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Paris Drops Appeal

5/17/2007 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonUPDATE: Paris' lawyer has now officially filed a document with the court, abandoning her appeal of the sentence. Documents to follow shortly.

Courthouse sources tell TMZ that Paris Hilton has officially decided to drop her probation violation appeal.

We're told Hilton's lawyer had planned to file an appeal at 1:30 PM today in Judge Michael Sauer's courtroom. Sauer is the one who sentenced Hilton to 45 days in jail.

But we're told this morning, celeb attorney Richard Hutton had one of his peeps phone the court and say nevermind.

What's behind all this? Yesterday, Hutton met with Paris and informed her that the Sheriff has agreed to reduce the amount of time she'll have to serve to 23 days. The Sheriff has also agreed to put her in a celebrity cell, away from the general population.

Apparently, Paris feels her lawyer has gotten her the best break she can possibly get. So the intended appeal will not materialize and Paris will do the time.


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That time off for good behavior is such crap. Is whining and complaining and being a big baby good behavior? Showing up to court on time is? So if she showed up late again that would be normal behavior? Treated like everyone else my ass.

2718 days ago

c green    

This is complete crap. Boo Hoo's get her less time? Our justice system really needs some work.

2718 days ago


spoiled brat. whine till you get yuor way. p.s. don't bend over in the shower.

2718 days ago


I agree with being away from the general population, but she should do the full 45 days. I'm sure it will be like staying at the Hilton anyway.

2718 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Paris is wisely listening to her attorney now. Pretty steep learning curve.

2718 days ago

Laurie R    

i'm really happy to see people are as fed up w/the oversaturation of paris hilton and her peers as i am. count me in for boycotting those hotels too, AND i will also boycott any product she endorses, i.e. i will never eat another carl's jr burger! Carl's Jr. ,Diamond Quest (Gameloft),Hardee's, are just some of the products i got that she endorses when i googled it.

2718 days ago


I'm sure everyone gets time off for showing up to their court case on time, that's just standard operating procedure, right? Assuming you have millions of dollars and influential friends to put ridiculous pressure on the DA, the sheriff, the governor and everyone else. Pathetic. She should do 45 days and nothing less. I know people who actually find her attractive and interesting and I just don't get it. I wouldn't mind some of her money but other than that, I'll keep what g*d gave me.

2718 days ago


YOU know this was going to happen right from the start. WHat next she drives kills someone and get 45 days.. HAd this been anyone else they would of been gone the first time. there is no justice in this at all.. But I do hope she will do some eduaction to Children about drinking and driving...

2718 days ago


Nice. I wish I were a hot blonde idiot. Then I could do whatever I wanted and the only punishment would be 3 weeks of camping with lesbians.

God Bless America

2718 days ago

Omar Paklamis    

Wanna see what Paris' Jail-time activities will look like...and her cell too? Brad Pita has a great picture of Paris playing Croquet on the prison lawn, it's unbelievable..

2718 days ago


What a bunch of crap. She should go into general population. That's the only place she might learn something. She is NOT special, she just thinks she is. She should do the full 45 days too.

2718 days ago


Well, her money talked. How can you get good time off for good behavior when you haven't even been in jail to show you have earned good behavior status? It usually works that you go to jail, show you don't cause problems, and then get good behavior time off. This bitch doesn't need to be pampered for breaking the law just because she is rich and famous. She will probably get special tratment and this will anger the inmates. Those inmates will be out one day. Paris will need to watch her ass when she gets out, because I am not even an inmate and I am pissed she will be getting special treatment and was given less time than most all people who did what she did. I am SICK of Hollywood criminals getting their posh treatments and not having to do the time when they do the crimes! America, quit buying the magazines with her in them, quit being interested in this no-talent rich bitch, and then maybe she will fade away where our young girls will not see her and want to emulate her horrible lifestyle and attitude. She ought to be in regular population, and treated just like any other inmate. It makes me sick. When she kills someone next time, will she finally get a punishment, or another slap on the wrist? She is a shallow ho who deserved the maximum just for her attitude toward the system.

2718 days ago


Great Idea! #5 and #9! The best way to get rid of Paris' nauseating presence and her extra cash is to BOYCOTT everything she touches or endorses. It's the only way we will be able to get this boil out of the public eye.
Enough already!

2718 days ago


Man, they would have thrown the book at us if it were you or me. Celebrity and $$ has its privileges.

Wikipedia says 'privilege' means "private law" or law relating to a specific individual—is a special right or immunity granted by a government to a restricted group, either by birth or on a conditional basis.

2718 days ago


I wonder if the sherriffs agreed to lower her sentence for her phone number...since they are always stopping her anyway to hit on her......YUCK!!!!

2718 days ago
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