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Britney Stops Wiggin' Out!

5/17/2007 10:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Britney Spears' new long blond locks aren't a wig. Stop the presses! She has new extensions!

A stylist from Heavener Salon in Lake Forest, Calif., tells TMZ she spent two entire days setting, matching and dyeing extensions for Britney's short hair. Spears added several inches to her dome, which is still only about an inch long.

According to our source, Britney is scheduled for another touch-up in just a few days, but Britney won't be going to the Orange Country store to get the work done -- the store will go to Britney.

We caught up with the wigged-out star outside of Millennium Dance Studios on Tuesday, and assumed she had one of those blond wigs on -- but no! She's for real-ish!

This may mark the end of the quirky wigs, fedoras and cowgirl hats that have marked Brit's return to the public eye, but who knows, she could shave 'em off again tomorrow.


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I am a recovering person you have no idea what it is like to try to recover first you doubt you even have a problem and even if you figure out you do you have taken every person you know and love to places you don't want to. Sobriety is ONE DAY AT A TIME @@@@

2685 days ago


I don't give a frig if there's a frog on Brittney's head .or anything else - who cares! Her dumbass is NOT a big deal in my opinion; this is your daughter's role model - just go and keep her >>by paying her mindless-mind all this attention!

2685 days ago

Twain Taylor    

Yo! Brit, Twain here, now that hair short, just come by my Barber Shop in Sherman Oaks,Ca. you drive by waving at me every other day.You know Exclusives Hair Studio 13453 Ventura Blvd.I ll add a little SOUL in your 818 981 2090.

2685 days ago


She would most definitely look fine with the short hair.

2685 days ago


BRIT!!! Get a grip girl.. YOU need to have a sit down wit your mama. Brit just needs some guidance and some parenting as well as parenting skills. I think she feels as if she is losing her grip on her image, her fame, and love life. But bouncing from one loser to the next can do that to a girl. She needs a real mama who wont try to be her "friend" and will be her mama. Thats the problem with all who have a friend mama. Your mama cant be your friend until your older and under control. Brit is spoiled losing control and throwing a tantrum. Time to go home Brit and grow up.

2684 days ago


A wig would've been the better option. Expensive ones are so good they look like the real thing.

The woman in this video, Esther Jungreis, is wearing a wig. Hard to believe, huh?

The video is really worth viewing.

2684 days ago


You'd think the girl would have figured out that she should let her poor hair alone. It'll never grow in looking like a real head of hair if she continues screwing with it. It's not like this looks good anyway. She screwed up and shaved her head, she should do what everyone else does after making a mistake....learn to live with it and move on.
If you can't live with the results of your escapade Britney, get a short blonde wig that looks as natural as possible and wear it, stop changing wig colors and lengths to match your crazy outfits and people will soon forget your attempt to scoot around your ex's demands for drug testing.
Funny how everyone thought she'd had a breakdown and shaved her head. Put 2 and 2 together. One day Fed ex wants her to submit her hair for a drug test and the next she shaves it off,,,,,,Duh.

2684 days ago


LOL, hey....."Her mom told her so"!

2684 days ago


#11 you have no clue what the hell your talking about..... You all need to get a life, and stop commenting on people you don't even know...Do you think any of these people care about you?? NEWS FLASH!!! They couldn't care less, stop thinking they do, THEY DON"T!!!

2684 days ago


she doesn't care about any of you...Why do you care about her?? Let it go and you all need to get a life!!

2684 days ago



"80. To all of you who bashes this woman can all go to h***! Everyone has had bad experience in their life and everyone has made bad choices. No one on this earth is perfect. You just hear more about her's instead of your because she is a rock star and has money, you don't . . . ."


Posted at 8:19AM on May 18th 2007 by slc"


i redacted some of your text but i take offense to the remark that britney " is a rock star " ...beg to differ, she's no rock star

there was also a foul stench in the air in orlando, florida this evening, it was later revealed britney spears was in town doing another surprise concert...i thought i smelled something funky

surprise everybody!

2684 days ago

tee cee    

when you are a freakin millionaire you can look anyway you want to and whether or not britney looks good or bad she still is a rich bitch!!!!!

2684 days ago


Come on Britt!! you just want everyone to feel sorry for your skank ass... you are CRAZY!! Why would you shave your f-in head?... Girl i feel for your kids later on....

2683 days ago

Britney is CRAZY!    


2682 days ago


Personally I have never liker the little hoe. Did not care for her when she was "Poor White Trash" ...only difference now is that she is "Rich White Trash". And I still do not care for her. Trash is Trash no matter how you look at it. She found out the hard way that money can not buy love.....evidently it can't buy hair either. She has been in and our of rehab...even though she has children that should be her #1 priority, yet she still goes out of her way to be a stumbling alchoholic (grant it she is most likely addicted to drugs also}. Now she wants to put the blame everywhere but where it belongs. Brittney you have choosen the life that you live alone. No one but yourself made you the little whiney sleeze that you are. And you have turned your back on probably the only people that truely care for you....your parents. So wake up and smell the coffee. Only you can change what you have become in the eyes of all that see you. And if you can not do it for yourself.......atleast try and do it for your children. And pray that they do not grow up to be like you!!!!!

2681 days ago
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