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"Lost" Diary -- Greatest Hits

5/17/2007 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hey, it's Daniel from TMZ here, back with another edition of the "Lost" Diary.

Tonight's episode is a Charlie flashback one, so obviously I am anticipating his (hopefully painful) demise. If you haven't been with me since the beginning, I hate Charlie. I think his character is useless on the show and it doesn't help things that the actor who plays him is dating Evangeline Lilly, who plays Kate. You can't be the worst character on one of my favorite shows AND date someone that hot. Just ain't right. So I apologize in advance if I spend half this episode begging for Charlie to die.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes. I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. This week the crew is Ari, Lauren, Marisa, April and Matt. April made cupcakes tonight and Charlie might die -- what more could I want? Let's roll:
10:00 -- "No matter what I do, you're gonna die, Charlie." -- Desmond, from a few weeks back. Please don't be a liar, Desmond. Please, please, please.

10:01 -- Someone goes running through the beach, grabs a boat, and makes off with it into the ocean. Couldn't really see who it was, but it looked like Karl, Alex's boyfriend.

10:02 -- "I don't know, stuff? Probably secret stuff." -- Hurley. Sawyer's attempts at humor have worn thin on me, but Hurley's have not.

10:03 -- When was the last time we saw so many characters together? Feels like the old band is back together.

10:04 -- Jack's speech was awesome. Seriously, I am ready to go and fight the Others right now (except for Henry Gale, of course). It was like he channeled his inner "Braveheart." The entire room just broke out in applause. Anyone who complained that Jack has turned into a (female cat) can rest rest easy now. Just one question: Why exactly did he blow up the tree?

10:07 -- Before this flashback starts, I am making a pledge: I will only say nice things about Charlie until he dies. This pledge only lasts for this episode. What are the odds I can keep it?

10:08 -- As soon as Lauren realized it was a Charlie flashback episode, she yelled out, "It's your night, Dan!" Don't jinx it Lauren.

10:09 -- Um, Charlie has nice handwriting.

10:10 -- "Look on the bright side: you're not really dead, right?" -- Naomi. Right?

10:11 -- The Others have a station, the Looking Glass, that jams all signals off the island, including Danielle's distress signal that has been playing for 16 years. Maybe if she explored the island a bit, she could have learned some of this stuff sooner.

10:12 -- Let's see ... um, Charlie is ... nice to Aaron ... when he isn't kidnapping him and dragging him into the ocean. Wait, does that count?

10:13 -- So, apparently, Charlie has to die for there to be a rescue. Seems like a fair trade to me, right? But wait ... they aren't getting rescued in the next two episodes (Hello? Three more seasons!) so there is no way the helicopter comes and Charlie can't die (at least not like that). Oh man, I am getting a bad feeling.

10:17 -- Um, Charlie was a cute kid.

10:18 -- So let's review now: the episode is called "Greatest Hits" and it's starting to feel like Charlie's flashback scenes are the most memorable moments of his life -- one might call them the greatest hits. Is this an homage to Charlie? A swan song? I am starting to get excited again.

10:19 -- It seems Charlie drowns to death. Slow and painful, I like that.

10:20 -- Charlie volunteers to swim to the hatch and flip the switch. He's admirable, I'll give him that.

10:21 -- Oh dear lord, I have never been so happy to see a middle-aged interracial couple in my whole life. I speak for every single "Lost" fan when I say this: We missed you, Rose and Bernard.
10:22 -- I am usually turned off to "Lost's" sappier moments, except when Sun and Jin are involved.

10:23 -- The boat from the beginning of the episode swims ashore, and lo and behold, it's Karl, who happens to take a nasty open-sand tackle from Sayid.

10:24 -- "No, they're coming tonight ... They're coming right now!" -- Karl. Uh oh.

10:27 -- "Here's your gun back." Henry Gale to Alex. How much do I love this man?

10:28 -- Whoa, so Henry Gale is planning on taking any women they can find and killing any men who get in their way. You're making it hard for me to love you, Henry.

10:29 -- Alex is the one who warned Karl to warn the Losties. Why exactly do the Others let her hang around when they make plans?

10:30 -- "Is he my father?" -- Alex. Wow, this is like that scene in "Empire Strikes Back" when Luke finds out Darth Vader is really his dad -- only the exact opposite.

10:31 -- "They know, Karl. But thanks." -- Juliet.

10:32 -- Two things about Jack's second "Braveheart" speech of the night. First of all, I'll say it again: welcome back, Jack. Glad you go your cajones back from Juliet's purse. Second, if Desmond is going to try and do something to help save Charlie, I will black out with rage. Just saying.

10:33 -- Another Charlie greatest hit and I can see why. Oh, it's because of his brother and the ring. Eh, I guess that was nice.

10:35 -- Odds Charlie gives Aaron the ring?

10:36 -- Guess not.

10:41 -- Charlie is good at fending off muggers with a guitar. Wasn't Charlie playing the same song in the same place as he was in Desmond's weird flashback episode from earlier this year? Oh, and by the way, the girl that Charlie saved was Sayid's girlfriend, Nadia. Small world, huh?
10:42 -- If Charlie is making a list of the five greatest moments in his life, what reason does he have to write one down every 15 minutes?

10:43 -- "Nothing is going to happen to me, Rose." -- Bernard. Uh oh.

-- "Then I am staying too." -- Rose. Double uh oh. This can't be good.

10:45 -- "I like you better since you got back, Jack." -- Rose. Man, I missed her. She said what we ALL were thinking.

10:46 -- Jack's "Braveheart" speeches were good. But Sayid matched him with the "you're our leader, so act like one" speech.

10:47 -- Charlie's "goodbye" to Hurley was touching. Doesn't change anything between us though, Charlie. Your death is still my Christmas morning. Santa better come down that chimney in the next 13 minutes!

10:50 -- The suspense of the Others' raid is killing me!

10:51 -- Ah ha! I knew Charlie left Aaron that ring. Too easy.

10:52 -- Into the ocean go Charlie and Desmond ...

10:53 -- Charlie's number one memory is meeting Claire -- how sweet. Of course, it's sooooooo sweet that I am now 100% certain he's going to die.
10:55 -- Desmond is trying to take Charlie's place. Do not take this moment from me. I don't ask for much, brutha! Let the little hobbit die!!!

10:56 -- Desmond, no, please stop. Come on Charlie, be a man!!!!

10:57 -- Yes!!! Charlie, I've never loved you more. But did you really need to hit him in the head with an oar?

10:58 -- Please, I can't take another week of this. Just let him die before this episode ends.

10:59 -- "I'm alive!" -- Charlie. Yeah, I see that.

11:00 -- Hmmm, chicks with guns. Desmond didn't see that coming, did he?

That was like the "Mission: Impossible" version of "Lost." It had the foot to the pedal from the opening scene to the very last moment. I have never been more exhausted watching an hour of television in my life. The anticipation involved with everything that was going on nearly gave me a heart attack. I need a shower and a nap.

This episode was really just a bridge between last week's episode and next week's finale. But what a bridge it was! Jack was back to his old self and Rose and Bernard were just back. That alone is enough to give this episode an A. Except for the fact that ...


So I have to give the episode a B. You can't NOT kill Charlie -- when you set him up to die so perfectly -- and expect to get an A from me. Not happening.

As for Charlie not dying, well, I'll be alright. Don't worry about me. I mean, it's just a TV show ... right?

Final thoughts: We shouldn't be surprised that the Looking Glass wasn't what we thought it would be. Juliet said that all she knew about it was what Henry Gale told her and -- surprise, surprise -- he lied. There is more going on in that station than we realize -- another way off the island, maybe? Or perhaps it is the real way off the island.

Time for this week's question: Why does God hate me? Seriously, WTF?!?! Just kill Charlie already, please! OK, seriously. Here is my real question ... I have asked this one multiple times, but with only one episode left, it's fitting to ask it again. The producers of "Lost" come up to you and say, "We'll solve one mystery for you in the finale, which one do you want?" What do you choose?

As for other "Lost" Diary business, I thought the Q&A went well, and I'll definitely do another one. You can send your questions to and the article will appear Monday at Noon ET on Now that we've got one under our belts, you can see the kinds of questions I chose, so feel free to have fun with it. (Ed.'s note: Click here for this week's Q&A)

See you next week.

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Ok, I take it back - I jumped the gun and didn't read to the verybottom, and I am now dutifully on my way to!

I couldn't place Nadia, but I knew I had to know her. Thanks for making the connection for me!

I'll throw in another mystery I'd like solved, for good measure (and now it is not how Hurley has not dropped weight yet. Back off! If it were easy, he wouldn't be so big to begin with!! Maybe he has a thyroid condition, ya jerks!):

What, pray tell, is smokey?!

2724 days ago


Was anyone else annoyed that Charlie didn't take of his shoes when he dove down to the hatch?
He lost his cool vans!

2724 days ago


Where did Charlie get that brand spanking new Sharpie?

2724 days ago


Wow, definitely an A for last night!! Great from beginning to end, except for Charlie not dying. He just rubs me and my wife the wrong way, always has. The women with the guns was excellent, thought they were just gonna blow him away. I'm not sure I can wait until next week, it took an hour to fall asleep after the show.
The one thing I want to know is how the hostiles got on the island and after the took over the compound, how they took over the Dharma stuff so easily. I guess that would be 2 questions, but I am a little greedy.

2724 days ago


I'm glad Charlie didn't die. . . Hard luck Daniel :-)

2724 days ago


Great episode! I can't wait until next week. Will be interesting to see what the producers say tonight during the special. I don't expect anything that we don't already know.

Two thoughts -- think the women in the Looking Glass could be original Dharma people? They wouldn't have been killed by the gas because they were underwater.

Another thought -- think one of them could be Ben's little childhood girlfriend? We never saw her die.

2724 days ago

NZ Unfound    

Indeed an episode of great all round entertainment. I so knew Charlie wouldn't die because they always make it as unlikely to happen as possible so it is a do you surprise someone when they are expecting a death.... DONT KILL HIM!! Classic Lost.
the finale is gonna rip 17 types of organ out my gut cant wait!!.... T.V is insipid and cynical simultaneously but LOST is the redeeming feature....Oh and family guy....

I wanna know what the hell smoky is!! Its been buggin me.........

2724 days ago


I just thought...

White rabbits? "Looking Glass"? Alice in Wonderland, anyone??

Yeah, that theory doesn't really go anywhere yet, but I thought I'd share.

2724 days ago


"Oh yeah, and what's with white rabbits?"

Again with the Alice in Wonderland references - Alice follows the rabbit down the hole -
Is this fantasy?

2724 days ago


I have to agree with #32(Rachel) see below. To see all our favorite characters back and Jack in full force, this was an incredibly awesome and exciting episode. Can't wait for next week's finale!

Posted at 11:09AM on May 17th 2007 by Rachel
32. That said, this episode was an A. I don't like Henry Gale (who, you're right, will ALWAYS be Henry Gale), but I thought his episode was awesome. I HATE Juliet, but even the flashbacks involving her were really good. No, Charlie didn't die, although we have a few deaths to go, so I wouldn't say he's quite off the hook yet, but this was a really great episode, not just in terms of Charlie himself, but also in terms of the series. Jack's speech was amazing, and I got chills watching him, I loved the moment between Alex and Karl, I don't know that I've ever seen Henry Gale look angrier than when he shoved Alex's gun towards her, it was the return of Rose and Bernard, my two favorite minor characters, that kiss between Charlie and Claire was too sweet, and Hurley and Charlie hugging was awesome. Not to mention the fact that the 815ers are united once more and gearing up to fight the Others. This was an awesome episode, and it really did deserve an A from you, despite Charlie not dying. I don't think one character not dying is a good reason for this episode not to get an A.

2724 days ago


I still want to know how Mikal was able to untie himself about 6 episodes ago??? Also, Charlie will not die. It's too obvious so the producers will make sure it won't happen. Sorry Brutha.

2724 days ago


Questions I want answered;
1/ Why does Alex think that Ben is or isn't her dad, and does she know about Danielle.
2/ Where did the Black Rock come from?
3/ Is the Island Eden?

Notice that last night, Jack called her by her first name, Danielle, not Rouseau. Any particular reason for that?

Yelled when Rose and Bernard showed up on screen. I missed them! And of course Bernard is a good shot (since Sam Anderson grew up in North Dakota, of course he would be!).

I KNEW Charlie couldn't die last night, because we still don't know what his "Daddy Issue" is. Did Dad die when Charlie was young, leaving Liam to be the Big Brother/Father figure? Until we know this, he can't die.

Um, where did Sayid get the map of the Looking Glass? Was that in the station with the video monitors, or in the VW bug? A reminder of where they got that would have been nice last night.

I am hoping the women in the Looking Glass are like Kelvin -- Dharma leftovers who, like Kelvin, think they are saving the world by blocking the Other's broadcast, waiting for a Sub that will never come.

2724 days ago


The mystery I would like to see solved is if Locke is OK!!!! All the other questions pale by comparison! Is he still laying in the mass grave bleeding to death? Or did the mysterious Jacob come out and save him?

2724 days ago



"Where did Charlie get that brand spanking new Sharpie?"

thought the same thing - turned to my daughter and said, Do you really think a sharpie survived the plane crash? Geez - if I don't cap mine its a goner -

2724 days ago


I like Charlie, and do not want him to die.

2724 days ago
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