Lohan to LaKisha: I Had Your Back!

5/16/2007 2:15 PM PDT
After being voted off "American Idol," LaKisha Jones was amazed to find out that some of her biggest fans are -- celebs!

TMZ has learned that LaKisha was in New York this week doing the normal "Idol" rounds of post-loss press, and like a true star, she hit up a swag suite to grab some freebies at the network upfront presentations. Celebrity rule #1: The more you make, the more you take! Sources tell TMZ that during her visit to the gifting gala, KiKi was shocked to find herself inundated with praise from admiring stars like Lindsay Lohan, Kelsey Grammer and cast members from "Grey's Anatomy." We're told the Hollywood crowd gushed that the 27-year-old single mom was their favorite this season. Well, then why didn't ya vote for huh?!

As this was one of her first experiences outside the protective confines of the "Idol" womb, LaKisha couldn't believe the A-list attention she was getting. Tick tock! Enjoy it while you can, girl! Enjoy it while you can!