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Mama Lohan Squawks -- Lindsay "Misunderstood"

5/16/2007 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina LohanIt's one of the immutable laws of celebdom today: Stick a microphone in Dina Lohan's face, and she will talk, and talk -- and talk some more! Rather than trying to help Lindsay keep a low profile, Dina just throws up her hands and says, in effect, Hey, she's young! Thanks mom!

As an interview in the upcoming Us Weekly proves, some of Mama Lohan's replies are just disturbingly odd. When asked about how Lindsay's holding up after photos of her surfaced supposedly showing her doing drugs in a bathroom (vehemently denied by her rep), Dina says, "Lindsay doesn't even know who her friends are." Well, that's encouraging.

And then, justifying LiLo's incessant clubbing (even post-rehab), Dina says that the partying "is the fun part of the business," and points out that her progeny will be a ripe 21 in a few months. "She is so misunderstood," says Dina.

Party on, Mom.


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Who did her mother's nose? It looks horrible.

2682 days ago


Yeah Dina, the partying is "the fun part of the business", especially when your daughter is the one doing all of the work and you get to ride her coattails on into the party. You've got a great deal going on...and couldn't you at LEAST have tried to lie a little for your daughter's sake and say something, like, "those pictures aren't her". You got one thing right in your answer, Lindsay doesn't know who her friends are, and that includes you, her own mother!

2682 days ago


Dina's gonna be the a Vergie one day.

2682 days ago

tooth fairy    

Lindsay is her meal ticket. Dina doesn't want to piss her daughter off. She can't treat her daughter as her daughter like regular folks. She treats her daughter like a big time client. It's very sad. Sometimes, business and family just shouldn't mix.

2682 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Lindsey Lohan = Box Office Poison

2682 days ago


Mom is such an enabler. She wants to be a star herself- and doesn't seem to care if her child dies. What a miserable woman- Mommy Dearest indeed.

2682 days ago


I can't believe this bimbo is for real, but then when you look at her bimbette daughter you can see where the genes came from.

This broad needs a total shake-up. Maybe at her daughter's funeral?

What a sorry excuse for a mother. She doesn't deserve the title.

2682 days ago

Sue the Crap out of Her!!!!!!!    

Okay Mommy Dina, Your daughter is soooooooooooo misunderstood! What is there about her to misunderstand? She is a freaked out, tweeked out loser and not even 21 yet.. Better have your daughter have a will drawn up REALLY FAST!!! She is going down the same slippery slope as Anna Nicole Smith with the drugs and booze and irresponsible sex. But wait, I am sure you have the legal issue already in your control when she dies of an overdose, then when your "misunderstood " daughter is dead, you can have the spot light of a grieving mother like Virgi (Momzilla) Arthur for your 15 minutes of fame. How pathetic that young women like ANS, Paris Hilton, and lindsey lohan come from mother's that are enablers, bitches and greedy as hell whether it is for money or 15 minutes of fame at the expense of thier own daughters. RIP lindsey lohan, it is just a matter of time.

2682 days ago


also, did u ever think that her so called Friend that leaked those "coke" photos was doing her a favor in the long run.....about what is REALLY going on with this girl .....and remember those photos from a year ago of her and her Mom playing dress up, and there were shots of baggies of white powder and J.D. in the room.......
Too Much stuff to make excuses.....

2682 days ago


Crazy or not, I'd still bone the crazy biatch.

2682 days ago

Sue the Crap out of Her!!!!!!!    

REST IN PEACE! Lindsey Lohan.... Your mother will continue to make money from your corpse.

Worst Mother Awards this Year Go To:
1. Virgi Arthur (Greed and jealousy award)
2. Kathy Hilton (Ignorant and irresponsible, out of touch with reality award)
3. Dina Lohan (Enabler, Star want to be with no talent, contributing to delinquency of a minor, speeding up her daughter's road to the grave award)

2682 days ago


I like Lindsay, and I agree she is young. I think she will mature into a great actress but it would be a shame if she died of a drug ovedose. While her Mom is just trying to ride on her fame.

2682 days ago


Keep the Dina interviews coming, TMZ. What a riot! This chick is some piece of work – almost makes me feel sorry for Lindsay. Almost.

2682 days ago


Is it just me, or do LL and Mama D look like clones? They sure look and act a like. Guess the apple did fall far from the tree, huh? And listen, I have never seen anyone make up more excuses for their kids stupid behaviour then Mama D does. It's sick! But if she is the kind of person I think she is, she loves the money and fame and all the perks as much as LL. It is sad because LL is talented and she's druging and drinking all her talent away. Mama D needs to be a REAL mom and get LL some REAL help.

2682 days ago


Oh, yawn...yawn....yawn....truly what is so remarkable about Lindsay Lohan? B movies.... and lot's of parties? yawn...yawn.

2682 days ago
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