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Paris Drops Appeal

5/17/2007 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonUPDATE: Paris' lawyer has now officially filed a document with the court, abandoning her appeal of the sentence. Documents to follow shortly.

Courthouse sources tell TMZ that Paris Hilton has officially decided to drop her probation violation appeal.

We're told Hilton's lawyer had planned to file an appeal at 1:30 PM today in Judge Michael Sauer's courtroom. Sauer is the one who sentenced Hilton to 45 days in jail.

But we're told this morning, celeb attorney Richard Hutton had one of his peeps phone the court and say nevermind.

What's behind all this? Yesterday, Hutton met with Paris and informed her that the Sheriff has agreed to reduce the amount of time she'll have to serve to 23 days. The Sheriff has also agreed to put her in a celebrity cell, away from the general population.

Apparently, Paris feels her lawyer has gotten her the best break she can possibly get. So the intended appeal will not materialize and Paris will do the time.


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That's Correct Keesha, funny how Paris rights are being violated and her stupid attorney's along with herself doesn't even know it, simply because she's being denied opportunity to apply for Jail Trusty which receive 3 days for 1, BTW THAT'S POLICY FOR ALL STATEWIDE COUNTY JAILS, Trusty will receive 3 for 1, however provided Paris is required to serve her time in special needs due to her status, which by the way I requested special needs unit and did get placed in there, Hahaha Nancy Grace is one stupid lady, along with her special guests, they need to do their homework, if Paris was placed in General she could apply for Trusty and gotten out in 12 days, For sure Nancy would have had a few cows, but Paris can't apply for Trusty.. cause people in Special needs are denied that option.

2625 days ago


To Justin yes you are allowed to dine in your own cell, your not required to eat in what's called a dayroom, most special need units have their own shower stalls, I served time in county jail in two different counties, both had shower stalls, its not just for celebrity, cops, rich, I requested or I said I'd go pyscho, that simple.

2625 days ago


I've been in special needs unit three times, at one point it was called Suicide Tank, pretty much if you say your " suicidal " that's the tank County Officials will place you, now days all inmate tanks are divided, regarding degree of your crime, generally all misdemeanors are separated from felonies, its been that way since 1992, primary all misdemeanors in GP your sentence isn't that long therefore those tanks are very quite, those getting ready to transfer to State Prison also its their behavior that will affect how soon they'll get out from Prison, seriously nowdays County Jail is sooo quite, inmates sleep all day, you don't have to work unless you are a jail trusty, although for Paris unlike mis. tanks, that's not the case in special needs, there's individuals such as other high profile cases.. perhaps child abuse cases, local murder cases, when I was there all inmates had individual cells with shower stalls, Special needs unit is the only tank that doesn't separate their inmates according to their degree crimes, anytime your in your cell majority of the time, except for 1 hr rec, deputies aren't about to waste their time having people shower one at a time, your never allowed to go to dayroom with other inmates, jailers will ask first thing in the morning who would like to go to dayroom first, go to rec, they then make a schedule, I highly doubt Paris will have a cellmate, I never had a cellmate.. neither did anyone else... I preferred being alone, I knew what to say during intake interview in order to be put in special needs unit even if I had to lie, I've been in felony tanks before, I had my own cell in their also, I just preferred being alone. I can tell you they don't always search you when you report in, I brought plenty of friends in with me. Sorry to disappoint everybody County Jail is a joke doesn't matter whether your Paris or not!

2624 days ago


Paris so dumb if she really thinks her sentenced was cut, stupid sheriff knew she'd get out either way after doing half of her sentence anyway, thats so laughable how media bought this half story, Paris more dumb if she don't demand her lawyer ask that she completed her sentence why back on probation, I never heard of anyone doing jail time for revoke to be put back on probation, once your revoked your revoked, again man Paris you must have some dumbass lawyers and here everybody thinking you copped a deal hell you got put under the bus, everybody I know getting revoked do their time , that's it bye bye PO.

2624 days ago

Anon Ymous    

Harvey Levin - even though you are inactive, you are still an attorney and you need to blow the lid off the Paris Hilton early release story.

California Law PC 4019 is clear - she gets one day credit for every 4 days served for good behavior (IF SHE BEHAVES IN JAIL) and one day credit for every 4 days served for work time (IF SHE WORKS IN JAIL). That means she should do 32 days (case law says no credit for less than 4 day segments). Any release earlier than that is Baca giving her early release - he might have to do so for overcrowding, but at least he should tell it like it is and not say it is for good behavior. Lots of people (comments on are furious that she is getting released early despite the court order for "no early relase". Time for the Sheriff to tell it like it is - they can let her out early because of overcrowding (but not in her special section) - but it is not for good behavior.

Thank you Harvey!

2622 days ago


Anon I've been to special needs unit I don't understand what you wrote about 1 day for every for days, in county you'll do half of what your sentence is, many times get out just one day early like in Paris case she was given 45 days she'll do half but gets out 1 day earlier if her release date falls on an Friday why hell if I know so Paris was going to do 23 days whether her behavior is good or not, they refer it to good time, but it's only used against those going to state prison, my friend had 60 days in County she got out in 29, What ever California law your implying looks like its for State jail, there's a huge difference between State Jail and County Jail, state Jail you'll do day for day, County Jail you do 2 for 1, unless your a jail trustee then you do 3-1, I've been there to many times to know , Paris isn't any better than us but it makes me mad that some of ya'll think shes getting a good deal, when in fact some of us who have no money got the same deal!

2621 days ago


Also in County Jail inmates do NOT WORK UNLESS They are a Jail Trustee, You must be referring to State Jail, In State Jail inmates do work and their good time is counted, County Jail ONLY CALLS IT " GOOD TIME" Because its so inmates all get along its also preparing those inmates that will be transferred to State Jail, or State Prison, were Good Time is credited, Sheriff knew Paris would only serve half her time, because its IN COUNTY JAIL ITS NOT STATE JAIL AND ITS NOT STATE PRISON, I've been to County and Prison, County you ALWAYS SERVE 2-1 UNLESS YOUR A JAIL TRUSTEE, PRISON YOU GET 2-1 AND GOOD TIME I GOT 3 Years prison was out in less than 11months with goodtime.

2621 days ago


This Is The "American Way"? Give me a frigin break! if it was anyone of us., we would not get prefercial treatment such as miss hilton.. She should go to general Public! How fair is this, and what Message is this sending the rest of the population,, if your a Celebrity rules dont completely apply to you, you get lighter jail senteces, celebrity cells, or if you are O.J you can comitt Murder!
What the hell is wrong with this country!

2621 days ago
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