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Extra Toe-prah Winfrey?

5/16/2007 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WTF?! Either Oprah Winfrey is rockin' a sixth toe or that's one mighty corn!
Oprah Winfrey feet
Miss Winfrey attended the Howard U. graduation ceremony in Washington D.C., picking up an honorary Doctorate of Humanities. O, the humanity!

Frumpy Oprah: Click to launchIt seems that Oprah has it all; a mega hit show, billions of dollars ... and an extra toe.


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Its not a toe or a corn, its a damn bunion and its from years of wearing stupid pointed shoes. Most vain chicks will get them eventually.

2720 days ago


lisalisa should be called stupidstupid --- you are a retard

2720 days ago


i bet jules is a transexual --- lol, are you jealous of oprah

2720 days ago


re post #79

It is a myth that bunions are caused by pointy shoes. It's genetic.

2720 days ago

I'm not blind!!    

Oprah is is her toe....and she doesn't like white people. Bigot.

2720 days ago

Pearly Whites    

You can take the girl out of the getTOE, but you can't take the getTOE out of the girl.

2720 days ago

God Bless America    

Jennifer you are damm idiot!!!!. Jennifer, do you really know how stupid you are?. You are just jealous of Oprah because she is successful, black and have "white people" working for her. I bet you wish it was the other way around you racisit idiot.

2720 days ago

Gossip Hog    


2719 days ago


ummmm this is obviously photoshopped. It's not even well done c'mon! Look at the difference of pigmentation in the sandal strap. Miss Opra would've had surgery by now to fix an extra toe if she did have one.

2719 days ago


TMZ nned to form a Jackass Club, Most of you would qualify

2719 days ago

I'm not blind!!    

To will always be funny to me how it's totally ok to slam the white man....make WHITE racial them crackers....whatever and it's ok. Slam the white ppl. and it's acceptable....employee the nice white folks, it's all ok cuz the white folk are gonna be blamed for slavery for hundreds of years to come. Black folks are the ones perpetuating racism in soon as they drop it....the rest of the country will be done with it. I'm neither white or black, so let the slamming begin.

2719 days ago


#87...I don't think it was a "slam" simply because she was repeating something that was said to her and that was the language used at the time. i guess i don't get how that was derogatory unless you think that what it implies is that all white people are bad except for the few "nice" ones. i don't think that was the intent, but i don't know for sure.

i do think people need to put things into proper context though and quit playing the victim whatever color they are. if i go to a movie set in the 50's or '60s, i expect to hear black people referred to as "colored" "negro" (or worse) and i'm not going to boycott the film or the studio because i think they are racist. my grandmother named my mother after a woman that she worked with and she often referred to her as the "nicest white lady" she had ever met. that's not how i would ever refer to one of my friends, but i also didn't grow up in Louisiana in the early 1900's where it may have been more foreign to have those kinds of encounters. like i said, put it into proper context before you condemn someone.

2719 days ago


I find it hard to believe that Oprah who is so concerned with her appearance would wear sandals, of all things, knowing how everyone will jump on that sixth toe. so is it really a toe or did someone mess with the photo???

To set you straight I don't think anyone who has an extra toe has it removed. It's usually not much of one and not a bother. But hey- what do I know?

2719 days ago



2719 days ago


Dear Bunhead,
When did you receive your Doctorate in Podiatry? Well, guess what? I did. BUNIONS ARE CAUSED BY POINTY SHOES. Please don't sit on this site and be a know -it-all.

2719 days ago
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