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Extra Toe-prah Winfrey?

5/16/2007 3:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Either Oprah Winfrey is rockin' a sixth toe or that's one mighty corn!
Oprah Winfrey feet
Miss Winfrey attended the Howard U. graduation ceremony in Washington D.C., picking up an honorary Doctorate of Humanities. O, the humanity!

Frumpy Oprah: Click to launchIt seems that Oprah has it all; a mega hit show, billions of dollars ... and an extra toe.


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Nola Maye    

Our feet change Shoes Jobs, standing positions reflect our whole body .The feet especially. All the negetive coments about Oprah,s feet has to be from jealous dumb people. I admire Oprah. N,M,W Fta.

2526 days ago

julie from north bergen, new jersey    

please people...count from left to right! There is an extra toe! IMO, this is not a hammer toe...but she should have a doctor put a hammer to that extra toe...and to the fugly

2526 days ago


I always thought that Oprah had bad feet judging by the way she walk in her shoes. You really never see her walking that much but I notice that she always seems uncomfortable when she walks. I remember a show once where she said the first thing she does when she leaves her shoe is take off her shoes. I just don't understand why she hasn't tried to have it corrected. With all of her money, it's kind of ridiculous not to.

2526 days ago

Michael Jackson    

wow people can count to 6, how about to 12?

2526 days ago


i aggred with PenAngel growup she is only a human and that can happened to anyone live her alone and get a life , if she want to take care of that dont you all think she would have done that already but i guess none of you see what kind of a person Oprah is (human with a heart that will put her own life on the line for others so please go get a lif your own).

2526 days ago


all you haters who donot have a life and nothing going on in your life need to F---- off of Oprah and leave her alone ,oprah have a lot going for her ,learn some thing from her and all you haters stop been so love ,and oprah donot make these stupid people get to you .Nuff respect oprah.

2526 days ago


Maybe they should take some toes off her left foot and attach them to her right foot that has only one toe

2526 days ago


According to WebMD, a bunion is an unnatural bony hump that forms at the base of the big toe when that toe deviates toward the other toes. When this occurs, the base of the big toe pushes outward, forming a bunion.

If this happens on the little toe, it's called a bunionette.

Oprah has the bucks to have this fixed - but is she willing to forego the stylish shoes (extreme high heels, pointed toes AND shoes too narrow for her feet) that will continue to ruin her feet? And the relative short time period involved in the correction. Been there, done that but glad for the surgery and no more pain!

2526 days ago


No wonder she helps all those needy people. She's a freak! Just kidding, she's not bad. And Ms Ellen, you can't surgically remove a CAMEL toe.

2526 days ago


who the hell cares about her toe! You people need a life.

2526 days ago

Michael Jackson    

why did the chicken cross the street? Because it was running a way from a hammer toe...

2526 days ago


Come on people!!! How long has Oprah been a star???? Don't you think something like that would have been discovered a long time ago? Is this the FIRST time she has worn open-toed shoes in public?? She has bunion problems! Geez, what people will do for a story!

2526 days ago


It is not funny having foot problems. When your feet hurt, you hurt all over. Been there, done that. I have had surgery for spurs, corns, callusus but now I walk pain free. The healing is painful, but well worth it. It does take a long time to recuperate and as busy a person as Oprah Winfrey is, surgery may not be feasible for her now. I do hope she takes the time to have surgery and gives herself some healing time. She will not regret it. Oprah is a wonderful lady and May God Bless her more. And give me a break people, Nobody and I mean Nobody in this world has pretty feet. I don't care how many pedicures and how much toe nail polish you use, All feet are ugly.

2526 days ago


Must be a slow news day for AOL to print this picture and to insinuate that she has an extra toe!! That isn't an extra toe.. its the fat pad... underneath the toe area that is sticking out to the side. Mine look like that too!

2526 days ago


Who cares?!

2526 days ago
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