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Britney to Mom - No Time for You!

5/16/2007 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThings have gotten so toxic between Britney Spears and her mom Lynne, that according to published reports, Brit wouldn't even visit her mother in the hospital -- on Mother's Day, no less.

The bewigged Brit, report the National Enquirer and Star (via MSNBC), has "cut off all communication with her mom" and is "flat-out refusing to speak" to Lynne, even ignoring her on Mom's Day when Mama Spears was hospitalized with pneumonia. That's not all -- Britney also reportedly didn't call her mom on her birthday, either.

Where's the beef? Brit is still "furious" that mom made her go to rehab, feels "betrayed" and "refuses to get over it," says a source.

Anna Nicole – Hated by Mama Virgie, Loved Implants

Speaking of mothers and daughters, Anna Nicole Smith's mom Virgie Arthur was "so jealous" of Anna that she hated her "so much," according to new excerpts from Smith's diaries. But if Anna's relationship with her mother was all about hatred, Anna loved -- loved -- her breast implants, writing that she was "so excited I could scream" just before she got her new silicone friends.

The diary clips were obtained by the AP, and are from the early years, 1992-94, including references to Smith's elderly oil tycoon husband, J. Howard Marshall. But most of the writing focuses on bad-boy boyfriends, rough sex, and in one poignant case, the fear of getting pregnant: "I'm so scared! How can this happen to me ... Cant do it!"

Paris – Watch Your Back in the Shower

There's more prison advice for Paris this morning, in the footsteps of open letters TMZ conveyed to Miss Hilton from Candy Spelling and Patty Hearst. Page Six spoke to Natalia McLennan, a former high-priced prostitute who served 26 days at New York's notorious Rikers Island, who tells the heiress, "It's the worst experience of your life." Among the indignities Paris will have to endure, says Natalia, are a full-body cavity search, being ogled by lesbian inmates, and "disgusting" food. "She'll want to make at least one good friend, like a Nicole Richie, to watch her back for her when she takes a shower," says McLennan. Uh, have you seen Nicole lately?

Party Favors: Kate Walsh Gets Engaged! ... John Mayer: Political Strategist? ... Gere and Shetty Cleared in India

Everything's just falling into place for "Grey's Anatomy" star Kate Walsh. First, she got her own spin-off series on ABC, "Private Practice," and now she's engaged -- to FOX exec Alex Young. Walsh revealed the big news to at Tuesday's upfronts, saying she was "on cloud nine." ... Pretty-boy rocker John Mayer is giving advice to none other than pretty-boy pol John Edwards, reports New York magazine. The younger John chatted with the slightly elder John at the recent Time 100 gala -- about how to reach out to "the youth" -- and how to watch YouTube videos that are longer than 20 seconds. The pair will be meeting again soon. ... Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty are free after an Indian court dismissed the obscenity charges against them.


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Britney is not a princess anymore, she has a transition to make, she is fighting too hard against the transition into womanhood.
Being a woman and mother "brings with it great responsibility".
Respond with her greatest ability.

2718 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Someone very close to Anna was ripping her off and her lawyer Mr Stern was suppose to have been watching over her assets

Anna had huge diamonds from Marshall she loved beautiful expensive things,

how could she afford a yacht? with only 10,000 dollars?

something stinks.

2718 days ago

Marshall Jefferson    

I heard that Anna Nicole Smith only had $710,000 in assets at the time of her death. What happened to the money?!

2718 days ago


POST #11, I TOTALLY AGREE..............................COWIE, THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIN WOOD BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2718 days ago

As I see it    

This blog is about three dumb blondes who had no respect for themselves and others, how has it turned so fast into a Howard K Stern bashing? What does Anna hating her Mom in 1994 have to do with what is happening now besides the fact that she still hated her until she died. Sad, I agree, but I believe Vergie should have a lot of remorse, if she is capable of it. I don't remember having ever heard Anna say anything bad about HKS so I choose to believe that he was the only person in her life that supported and loved her unconditionaly. The stuff that is going on now is just a lot of hoopla over money that nobody really knows anything about anyway. It's more than likely Howard trying to clean up after her as always. I hope he manages to keep Vergie away from the baby for Anna's sake.

2718 days ago


If I were Britneys mom, I would consider it a gift to have Britney out of my life completely. Here's hoping Britneys children treat their mom better than this spoiled brat treats everyone around her.

2718 days ago


Virgie isn't holding any of Anna's money, Howie is.

2718 days ago

Mary T.    

Finally something in Anna's writings about Virgie. Anna you must have lived a horrible life growing up. A mother jealous of her daughter. HKS, you are the only one that probably knows how Anna was treated by her mother. Thank you from protecting that darling little girl from that MEAN OLD WOMAN!!

2718 days ago


Virgie has lost two kids now in this mess and Howard is sitting pretty with all the money and assets hidden. It was just yesterday that Howie begins to probate this will and ALL the money is gone--- 10 thousand left-- Where did it goand why isn't Howard in jail for
embezzlement, fraud, drug violations???/

TMZ stop going after Virgie-- she is not the one with Anna's money--
Howie is-- and now Howie has Larry on his side-- This is just sick--
How did he do that? Somebody must know something. Come on
TMZ how did Howie get Larry on his side ?

2718 days ago


Why shouldn't Virgie make money off of Anna if Howie can?
I do not get this. Why is Howie allowed to make money and have
no clients except her and be a millionaire because of Anna-- and
Virgie is lamb-basted when she wants a piece of the pie.

Howie is guilty of much larger offenses than money-- he had something to
do with her drug abuse and her death as well as the death of her boy.. Virgie is
sitting there with nothing, 2 dead kids, no money and Howard has everything and
is going after the Marshall money next.
I cannot believe this.

This blog may be about 3 dumb blondes-- but it is three dumb blondes and one
smart lawyer. He is one scary dude and you guys are saying he is the best thing
that happened to Anna. Look where she is now.

2718 days ago


The drugs street or prescriptions will hold a persons thought processing back. So what we get is an immature thought. More of an in the moment thought not a " thought out " thought. Alcohol will do the same thing.

So my suggestion is ( as though it counts) go natural, herbs, supplements. Bach Flower Remedies are some of the very best for mental and physical turmoil.

Try to see a naturopath doctor for a change.

2718 days ago


Howard K Stern is one of the worst men in the world and he did not report all of
Annas personal money and jewerly. This was on Nancy Grace. She said the little girl is the one that is going to suffer. She was given 6 million by Howard Marshall and spent most of it on jewerly and clothes. Now it just happened to dissappear. Also he did not report the PCs that the cops have and he knows they will get it back. He is not in the Bahamas he is going to the film fest. that is promoting Annas new picture. He is rotton

2718 days ago


83 Megan I agree with you. Howard is evil and will never stop, He never loved Anna and just wanted what she had and her money she made. What an evil man if you can call him that. He is the slopiest man. I seen him in some of his clothes and its no wonder Anna wouldn/t have sex with him.

2718 days ago


''''''quote""74. Someone very close to Anna was ripping her off and her lawyer Mr Stern was suppose to have been watching over her assets


Yeah someone very close to Anna was ripping her off
Find out who Howie.? Check the closet mirror.

2718 days ago

Mary T.    

Anna Nicole Diary:Sex,Surgery,Sadness...The Associated Press

Copies of 60 diary pages provided to AP by Universal Rarities

1992-1994 Diaries (before HKS)

"my mom hates me so much. She is so jealous of me...I love my mom but I can't handle it anymore." Quote from page of diary.

Read the story.

2718 days ago
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