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Mama Lohan Squawks -- Lindsay "Misunderstood"

5/16/2007 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina LohanIt's one of the immutable laws of celebdom today: Stick a microphone in Dina Lohan's face, and she will talk, and talk -- and talk some more! Rather than trying to help Lindsay keep a low profile, Dina just throws up her hands and says, in effect, Hey, she's young! Thanks mom!

As an interview in the upcoming Us Weekly proves, some of Mama Lohan's replies are just disturbingly odd. When asked about how Lindsay's holding up after photos of her surfaced supposedly showing her doing drugs in a bathroom (vehemently denied by her rep), Dina says, "Lindsay doesn't even know who her friends are." Well, that's encouraging.

And then, justifying LiLo's incessant clubbing (even post-rehab), Dina says that the partying "is the fun part of the business," and points out that her progeny will be a ripe 21 in a few months. "She is so misunderstood," says Dina.

Party on, Mom.


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Tired and Ready for A Nap    

As a parent, there are times when I doubt that I am doing the right job in raising my child. Then I see these train wrecks like Dina Lohan who is clearly a frustrated wanna-be. It's one thing to exploit ones self for notarity. But to whore out your own child in order to get yourself in the limelight is unforgivable. When Lindsay self destructs I am sure that Mama Dina will be the first one writing a book about her daughter to keep herself in the limelight. Shame on anyone who hires this woman.

2717 days ago


Dina and Kathy Hilton appear to have been cut from the same mold. Anybody got a hammer?

2717 days ago


Sounds like the Mother is a bigger attention whore than her daughter!!

2717 days ago


Doing illegal drugs is "the fun part of the business?" Did I read that RIGHT?

2717 days ago


Like mother like daughter I guess, Lindsey is defiantly not one for quotable quotes, haha I thought these LiLo quotes were pretty amusing:

2717 days ago


Oh, no; she said "partying" is "the fun part of the business." Unless it INTERFERES with you DOING business.

2717 days ago

the way it is    

mama whore and baby whore how nice!!!!!!!!!

2717 days ago


She's "so misunderstood" I guess because 21 is the legal drinking age - and apparently her daughter should be allowed to break the law without anyone questioning this.

What a loser. Both mother and daughter. I still give Lindsay 2 years before she's dead in the street somewhere from an overdose.

And I agree with an earlier poster who said the mom would write a book about her. I see her milking the cash cow as long as she possibly can. Why isn't she home making sure she doesn't screw up her other kids?!

2717 days ago


Sounds like Dina loves the limelight, at her childs expense. LL should be living a quiet life. Who parties after rehab? She needs to go back to rehab and not tell her mom where she is. Like one of those in the desert! I think Dina has some issues to take care of herself. Stage mom if I ever saw one. I can't imagine what she will do to poor Allie (next kid) GROW UP DINA! YOU ARE NOT 18.

2717 days ago


Lindsay doesn't know who her friends are = she doesn't know who she can snort coke with that won't take pix and snitch!!

But sorry Dina's right, Lindsay's so misunderstood, we common folk don't know what it's like to be sooooo rich and hounded by paparazzi, we're just jealous that we have to work normal jobs and can't afford to club every night at places that charge $20 a drink. Sure makes me want to cry!

2717 days ago

Dan Post    

after having read all the above posting what more can I really add to any of this, I'm in comlete agreement. She won't last, nor will Mom. C'mon, that's pretty clear.


She IS a little hottie and I'd still do her, that's about it tho. (Lindsay, not the Mom)

2717 days ago

John Kimble has that new Lindsy Lohan Nip Slip Perez Hilton was talking about...heres the link

2717 days ago


Poor little Lindsay, so "misunderstood". Give me a break! Mama Lohan obviously thinks everyone is stupid enough to buy into her "damage control".I could care less about Lindsay and her antics, but her mother is a piece of work if ever there was one. They both need to just go far, far away.

2717 days ago


Misunderstood. my butt, Even the director of the movie Gorgia Rules called Lohan a spoiled brat and threatened to fire her over her spoiled, assinine behavior. Shes young, her Mom says? I know many girls her age and they dont act like spoiled liittle asses who think thy are so entitled it stinks. There must be a spaceship to take Lindsay and her goofy Mother to some distant unknown planet. somewhere they belong . That way we can have a rest from the idiotic media hype of these two.

2717 days ago


Isn't underage drinking illegal? Isn't using coke illegal?


Dina, I think you kinda suck as a mother.

2717 days ago
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