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Rosie Gives TMZ Props for Winky Falwell Farewell

5/17/2007 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to play!Rosie O'Donnell doesn't usually have very kind things to say about the celebrity media. But she just loved the story TMZ posted when Rev. Jerry Falwell died Tuesday.

On her video blog at (video posted by Ro on May 17 at 10:38 AM), the gab-empress and her vlogging pals gave us props for our obit for the conservative force-field, adding that she didn't feel any true sadness at the death of the gay-bashing Falwell.


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Rosie is the most disgusting pig out there. She should not be allowed to show her face on tv and frankly, people are sick of what she has to say because nothing she says makes sense or is nice. She is nasty and ugly, ugly, ugly.

2711 days ago

Tired of lies    

I understand Rosie that you want to speak the truth but I think you are harmful. When you speak it looks like you are very angery and full of hatred. You should remember that you are powerful and many people listen to what you say and believe you. Many base their decisions on yours. I encourage you see more posotive things in people and point out the good they have done. Do you know all the good that Jerry Falwell has done? We have all have said or done things that have been misunderstood or just wrong. Be a first to start sharing good things! People need more joy in their lives not anger.
In love,

2711 days ago


rosie should just leave now, she's the fattest pig bitch ever. poor elizabeth.

2711 days ago


At least he's in heaven....she'll burn in hell! Rosie shut up already! Nobody cares about you!

2717 days ago

So tired of Rosie O' Fat    

This whale's tired act is beyond the point of barfing. What a fat ass she is....and I couldn't care less about Fallwell.

2717 days ago


I will miss Rosie on The View. You may not always agree with her - but she always is interesting and interested.

2717 days ago

the way it is    

she is such a gross person. dont know why she is even on tv. she is just an over weight, blabber mouth who needs to fade away

2717 days ago


And the Falwell followers come out to play again. If he could say things like gays, pagans, feminists and the ACLU were to blame for 9/11, she can say what she wants. Just don't go to her website... Until just now I'd never been there, heard about it but never bothered to go.

2717 days ago


That's news worthy. The Rev probably wouldn't experience any sadness if Rosie kicked the bucket either. Neither would I, for that matter.

2717 days ago

LMAO @ you a$$hats    

She such a fat disgusting beeyotch I wouldn't have her over to my trailer....

2717 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Of course she didn't. Sometimes it's just all about her.

2717 days ago


I apree with #1 Paul like anyone is gonna care when she dies. She is just a loud mouth fat a--!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2717 days ago


Great hard hitting news piece...we interrupt this sarcastic comment for some BREAKING NEWS.... this just in Harvey's Mom thinks TMZ is top notch... Film at eleven!!!

2717 days ago


Sorry it is just plain wrong to make fun of anyone in their death!!!

2717 days ago


To Paul, To Tired and JAR -

do you not have anything better to do then to spread HATE...from what it sounds like I am sure you have Falwell posters hanging on your ceiling...i have news for hate will get you nowhere…try working on your common sense skills

Rosie has more compassion and class in her little finger then most have in their entire body.

peace k

2717 days ago
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