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What's Really Going on With Britney's Head?

5/18/2007 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' hairiffic blonde extensions have made yet another hair-rowing appearance on the pop star's head. Despite two days of hard work, Brit's head is just a mess.
Britney Spears -- hair hell!
Yesterday, TMZ showed you pictorial evidence of Brit's inch-long real hair, and the long extensions that an Orange County stylist had to work for hours to get just right. By the look of things, she's going to need that touch-up, STAT!

Britney Spears: Click to watchMeanwhile, we spotted her leaving the Millennium Dance Studio clad in a black number -- not the canary yellow piece she went in with. Perhaps some time with a mirror examining those extensions put the starlet in a black mood.


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Leave the girl alone....First things first she is a celebrity and we are not! Stop hating and speculating! And even the “licensed cosmetologists” should know those little things in her hair are called 2 weeks it will look natural. By the way they cost upwards of 1000.00 so keep your swamp land LOL....But seriously I am bored at work that is why I am on here, most of all the comments I am reading sounds like they are coming from people who live in trailers..Oooops! If you lived in a trailer you probably do not have a computer actually, you all sound like you’re on some anti-depressants LOL/.....Leave the girl alone! She probably has more money then most people commenting will ever have in their lifetime. And by the way I am not a fan of Brittney just a fan of life and things it can take you through

2723 days ago


wow its obvious her real hair is not long enough for extension, now try to make Brit Brit understand that! LOL!

2723 days ago


classy as usual!!!!

2723 days ago

Bet he smells    

Doesn't she get it.....She is no longer famous.....just a burned out knuckle headed whore.....

2723 days ago

Bet he smells    

Sorry..burned out knuckle headed whore...THAT NEEDS A BATH

2723 days ago

Not a Britney Fan    

Britney would gain a lot more respect if she would confront her demons head on. So what she shaved her head, you did it, own it and live it. Rehab didn't teach her anything.

2723 days ago


I am deeply proud of my southern heritage and usually support anyone from the south. I am afraid that I cannot support "Dipney" She has truly lost her everlovin mind. She is trying so hard to be cool that she as sunk down to being a trashy, redneck, sad, poor excuse of a celebrity, pop star,& mother. Please someone take those children away from her! I didnt like Kevin too much either but now I am beginning to feel that he is the better parent. This is truly a spoiled little has-been that is showing her desparate attempt to keeping herself in the news... by using all the wrong tactics. The reason that her hair looks that way.... it's nasty and needs to be washed... Damn "Dipney" clean yourself up!

2723 days ago



2723 days ago


That looks so nasty! She should dye her roots and then it would look a lot better. Why does she try and pretend she is naturally blonde?

2723 days ago


I don't live in a trailer or on meds. I'm bored at work, too. I'm just a regular person and don't give a damn if it's Britney or not...There's no denying that these extensions look horrible. I agree with all those that say that short hair in her natural color is the way to go. Not this bleached out, roots showing, extension mess. Glue or fusion, it doesn't matter, it looks awful! Let's hope for her sake it does look better in two weeks, but somehow I doubt it.

2723 days ago


To all of you who think we are being mean , she is human someone to be admired. GET REAL!!! She loves it. Why do think she keeps doing this crap in public, Where she knows the cameras are waiting. She thrives on it. She made her own bed, Now she has to lay in it, while we point out what a poor job she did. As for her being a role-model , She has made poor choice after poor choice. Engaging in reckless behavior even putting her own child at risk. she has engaged in drugs and alcohol , been promiscuous, married a man after less than a year, had 2 children back to back, went on T.V. looking like a darn fool, oh and let us not forget running around like trash with no panties on. If I wanted to pay to watch someone lip-sink, I would stay home and video myself. You all can pay 150.00 for 15 min where her lips didn't even move(stupid). She gives all the TRULY TALENTED female pop stars a bad name. Get real !!

2723 days ago


Her hair doesn't look as bad as everyone wants to say. I used to talk bad about her, but I say now that I and all of you who keep on putting her down and insulting her are just being cruel. She is trying. Let's don't make it harder for her.

2723 days ago

how sad    

Britney needs to re-invent herself.

She should stay out of the public eye for 6 months. Let her hair grow in a little more
and come up with a NEW (not raunchy) dance routine. She needs to then come
back doing small concerts, where she REALLY sings.

Brit, don't touch your hair and don't color your hair...this can be the new you.

2723 days ago



2723 days ago


Oh my god leave this poor girl alone you all act like you never made a mistake or had a bad hair day or dated the wrong guy..get a life and stop hating on Britney!!!

2723 days ago
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