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Joe Francis -- Held Up in Hotlanta!

5/17/2007 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like Joe Francis might be making more stops getting back to Nevada to face tax evasion charges than a "Girls Gone Wild" bus in south Florida during spring break.

TMZ has learned that the porntrepreneur is currently being held in a United States Penitentiary in Atlanta, and that he'll be there for an unspecified amount of time.

Early yesterday, Francis was sprung by U.S. Marshals from a county jail in Jackson County, Fla., and was transported by bus to the Peach State, where he'll await another bus -- or the so-called "Con Air" plane service -- to get back to Reno.


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His biggest mistake was f*****g with the judge and getting mouthy. Joe, the judge is there to judge, you don't bolster your point by being a big baller and getting mouthy, but you couldn't help yourself and neither can the system you're becoming acquainted with. You weren't exactly running some kind of charity which was helping society Joseph. The system is designed to be as fair as possible but the worst thing you can do besides being late for your hearing *ahem* (Paris Hilton)--is to diss the court. Bad move big boi. This is the big slam down. Everything happening to you is legal. It's the "system" at work. Tell me, who's you're daddy now Joe Francis?

2694 days ago


#35 is right. The Atlanta Federal Pen is one of the worst.

#41 Hotlanta-Hotlanta-Hotlanta-There are no native Atlantans. It is hard to find anyone in Atlanta who was even born in Georgia.

MY question. If Joey boi goes HIV positive in federal detention, can he sue? Grow your hair long boi. They like it that way. Better to pretend you are a girl.

Does anybody remember the Oklahoma bombing guy who came out of a federal prison after ten years with beautiful long hair? The feds made sure the press got pictures.

2694 days ago


FREE JOE . hopefully he smarter now in his business moves .scum bags do change after jail and huge legal fees

2694 days ago

Oh My Gosh I BET U R FAT !    


2694 days ago

Oh My Gosh I BET U R FAT !    

I bet if these fat prudes where hot & thin they would be on GGW but they know they will never be thin,so the fatcunts hate on beautiful girls!

2694 days ago

Oh My Gosh I BET U R FAT !    

But they are obese & would never make it big on GGW!

2694 days ago


Ahhh how the mighty have fallen. Remember Joe and Paris and Nicole all hanging out? Now they are all in trouble. Can't wait to see what happens to Greasy Bear. You know I had just about given up on Karma and now... sweet, sweet vengeance...

2694 days ago

Oh My Gosh I BET U R FAT !    

Teens are legal! Bless sof t tight bodies!

14 in SWEDEN

16 in the UK

18 in the USA

GGW are among the greatest dvds EVER made! I have a FULL COLLECTION,you have nothing but a fatty ass!

2694 days ago


lol i am not fat at all actually i just don't support a guy who can't be a businessman or a MAN that takes advantage of young girls "young" meaning 15 or younger you goofs must like or wish you could have normal sex with a human being instead of thumbalina and her 5 sisters! go out and have sex with legal hotties if you can manage to look away from kids and your oh so favorite HaNd!

2694 days ago

Amy Silverman    

LOL Loser!!!!!!!!

2694 days ago


has anyone noticed how incredibly ridiculous and dumb some of these comments are? Women's bodies are beautiful and can be tastefully photographed....we're not talking about that here...we're talking about a bunch of low-lifes who make cheap kiddie porn with girls going peekaboo lifting up their shirts...c'mon..don't make me self respecting woman with half a brain would do that. This is pure high school antics and if you are one of those "men" who jerk off to that are pathetic!
P.S. Why do these thugs think any woman who looked down on this sort of thing is fat or a prude? you really don't get it, do you? Is that your only defense?

2694 days ago


I wonder if he sits in his cell and thinks about all those young girls he took advantage of when they were stupid drunk. It's fun to see Karma come back on someone who deserves it.

2694 days ago


Yeah, he's sitting in jail crying while he's wankin' off thinking about a 15 year old who flashed her boobs! I can't stop laughing thinking about these guys who actually paid money for these videos and sit home and jerk off to them because they can't find a real woman that will have sex with them!! I bet they are the real stupid ugly guys too that get laugh at. They're usually mean and have no respect for women because they can't get one.

2694 days ago


# 62 ... "I wonder if he sits in his cell and thinks about all those young girls he took advantage of when they were stupid drunk. It's fun to see Karma come back on someone who deserves it."

What karma? Joe got those girls drunk? Joe MADE those girls do whatever they did? The girls weren't screaming and smiling on tape? Pluheeeaze... you're just a heifer posting out of spite -- you wished you could look like that!

2694 days ago

Joe Nutter    

After watching his undeserved rich life on, I'm glad he's serving time for exposing the bodies of underage girls on his easy-moneymaking videos.

2694 days ago
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