that is when someone would need to step in.

Do you people realize how many famous people leave their kids to be raised by nannies. At least 90% of them. How many do you think party during the week? Do you thinks she's the only one? No, she just the only one we hear about over and over.

2716 days ago


Usually the only way someone like Spears truly understands her condition is when a tragedy occurs like running over someone, accidently harming her kids or injuring herself After a tragedy occurs, there's plenty of "mea culpa's" and "I'm truly sorry" apologies. I only ask that when she decides to accidently take herself out, she doesn't take anyone with her. Like Anna Nicole Smith, we can all collectively say; "What a shame" and move on to the next train wreck.

2716 days ago


BS, your career is over, face it - you got old and now have some sort of "rebel" phase you're going through. Boring. We have better things to do with our lives than do the stupid things that you do. You aren't better, as you insinuate, than any of didn't buy class, sophistication or brains, in your case. My family has always had money but I have never felt the need to act like a drunken, crazy moron. You're a mother now, so instead of doing stupid little "Pussycat Dolls" wannabe shows to get attention (like some ten-year old) you need to go home, and put your energy into your kids. You made them, and you also made the mess of a life you're in. We don't care about your music, your stupidity is entertaining to us. I guess any attention is good attention, to you, so you can say the lame, "You're just jealous." That just shows how deluded and stupid you really are.

2716 days ago


I'm more concerned with the fact that she's still sporting the von dutch trucker hat!

2716 days ago


Britney went to 2 clubs in a week? SHOCKING. Lindsay's at one every night and even Paris Hilton ( who TMZ loves so much) is still drinking despite being sent to jail.

What about Kevin Federline? Why doesn't he get ANY negative publicity on your site? He's a father and just as responsible for her children as she is....but oh, that's right, the cameras don't follow him everywhere he goes. Well, just to let you know, HE'S IN VEGAS PARTYING IT UP! And last weekend and part of the week, HE WAS PARTYING IN KENTUCKY.

What was Britney doing? Working. Right. Ok.

No one knows WHY she went to rehab. It's just perception based on her attendance to AA meetings, but AA is required for those who enter Promises because AA created the 12 step program they follow. It more than likely, taught her how not to abuse alcohol. That doesn't mean she's addicted. There is a difference.

She can do what she likes as long as it isn't everyday, WHICH IT HASN'T BEEN SINCE MARCH(ffs), and she keeps control.

2716 days ago


Britney DID NOT party the night away on Thursday. She stayed an HOUR. LMFAO

Sure, it could be a slippery slope. BUT out of Lindsay, Jesse Metcalfe, Robbie Williams....etc. She's the ONLY one who's actually made a substantial change in her lifestyle.

I guess TMZ can't see that because they're so busy being angry for Larry not giving up information, right? LOL Sad and very pathetic.

2716 days ago


"We have better things to do with our lives than do the stupid things that you do."

Like, criticize people you don't know? And judge when you probably aren't one to be judging? LMFAO

2716 days ago

Mary T.    


You have ruined your career, you have turned against your family, the next thing that should happen to you is those two children should be taken away from you. You had a good thing going and you blew it. Why don't you keep your face out of the camera's way? Tired of seeing and hearing about you.

2716 days ago


Or Gee - maybe it's Kev's night to have the kids....... and maybe she's out with her friends which is what most 25 year olds do. Enjoy your freedom Britney - you got rid of the ol Ball & Chain....Haters - go be mean to your customers.....

2716 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

..........Catch her doing something ILLEGAL PLEASE...........And send her to Arizona and Sheriff JOE!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!! Do it soon or else you all will be saying, why didn't we stop her sooner???? Why did she have to die so young?

2716 days ago


Is Britney's rehab BS? Oh please, her whole LIFE is BS.

2716 days ago


TMZ/Hiccup/Just Wondering - Isn't this where you insert some rumor about a birth defect in her younger son??? Too many people sticking up for her - better type in some more made up bull..................................

2716 days ago


Why doesn't Twitney shock us all and STAY HOME, y'all???!!!

2716 days ago


I think everyone needs to leave this chick alone and maybe she could have some privacy.She can not even take her children out in public without being over run by camera's........Let her live her life and do as she pleases.WE who live in glass houses should not throw stones.People need to mind there own dam business and take care of there own lives and kids.

2716 days ago
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