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Britney Hot -- For Fast Food

5/17/2007 3:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've been seeing a lot of Britney Spears ... at the drive thru window!

The pop star can't seem to get her fill of burgers ... and tacos and soda and iced coffees!

Feeling snackish? Take a look at this gallery full of Britney and her snackage!


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No wonder she often has breakouts! You also wonder if she is always stuffing her fat face with junk food, what in the world does she have her 2 kids eat when she has them? Yes, she is relatively young still, and fast food every once in a while won't kill her, and lots of other people her age and older eat fast food. And if you are pressed for time, it is indeed a solution.

Unfortunately, with Britney, it just seems to confirm every other stereotype we have about her in that she is trashy and lazy. When you look at the total picture about her eating habits, the way she takes care of her kids, her juvenile stunts, her attire, her cleanliness, her love life, etc., it just all adds up to one enormous mess.

2682 days ago

the DQ    

She certainly does!! And, her less than flat abs are living proof or is that poof (as in squishy, soft, protruding).

2682 days ago

former Carlton cards rep    

How many days until Britney's metabolism dies and she balloons up to 200 pounds?

2682 days ago


I think it is great to see stars actually eating. We are shown picture after picture of these people skin and bones.

2682 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.......PHEWWWW, I smell her here!!!!!............................

2682 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.......#5...............Kelly is BLIND, Deaf and Dumber than a load of rocks.......................

2682 days ago

C Ya    

I see why her face is always broken out now!

2682 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Working on keeping her belly jellie.....Wibbel, Wabbel....Jiggle Jiggle........Such an Ugly Women......Ugly THICK ears......Smelly FEET.........Stupid "on camera" smile.........
Where's the Hare-lipped kid?

2682 days ago

West Coastian    

If I cry "Uncle", will you STOP with this no news?

2682 days ago


Does Britney have a kitchen at home? Can anyone tell me why she doesn't take her tacky-ass self back to the back woods of Louisiana, actually pay attention to her two kids, and leave us alone?

2682 days ago

give me a break    

Ok--------i typically don't have comments but I am speaking out here--------this chick needs some space-------if any person on this space can imagine what it must be like to be under the lense like she is------------live it and give us some input.

She has a right to be nuts, weird and just overly ridiculous if she wants to----------because the reality is--------you idiots eat it up and feed on it.

She does not use her children as pawns to get attention-----you guys have no pictures of her youngest and only have pictures of her older son when you stake out her dance studio.

Britney needs a break---------she is a mom--------is human-----and suffers when people verbally and emotionally attack her. She is trying people--------CUT HER A BREAK.

2682 days ago

Newburgh Goddess    

Why doesnt everyone just leave the damn girl alone? We all know we eat take out more than we all should so why cant she do the same? She's a human being like everyone else...let the girl live and get a bite to eat without being gawked at. You go Britney! I wish I could eat junk food all the time and look as good as you,especially after having two kids back to back like you did.

2682 days ago

give me a break    

she may have problems but her mother exasperated it by forcing her into the business. Where is her mothers guidance without judgement as to what her actions have been? Britney is a child that has a family living the good life because of her superstar status and they are now concerned with her well being and judgement?

Family stands beside you, not beside you, not in front of you-----this child has been thrown under the bus and is paying for every low life that sold her for their benefit. Judge not yest ye be judged and lay off.

Her actions "SCREAM" PLEASE LOVE ME-------and she is willing to do what it takes to get love.

Only freaks can't see through her cry for acceptance.

2682 days ago

Your guilty, Doc!    

Britney, your overeating because you have no career, no life and we are all sick to death of looking at your low class behavior. Keep eating that greasy food, because you are going to balloon up and look like a frump. Who will buy your tickes to concerts than? You will have
to give them away. Her career is over. She is yesterdays news, and its getting old. In fact,
Britney should get on Big Loser....I'm sure she would win.

2682 days ago


She has no regard for her health...obviously. Can you imagine what she feeds those poor children of hers? They don't even stand a chance.
She will continue her horrible habits and just count on more surgery to correct it...sorry Brit but these things will catch up with ya in about 20 years.

2682 days ago
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