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What's Really Going on With Britney's Head?

5/18/2007 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' hairiffic blonde extensions have made yet another hair-rowing appearance on the pop star's head. Despite two days of hard work, Brit's head is just a mess.
Britney Spears -- hair hell!
Yesterday, TMZ showed you pictorial evidence of Brit's inch-long real hair, and the long extensions that an Orange County stylist had to work for hours to get just right. By the look of things, she's going to need that touch-up, STAT!

Britney Spears: Click to watchMeanwhile, we spotted her leaving the Millennium Dance Studio clad in a black number -- not the canary yellow piece she went in with. Perhaps some time with a mirror examining those extensions put the starlet in a black mood.


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Britney spears is strong, and she has survived, like the strong know how, leave her alone, she loves herself, what yall hating on her for, would you feel better if she had killed herself. stop being all about the negative, why can't yal be glad she is trying to get her life together. she lived a very public life, why should she run and hide because things aren't good like they use to be, you need to take the good with the bad, and learn from it. She is showing america that she is not a quitter and words are just that. thats a very valuable lesson.

2681 days ago


Yeah, bash the stylist that did exactly what the client asks for. Get her money back? Nooooooo, she got exactly what she paid for. You can only do as much as you have to work with.

2681 days ago

George William Gockel    

Britney Spears and I will meet each other to have sex with each other totally nude on purpose in private!!!!

2681 days ago


Why do you people even care? Is this what you do all day? Look at pictures of the american "royal family" and poke fun at them? Why don't you do something productive? Stick your nose in somthing that REALLY matters! I am so sickened by all of this- all of this mindless, immature behavior going on. The only reason I even clicked on this link was because the article about carbon dioxide "filling up" our southern ocean doesn't allow us to post comments, but this article DOES? What is wrong with this picture? Why doesn't anybody ask, "why are we allowed to post comments on crap news like brittney spears, but not allowed to post comments on news that REALLY matters?" You're all just being led astray from the important issues that are going on UNDER OUR NOSES in this country. Our leaders want to join Mexico, America, and Canada with the proposed NAFTA Superhighway (google it, I dare ya), and it's almost completely unknown by American citizens because of this crap news they feed all of you. In fact, you probably wouldn't even believe it unless it's reported to you by AOL main news or Fox News or CNN. You'd probably all laugh at the concept that it's the SUN creating our planet to heat up, along with the rest of our solar system, but you don't see that broadcast in the main media. No, we're told it's OUR fault that the planet is heating up, we're being guilt tripped into believing that we're harming our planet when it's something entirely out of our control. Come on people, take your blinders off and start asking the questions that make a difference. Sure, it might be entertaining to poke fun at celebrities once in a while, but this is on a daily basis now, and I'm deeply concerned. Stop allowing yourselves to be led around like sheep.

2681 days ago


britney rules

2681 days ago


britney rules

2681 days ago


I would still "DO" her !!!

2681 days ago


She looks ridiculous and how she can't see that is just CRAZY! She needs to just suck it up and go with the look she foolishly created for herself. Bald, a buzz, ANYTHING would look better than that!!!!

2681 days ago


AAhhhhh......Poor Britt. She did this to herself. She needs to grow up already and worry about her children instead of herself. What a freak!

2681 days ago


I think everyone should just leave her alone, if everyone wasn't in her business all the time maybe she could just have a buzzed head and still be beautiful. She doesn't like any of you people who leave negative comments anyway and you don't seem to like her so LEAVE HER ALONE.

2681 days ago


I agree 100% with Annette. I have trouble comprehending how vicious and cruel people are when assessing celebrities. Are they jealous and it makes them feel better to put a rich person down? Whatever her financial status, she is a person who deserves as much respect as any other person. Have you critics never gone through bad times yourself? If you haven't yet, you will, and I hope people are nicer to you than you have been to her. A better response would be to pray for her to fully recover, as you should hope that others would do for you when you need it.

2681 days ago


Once a skank...always a skank!

2681 days ago


In response to Gisele: Britney shouldn't have to go into hiding for awhile. She should be able to go on with her life as a normal human being. It doesn't matter where she is or what she is doing, the cameras are always going to be there finding some new gossip to talk about with her. It isn't possible to get your life back together if you have to hide from the world. Do you think she is really asking to be photographed at all times? There isn't anything that she does that won't end up in some magazine or website. Give the poor girl a break....

2681 days ago


poor brit shes trying...just do a funky little short blond madonna hairstyle until it grows out please, or keep with the wigs until its long enough to sew extensions in , i cut my hair all off at one point and as soon as a little came back i put braided extensions in it so i know the feeling to want to get rid of wigs n were the hair out, but just wait the body is a 10!...

2680 days ago



2680 days ago
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