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Candy to Joe Francis: Cry Me a River

5/19/2007 4:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Candy Spelling, Joe FrancisDear Joe,

As the headlines about you changed -- to scream "imprisoned" and "U.S. marshals" instead of "filmmaker" and "entrepreneur," you respond by crying, wailing and seeing yourself as a victim. Bad move. Today's headlines call you a "crybaby."

You blew it, Joe. Instead of jumping from party to party, you're being shuffled from one prison to another. And no one feels sorry for you. The flatterers and entourages have moved on. They have short attention spans. They're hanging on to someone else and will take advantage of the new "temp celebrity" as long as it lasts.

The only redeeming factor is reading that you have been calling home every day from prison. When things are looking bleak, it sounds like you've found that you can get some perspective from the reliable people at home. Maybe you're realizing these are the only people who really care about you.

Your world has changed, and you're the poster boy for what can happen when boys go wild. Your every move and every emotion are still being reported, but not the way you want. It's time for some dignity. At least it might prevent you from being forever defined as a crybaby.


Candy Spelling


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Queen Elizabeth    

I think being a crybaby is the least of it, he is a predator. As for his other charges of tax evasion and the years in prison he faces; he deserves it all. I do love Candy Spelling's letters. Thank you.

2683 days ago


I can't wait for her letter to Britney. It might take a few days to get that one together!!!!

2683 days ago


I think Candy Spelling is a part time member of the TMZ staff, however her advice would be better suited for her estranged daughter and not random strangers.

2683 days ago

judy anderson old are you? Don't you have better things to do than to write letters to TMZ?

2683 days ago


Ok, I think this is good for Joe...he treats women like meat and whatever - trying to get that almighty dollar anyway he can.
Ok - CANDY SPELLING? Who is she? And why is she writing "letters" to these people? I think some of these "hollywood" people are losing their minds. They act so out-there in their own little world. Weird.

2683 days ago

who cares?    

candy is a KOOK!!! and joey is a faf-perv--hope he spends more time in yhe pokey!

2683 days ago

Super Dave    

I have no real sympathy for Joe Francis, but to have to listen to advice from a crazy bitch like Candy Spelling amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. Seriously, get your own life and family in order before you start giving out the free advice. Your husband is dead and now nobody cares. You are not a celebrity, never have been and never will. Stop trying to keep your name in the papers and enjoy all of the money that you never worked a day for.

2683 days ago

old news    

I love the letters! Candy is Hollywood's powerhouse wife, widow, mother and now grandmother. Well done! I think Candy and Liz Taylor should have their own site on TMZ, join forces start a magazine it's a winner!

2683 days ago


To Candy - YOU ARE WRONG - NO ONE THINKS CRYBABY when they think of Joe Francis.

They may think RAPIST or.Child Molester or very young girl porn,
They may think of young girls exposing themselves for their first alcohol high,
They may think of all the young girls who were taken advantage to wake up with life-time scars.
They may think of tax evasion so that the poor pay more to meet void.
They may think of all the horrific damage to so may underaged, young girls and their loving families who have to life with the effects.

Candy, Joe had given a LIFETIME of damage to so many - call it what it is.

2683 days ago


Thank you Candy for helping me straighten out these young kids.

2683 days ago

who cares?    

wonder if Joey belongs to those people who bash america while making millions here--

2683 days ago


I can't stand this guy, yet who the F--- is candy Spelling!!??!! Shut the f---up lady, and deal with your own dysfunctional family!! God!

2683 days ago


To #14. No one could start a topic at TMZ without clearing it with the people who manage this site, They dont talk about just anything. So I doubt seriously that Candy just posted it on her own. She probably got a agent, publicist or somethig to contact TMZ. Unlesss she just contacted them herself. You and I couldnt just post any topic on this site, We can give them suggestions (TMZ has a form for that) but you cant just start any topic on this site on your own. Besides. candys letters have been seen on TV and in the newspapers. Her publicity machine people are obviously grinding away for her. Whatever the real reason for this, unless it is simply being sick of goons like Paris and Joe, we will know along the way,

2683 days ago



Question have you ever been to a spring break in your life?
You think those girls showed there breasts because he and his cameras made them? I dont particularly care for the guy but he didnt force them to do it. You gonna shut down mardi gras for the girls showing their breasts for some beads? Poor poor girls.Gimme a break I went to many spring breaks in college and those "poor lil girls" would do a lot more for a lot less than that. They were just pissed when they sobered up and realized that mommy and daddy might not like what they did .Guess I need to sue Playboy for looking at the magazine and causing a lifetime of scars.

2683 days ago


Candy Spelling is now the moral arbiter of Hollywood??? Give me a break. She robbed her child of her inheritance, shunned her at the time of her father's death because she didn't like Tori's new husband. Now supposedly she gives advice to people in the news thus getting her name in the news. This is sad.

2683 days ago
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