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Sneaks in with Jessica Biel

5/16/2007 11:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Timberlake was spotted entering his hotel in the UK with the eminently badonky Jessica Biel.

It's been rumored that Justin's over there working on Madonna's next CD -- while Jessica is working on ... Justin?

The two were spotted on this hotel walkway -- hand in hand.


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Does the word "player" enter anyones mind when it comes to Justin Timberlake??

2696 days ago

what a geek!    

it doesnt even look like its Jessica.... maybe someone who looks similar to her.... but thats not her!

2696 days ago


to those who say it isn't jessica, check out the pics on it IS her!!!

2696 days ago


It's Rachel Stevens from the former UK band S Club 7...there is no doubt IMO !!

2696 days ago


what is Elle taking about ! Were you their ? Are you Jessica ? I want to know how you are so certain that's not her !! Also , please tell us who the " Girl" is I know we all including TMZ are dying to know . Thank's in advance for helping us out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2696 days ago

I'm Back Biatches    

I used to really like Justin but he has become part of that, "I only date celebrities" club. I mean come on, I am a business executive but I do not only date other business people. I mix it up. So I firmly believe the celbrities that do that are fame seeking assholes. What idiots!

2696 days ago


the dude is UGLY! if he was the guy next door, he wouldn't be able to get a date...unless the girl was drunk and didn't know what she was doing. he really is nothing to look at.

2696 days ago


It's not Jesica it looks like Rachel Stevens

2696 days ago


Justin is gross, he's like a dime a dozen nasty little rednecks that live in my part of the country, with that whiny, high-pitched voice... he makes my skin crawl. Biel has a weird face, but she is attractive in a odd way, I've seen pics of her in a bathing suit her body is not all that. That photo really does not look like her, but there are pics of them kissing on p.hilton.

2696 days ago


That's NOT Rachel Steven as she's TINY!!! And besides, RS's ass is bigger than that!!! I've seen pics from Daily Mirror of two kissing in Nando's...that is without a doubt Jessica Biel!!!

2696 days ago

Grace E.    

Derek Jeter's ol' stuff????

2695 days ago


Great singer song writer... but DAMN ugly face AND hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2695 days ago


QUESTION????????????????????? HAS HOLLYWOOD BECOME ONE BIG GANG BANG, DAISY CHAIN OF A STATE??????????????? Who gives a rats ass, who sleeps with whom! They are going in vicious circles and all they come up with is each others partners. The real "Hollywood Couples" who have made it ( as couples) are the ones who purposely stay out of the guessing game mess. Be a couple/don't be a couple/ who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way ...My son is 18 and in Med school already, anybody know someone who is not "Hollywood for him??? (P.S., he gorgeous, and that is not just a mother speaking LLOLOLOLO)

2691 days ago
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