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Britney to Mom - No Time for You!

5/16/2007 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThings have gotten so toxic between Britney Spears and her mom Lynne, that according to published reports, Brit wouldn't even visit her mother in the hospital -- on Mother's Day, no less.

The bewigged Brit, report the National Enquirer and Star (via MSNBC), has "cut off all communication with her mom" and is "flat-out refusing to speak" to Lynne, even ignoring her on Mom's Day when Mama Spears was hospitalized with pneumonia. That's not all -- Britney also reportedly didn't call her mom on her birthday, either.

Where's the beef? Brit is still "furious" that mom made her go to rehab, feels "betrayed" and "refuses to get over it," says a source.

Anna Nicole – Hated by Mama Virgie, Loved Implants

Speaking of mothers and daughters, Anna Nicole Smith's mom Virgie Arthur was "so jealous" of Anna that she hated her "so much," according to new excerpts from Smith's diaries. But if Anna's relationship with her mother was all about hatred, Anna loved -- loved -- her breast implants, writing that she was "so excited I could scream" just before she got her new silicone friends.

The diary clips were obtained by the AP, and are from the early years, 1992-94, including references to Smith's elderly oil tycoon husband, J. Howard Marshall. But most of the writing focuses on bad-boy boyfriends, rough sex, and in one poignant case, the fear of getting pregnant: "I'm so scared! How can this happen to me ... Cant do it!"

Paris – Watch Your Back in the Shower

There's more prison advice for Paris this morning, in the footsteps of open letters TMZ conveyed to Miss Hilton from Candy Spelling and Patty Hearst. Page Six spoke to Natalia McLennan, a former high-priced prostitute who served 26 days at New York's notorious Rikers Island, who tells the heiress, "It's the worst experience of your life." Among the indignities Paris will have to endure, says Natalia, are a full-body cavity search, being ogled by lesbian inmates, and "disgusting" food. "She'll want to make at least one good friend, like a Nicole Richie, to watch her back for her when she takes a shower," says McLennan. Uh, have you seen Nicole lately?

Party Favors: Kate Walsh Gets Engaged! ... John Mayer: Political Strategist? ... Gere and Shetty Cleared in India

Everything's just falling into place for "Grey's Anatomy" star Kate Walsh. First, she got her own spin-off series on ABC, "Private Practice," and now she's engaged -- to FOX exec Alex Young. Walsh revealed the big news to at Tuesday's upfronts, saying she was "on cloud nine." ... Pretty-boy rocker John Mayer is giving advice to none other than pretty-boy pol John Edwards, reports New York magazine. The younger John chatted with the slightly elder John at the recent Time 100 gala -- about how to reach out to "the youth" -- and how to watch YouTube videos that are longer than 20 seconds. The pair will be meeting again soon. ... Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty are free after an Indian court dismissed the obscenity charges against them.


No Avatar

how cruel    

Dear Brighten My Days,

I wish you a Howard of your very own, one to protect and cherish you with every little thing you desire. Pills, bills, law suits a damaged reputation and oh yes that one little other thing death before 40! There now do you feel special and loved?

2681 days ago

hurricane katrina land    

well, i'm off to make my slimfast shake (should try it with banana's, strawberry and blueberries mixed in it, its GREAT!) and then to have my mammogram!

have you had your mammogram today?!!

have a good morning all ... and keep on exposing howard for the slimey scum he is! can't let that jellyfish off the hook like O.J. !

2681 days ago


Somehow I don't think a cavity search on Paris will bother her. I'm quite sure she's already had a few fingers and others things shoved up there before...

2681 days ago

Mrs. Laughing So Hard    

Howard K Stern:

It is not going to help you to attack Virgie this time. You see, you have been caught with your hands in the cookie jar! Virgie isn't the villian here!

2681 days ago


Oops I did it again/I killed the messenger/Even though it was Mom
She said I was in deep/That's not what I think/My life is a prom

2681 days ago


Howard the enabler, fraudster, embezzler, kidnapper and don't forget


2681 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

These articles aren't doing much to dispell the dumb blond stereotype.

2681 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    


never was jeolous of her daughter she gave birth to, no mother is , unless they are mentally ill. This is one of the most cruelest things anyone can say about a mother because it is simply not true. And mentally ill she was not, she was a police officer.

Howard ,
made sure Anna was hypnotized by Dr Death ( she did hypnosis in her office) and made Anna believed all the lies in order to control Anna for his own benefit.

He was a lawyer with no shoes or income but had alot of plans and then took action when Larry was involved and pulling the heat on Anna.

2681 days ago


The diary clips were obtained by the AP, and are from the early years, 1992-94, including references to Smith's elderly oil tycoon husband, J. Howard Marshall------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------wow ..i wish the AP were as excited over the nanny interviews they sat in on as they are about old diaries...

2681 days ago


TMZ you assholes-- Go after Howard
He is the one with all the money not Virgie

Who is holding the purse now Tmz-- the same dripp who always held the purse
It 's Howie TMZ-- not virgie

And all her money from ET is not in the will
Where did it go Tmz-- you get on that TMZ
find out where all that money went. And find out what Howie has
on Larry-- come on TMZ
something is up there

Maybe some Pretty Pictures????
Howie is one smart man.

2681 days ago

concerned citizen    

Britney reminds me on someone else.

Strange behavior
attention seeker
and now not speaking to Mom.

ANS mimicked Marilyn Monroe and Britney mimics ANS.

2681 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

#50 - Nobody could've kept anna away from drugs. She wasn't one to listen to what Howard said, if you ever bothered to watch interaction between the 2. He couldn't tell her anything about any given situation.

Don't blame anybody BUT anna for her drug problems - she is the one who killed HERSELF. Easy to use Howard as a scapegoat. But it's not accurate or based in fact. Even Birkhead tried to get her to stop and the relationship ended as a result - there wasn't anything anybody could do to make her stop. For all we know Howard did do whatever he could to make her stop but he's not going around in the media advertising it and looking for a public pat on the back.

People who read articles, etc. and except them as gospel facts are ignorant and can't think for themselves. You seem to be the that sort. Journalist slant a story any way they need to - to sell a story. Not exactly reliable source of info.

2681 days ago

montana mike    

brittney has sped up her downward spiral. her mom started her on this road, but tried to help her with the rehab thing. the way brittney is acting now, one day she'll know how her mom feels when her two sons send her nanny a mother's day card and not her

2681 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

someone like Britney will only learn this way, not by advice, only by hard knocks.

It's coming, lots of them.

Everyone betrays her , Fed-ex etc, but did she betray Fed-ex's pregnant wife when she stole Fed-ex from her?

2681 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

oops i meant #49 not #50.

2681 days ago
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