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Frightening Fangs!

5/19/2007 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ is ready to make you smile -- with some frightening fangs!
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Click on in for a spin with the grins that bite! Yikes!

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No Avatar


Well you know what they say about the English & bad teeth...she's the poster child for that! I suspect she's too busy partying & drugging to go see a dentist.

2711 days ago

Ricky Rockhardo    

That girl is so overrated. Let's mix a sleaxy, whore-esque lounge lizard looking tramp w/ big hair and put a few cocktails in the videos and let the public deem her as some kind of avant-garde, "original" British export vocalist we can all fall in love with due to our dislike of Paris, Lindsay, Nicole, and all the other rich, blonde little party girls we have going on today. It's all marketing how this woman is packaged and presented, I don't understand what the whole big deal is. Mediocre vocals, bad 60 neo-R&B and lyrics a High School goth girl could've penned don't exactly measure up to the hype surrounding what I've been hearing.


2711 days ago


I do love Amy Winehouse's album but she is hard on the eyes. To someone commenting that a yellow spot is not normal - to me it looks like her tooth probably just broke off and the root is still in there. Gross I know, but probably from her heavy drinking, etc. Also, I when I watched Spiderman 3, I was distracted by Kirsten's snaggleteeth. I will probably be accused of being shallow, but if you're rich and acting and on the big screen, get your teeth fixed. Unles you want the creepy parts like Steve Buscemi.

2711 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Winehouse has a real set of pipes and advanced musicality. Don't 'get' or know why she embraces the junkie-chic thing. Appears self-destructive; could go either way at any time.

2711 days ago


She looks like a walking STD. Disturbing.

2711 days ago


I have a sudden urge to brush and floss my teeth about a hundred times. I am only thankful that TMZ hasn't decided to do close-ups on celebrity's other parts and nether regions that get way too personal w/o the usual red star label across them, at least as far as I'm aware.

You know TMZ, if you zoom your lens in a few more "x"s, you can do a collective celebrity zoo affair - with no exceptions (all actors and actresses apply) and find some 6-8 legged things moving around. Which I hope you never do....because anything that crawls around on us is tooooo disturbing even for this site. But it does have a perverse sense of equality to it.

2711 days ago


She's ... British! What do you expect (dental-wise)?
And, puhleez, she is NOT even a good singer. And, her message to kids, "say NO to rehab" ... how grown up and accountable for your actions. I say, "one and she's done". Enjoy your fame while it lasts Amy. You will be a faded memory soon. (Though can't be too soon for me!)

2710 days ago



I must agree you keep complaining but your name is plastered all over the site. Bored are you?

2710 days ago


Amy is nasty!!

2710 days ago
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