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Tom Selleck -- Magnum P.I.?

5/18/2007 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It seems that the buzz about a possible film version of "Magnum P.I." is news to the original series' 'stashed stud, Tom Selleck.
Magnum PI: click to listen
Selleck went on the air this morning with Los Angeles' STAR 98.7's Valentine & Lisa Foxx and said that he would be more than willing to take on the role again if the script were good -- and if they called him!

Who's being whispered about to play the pretty private dick in a Magnum opus? The buzz is that Ben Affleck is the lead contender. As hot as Ben is, he ain't got what Selleck's got ... a moustache!


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Kelly Kinstrey    

Seeing Tom Selleck play Magnum on the big screen would be awesome. I just took a poll on regarding the best car of the 1980s, one of the choices being Magnum's Ferrari--which I voted for. I also checked out the Magnum P.I. t-shirts as well as other 1980s gear they offer and found myself ordering a few items. is an awesome website! I think all of you will enjoy it!

2631 days ago


OMG...Tom Selleck is still effing hot. Leave him alone. He has to be the sexiest guy ever. They don't make classy, charasmatic, masculine guys like this anymore.

2679 days ago


Magnum PI was a huge show in the 80's because of Tom Selleck. Period. He made the show what is was. Women and men both loved him. We don't need another stupid remake.

2679 days ago


My friends and I would watch Magnum every Thursday night and just drool at the TV. My god watching him come out of that ocean dripping wet...whew! Sorry, I got carried away. Anyway, Tom Selleck is still smokin hot in my opinion. He has aged extremely well. I think he actually gets better with age. You can't say that about too many celebrities anymore.Go Tom.(love the mustache!)

2679 days ago


Tall, dark and handsome.Tom Selleck has it all.Magnum PI was written just for him.He had everything.Sex appeal,charm,dimples,athletic,funny.Someone needs to clone him before it's too late.We love you Tom.

2679 days ago


Tom Selleck is a televison icon.What a classy, handsome guy.

2679 days ago


Tom Selleck is frickin hot.

2678 days ago


I guess you all missed the four Jesse Stone movies, starring Tom Selleck (Sea Change just aired last week). Too bad, they were really outstanding. He also did several good westerns since 3 Men & a Baby (Last Stand at Saber River, for example). Anyway, he is alive and well, still talented, and I look forward to the nex Jesse Stone movie.

2674 days ago

Big Beat Battalion (Geek Hop Rap)    

Stache rules, someone ought to bring back that look!

See the greatest MC's you've NEVER heard by clicking my link YO!!

2684 days ago

Karen Walker    

Someone please tell Tom that the moustache makes him look as queer as Bobby Trendy!

2684 days ago

jProud American Author    

Tom you are awesome! I would love to see Magnum PI as a movie again! It would be so cool!

2684 days ago

Team Kim    

I guess Selleck would be happy to get any offer. Magnum PI hasn't been on in years, last movie I can remember him being in was Three Men and a Baby.....

2684 days ago

Karen Walker    

Are there no original ideas in Hollywood anymore? All we get, is remakes of old TV shows, sequels, remakes of movies already done......comic books made into movies....etc......somebody do something original!

2684 days ago


NO ONE can do Magnum like Tom Selleck......regardless of age. Somebody better pick up the phone and call the man.....PRONTO!!

2684 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Knowing how the stupid studio suits in hollywood think, they'll probably stick the latest "flavor of the month" actor into a role like this; they'll replace Tom Selleck with someone like Ben Affleck. What these idiots obviously haven't grasped is, the series worked really well for 2 reasons: the relationship between the actors who played the roles, and Tom Selleck's charisma. With the actors playing so well off each other & Tom Selleck so charismatic in the lead role, the series was a classic; very watchable & fun. Without them, it was just an ok series. The movie will bomb without him...

2684 days ago
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